The Power of Visibility

Contemplating being seen is very scary AND very powerful, they’re two sides of the same coin. It’s risky business to be seen because there’s all sorts of information and wisdom which comes through the power in being seen/in seeing. As this happens, you’ll be building a framework of this power in your outer world and expressing it from a very different, grounded, viewpoint. Your vantage point will be incredibly advantageous from the ground and your powerful communication will unfold accordingly.

As more of you, inner children with all of their Intelligence of sight, are coming on line, coming into your awareness, you’ll SEE differently. Your entire sight structure is being reorganized so that you have power to bring into focus. If there is more of you who are able to clearly see now, it makes sense that you have more power to see. It’s who is behind your eyes, your new sight functions with power laser focus. Who needs laser eye surgery? You already house the power to have Superwoman eyes, clearly cutting through B.S.

We believe that better sight happens because we got new glasses, contacts or had surgery to improve our eyesight. Yes, this is correct. And it’s also correct that we can improve our inSIGHT when we focus our attention on ALL who are inward, those inner children who saw things that went against their “true” grain, but hid their sight and didn’t get to report what they saw. You can’t unsee as a child, but you can pretend that you didn’t see to just keep moving forward, but your inSIGHT knows. Your “true” Intelligence comes from ALL who hid to be accepted, they know the truth.

As your inner children tell the truth, little by little, you, actually, become more Intelligent. More sight = more Intelligence because there’s more of you contributing to your Intelligence. True Intelligence is not registered on a standardized testing model that someone created to indicate what Intelligence means.

In my own family, there was always an elephant in the room, a metaphor for that which went against my feeling good, but we were not supposed to report on the elephant. I was guided by my parents not to look, but my inner children did look, registered what they saw and hid their “true” sight.

So, now I come full circle, the unseeing/seeing is coming up so that my inner children can now report, safely and consciously, about what they saw. As I am doing this process and integrating ALL of it, my inSIGHT is developing into being very keen and astute. My Intelligent power is optical and optimal, I can now look at a situation, and either know immediately what is here and what to do or dialogue inwardly with ALL who contribute to my clear seeing.

Without ALL of me contributing, I would still be separating and segregating and not knowing how to even move ALL of me. I would be disconnected from ALL who give me my vantage point. I know this disconnect, but all these years I thought I was disconnected from God, Source, Universe, Light because that’s what my “truth” teachers told me.

Now, I know I am God and my “true” Intelligence includes ALL who hid their Intelligence. My inner children are the Source of who I am, my power of visibility comes from them and they are feeling much safer to come out to keep contributing and reporting. ALL I am is within me so I go to the Source so that we claim our inner power and move in this inSIGHTful way. My Intelligent truth is their Intelligent truth, I love my improved SIGHT.

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