The Yesses and What They Mean

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We can BE so afraid of life, afraid of making decisions and responses.  Yet, what does this REAL-ly mean? First of ALL, You have to know Your parts in order to know who is making the decision and the response of life that goes along with It.

You know how You make a decision and It seems that the decision is very easy and clear.  And You also the know the decision where there is so much back and forth in an unbalanced sort of way….”I don’t know what should I do?”  It’s like there is a part who is not clear and this is the part to get to know above ALL others.

If You are the wholey/holy ground, the full spiritual experience in Your full human body of which You walk, then within this sacred space is also scared…..scared and sacred have the the same letters just two in different places, the different place settings.  You must know the scary parts….the parts who are scared and like to remain hidden from view.  From Your historical perspective, You may have not felt comfortable to state Your feelings of being afraid….as a child or as an adult.

You know, life has a way of taking care of Its own.  If You don’t do it, it still gets done…..It does not matter to life.  I laugh because this has always happened and will continue to happen….life gets done.  Life puts people in position to take care of Its own, to take care of life.  All the people are here to take care of It/You.  When You die, life will still get done (PERIOD)

In my life as life, I have felt on Infinite occasions that I was the only ONE that could do It right so I elected myself to the Infinite life positions.  Yet, It was the suppressed emotions who were the leaders and the entire election process. 🙂

I can relate to the needing to say yes.  When I look at my yes needs, the yesses are unmet emotions disguised as yesses.  They are housed in my unwholey/unholy darkness.  I say this because it’s the parts of me that like to remain pushed down and invisible.  When something isn’t visible, It’s hard to honor It.

The yesses are screaming to be visible, to come forward, to be authentic, to be seen, and so I welcome them into the light of my sacred ground….”Come out scared little ones.”  I give them life and breathe life into them.  As the yesses are here, I see their needs like little children that I forgot or left behind: needing to be affirmed or elevated, needing to please, needing power from them as my power Source, needing to be positive, needing attention, needing to be nice…..just needing to be needed.

Who are ALL these parts who didn’t get acknowledged?

These children or parts of me are now visible and I LOVE seeing them….not all the time, but at least I recognize them now.  I welcome them back into the fold, my sacred space, and not as a separate entity not worthy of being seen.

As Brene’ Brown’s quote states: “The most compassionate people have steel boundaries.  They are clear in their boundary setting prowess.”  It’s not that they’re not scared when establishing boundaries in each moment.  They are scared, but they see the scared parts and they proceed with their clear focus of their steel boundaries creations.  They are afraid of responses, but they proceed anyway.

They may talk their scared parts through the scenario before having the “actualized” conversation.  In another quote by Brene’ Brown, “When you avoid conflict to make peace with other people, you create a war within.”

And I see myself in quotes and words….come out of hiding and be seen.  Holy, holy in free. 🙂



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