The Understanding

As you keep unfolding you in your ever-growing understanding of you, you build your foundation in each moment. Your foundation in how you gauge each moment is your creation in its work in progress. It is your understanding, not another’s.

It’s important for your moment to moment creation to speak, to feel, to dialogue with your inner child aspects, to get some sort of pathway open so you know how to move. When you have a framework of understanding, you can choose which step because it’s in line with ALL of you, moving in step. “I understand” has incredible inherent value.

There may be something that you want to experience, but dialogue first, so you know where to move or shift to so you can experience it. Then listen for the understanding and contribute to it. Your listening and your asking will en-able you to BE the understanding you wish for in the experience. You’re not here to appreciate what someone else offers, you’re here to appreciate what you offer in connection with another. Then you’re better able to discern what “another” offers you and can speak clearly from this dialed-in tone.

Your perspective or understanding is, uniquely, tethered to you. From your grounded perspective, you speak from the culmination of you, BUT you MUST speak internally so the external is reflective and you can ask, “Is this what you mean?”

Clarity tones are necessary for understanding to continue to evolve. Make sure you have a clear pathway set up in each moment, to and fro, this takes focus. The only way is through.

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