The Relationship of Profit and Loss

Profit and loss are both sides of the same coin so they MUST be considered that when one is here, the other one is here as well. Because you have a left, you also have a right. You get one, you, naturally and organically, get the other. Profit begets loss and loss begets profit. They support one another as in any healthy relationship. You just need to see that they’re both in a relationship with you.

When you grieve your losses, feel everything you feel, you, actually profit from feeling the loss. Without the loss, you cannot know….or grow….into profit. Your learning happens through both.

Both of them are interdependent, which means they rely on one another, they “need” each other.

So, we stop “avoiding” feeling the loss, we simply feel and move with it as it brings us into profit, profiting from the relationship, seeing the viable and meaningful two-way street. The loss gives you feedback in the form of improved sight, wisdom and information that only the feeling of loss can give, that’s its job. The loss, you could say, has been your protector because you, developmentally, didn’t have the necessary maturity to “feel” the loss as a child, no one taught you that feeling loss is critical to your being human. You stuffed the grieving process until you reached a stage in your development to “feel” your own process.

Now, you can help yourself understand your own “protection” model through the acknowledgement of both.

In my own brain drawing, with right side being the child brain and left side being the adult brain, the adult goes to the child, who is experiencing the “poor” emotional mentality. You meet your own child who feels emotionally poor, feels loss in whatever form, then the child because she feels seen and heard, will feel, organically and naturally, willing to trust you moving with them to profit, to the left side and feel wholeness. To feel what the loss meant = profiting it in your body, its insight, its feedback. You feel enriched from this relationship, you, essentially, feel rich.

You do this through awareness throughout your day and benefit from the relationship you have with both. Without loss, you wouldn’t know your own substance, your own self. Without loss, you wouldn’t know where to tweak or correct things. You need loss and its teachings, even though you may have learned not to acknowledge it in any way, shape or form. You profit from this interdependent loss recognition.

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