State of BEing

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As You materialize Your You-niverse, You are clear with Your state of Being and You get to actual-eyes Your experience….actually experience that which You brought in.  This means as Bashar states, “Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of BEing matters.”

Matter IS made from You, from Your own Consciousness.  Thus, It’s your state of BEing which brings every”thing” and every”ONE” into matter….that which You experience as form.

You are the pulse, the touch, the feel, the ALL when You affirm Who You are in each moment.  Circumstances don’t determine Your state of BEing, Your state of BEing determines Your circumstances.  If there are circumstances which don’t serve You, simply change Your state, Your frequency, Your vibration so that You serve You a dose of what You desire.

Just plug Your physical self into Your non-physical Self…..much like the photo above and any electrical outlet.  You first have to make contact with the Source and then go about Your business the way You want.

First, connect with Source and then BE on Your way….electrified. 🙂

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