The Journey into You

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AS You awaken into the Beauty called Your REAL name, You may enVISION a translucent and illuminary body of LIGHT.  Your VISION of You comes into PLAY and You shift into each perspective of You AS You come on line to BE the ONE.

In Your natural setting, the setting of the two becomes ONE, You may see Your LIGHT flickering in the embrace of the natural You.  You may notice every”ONE” and every”thing” flowing and dancing in the cosmic electromagnetic energy.  THIS You IS awakening ALL the LIGHT BEings, ALL Your cooperative components, and You see Them AS such.

In Your natural illumination setting, You house ALL within You, and THIS means You bring in ALL Who are on Your vibration-ALL frequency.  You exist AS a frequency, and thus, ALL radiate through You on THIS frequency and You get to inter/inneract with ALL AS the frequency AS the “outside.”

When You seemingly travel, You do not move, You shift into an ALL-READY Created REAL-ity where ALL cooperative components of THAT frequency exist.  You are shifting a gazillion times per second and each version of You shifts AS well.  You are Infinite versions of You radiating and in THIS kNOWing, You can shift Your vibration so THAT It IS aligned with the “cooperative” components of THAT which You want or desire.

The most prominent version of You will BE REAL-EYESed.  In THIS way, You activate the “core” version so THAT what You desire IS compatible.  If You’re not PLAYing with THAT which You want, then You only need to adjust Your vibration so THAT You’re PLAYing with THAT which You want.

Having said THIS, the way THAT You will kNOW THAT You changed IS THAT You respond to some”thing” or some”ONE” differently which seemingly looks the same.  THAT’s how You kNOW You have changed.  Some”thing” or some”ONE” THAT You would have normally reacted to in a negative way gets a positive response.

And remember, the longest journey IS the journey inward. 🙂

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