The Ability of Tears

Our crying has abilities, has many attributes to it, as it brings forth expressive water from within. When we avail ourselves of tears, we, in congruence with its abilities, give it a freeway in which to flow from all that it carries. There are emotions, children–versions of us at different ages–and situations within those tears and we MUST let them come up and flow out.

It’s like a river, who has the ability to flow, that’s its true design. This is its true nature, it MUST flow. Otherwise, it’s not living its actual nature.

Similarly, when we have emotion that is flowing within us, and has tears as part of its design, it MUST flow forth. If it is stopped in anyway, it causes constriction, a blockage, within. And we live in accordance to this constriction on many layers.

Once we set an intention or mantra that we will allow our own crying to serve its flowing purpose, then we contribute to our own well-being. Not “well” in anyone else’s picture, but our own picture. There is a well within us and as we identify what being-well or well-being means to us, then we can contribute to our own blueprint.

Recently, I received a beautiful Christmas card from my niece. I texted her to say thank you. She responded by saying, “I hope you are doing well.” I sat with the word, “well,” and asked what it meant for me.

I responded to my niece by saying, “I sat with the word, “well,” and this is what it means to me. I’m gaining such a beautiful understanding of me.” I took the time so I could understand what something means to me, and not some arbitrary interpretation, which I could continue to subscribe to, but truly not knowing its origins, which are my true origins.

Tears, crying, well–these are words which require us to know our own original interpretation. You are worth your own in-depth process to discover what something means to you.

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