The End Result

When you look at life, you may have bought into a very expensive belief that you needed to focus on the end result. This ensures that the result will be what you want and you’ll be happy with it.

When you unravel your beliefs, you’ll be looking at them, consciously, so that you understand what the belief is and why you have abided by it. You’ll see all the details within that belief so you can discern if it’s worth keeping or if it warrants letting it go or placing it where it belongs in your consciousness.

I used to believe in the end result, always looking toward the end because some guru told me that this is what it was for me. What I believe now is that each moment of my journey is where my focus lies.

I have a desire to publish and market my book. Yet, the moment to moment experience of the editing process is my focus now. At some point in my journey, it will be published and marketed, but this process will unfold as one or two of the steps. For you see, in order to get to the step where this process happens, I had to come from somewhere to get to those steps. So, the steps, in and of themselves, are the end result of the moment to moment awareness.

If I ignore the history of how it all unfolded, I have neglected my journey, neglected me, in relationship. Each step is historical in its perspective and the most valued step. There is no THE step. Each step is THE step.

So, while I have an agenda or goal, I choose to focus on each moment as I dialogue internally and externally, this is my mantra for a life well-lived. How do I live my life as I take each step? It’s a mindfulness way of living and one that speaks to me, gently.

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