Self Confidence

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When You consider Self-confidence, You consider YourSelf moving or shifting through experiences which allow You to grow YourSelf.  THIS means challenges will BE here to show You what You truly believe though these experiences.  The challenges will keep coming….they’re intended for Your growth.  THIS isn’t easy to hear, but It’s the truth.

Self-confidence IS the truth THAT in order to shift into THIS awareness, challenges are the deSIGN to assist in THIS process.  For me, I was some what aware of challenges, but, for the most part, I was addicted to the elixir of the upward vibration and THIS was My focus.  I was on a heart-based path and THIS IS where I stayed.  I thought My awareness of My heart would conquer ALL.  It did not.

BEing heart-based means You are also aware of Your challenges and You face Them.  THIS IS how Self-confidence IS created.  Self-confidence IS only made aware of AS You REAL-EYES YourSelf facing Your challenges head on.  Communicating and talking IS the way You do THIS.  When You have a feeling or emotion which arises, THIS IS Your Self-confidence or intuition bringing You a some”thing” to face.

It’s not easy to say, “Let’s sit down and talk about THIS.  I’m feeling uncomfortable and I would like to talk about It.”  You may BE worried THAT the other person won’t BE receptive, worried THAT You need to please the other, worried THAT You won’t BE appearing nice.  There’s so much confusion which happens and You don’t kNOW ALL THAT You’re feeling.  Yet, THIS state of confusion IS where You are so THAT You face the confusion by unraveling It through talking It out.  If You avoid, It’s still here.

It’s ALL energy arising so THAT You grow in Your Self-confidence and BE the natural state of Who You are.  It’s the meeting in the field of challenges not to solve, but to get It out on the table and talk…..table talk.

I REAL-EYES I have not been good at THIS process.  Sometimes I would BE Self-confident and sometimes I wouldn’t.  Sometimes I would lose MySelf in My needing to BE nice or please.  THIS would BE My dominant energy and thus, the You-niverse complied.

Trusting in Your OWN challenges IS the key.  THIS IS life….the up and down, high and low, doubt and no doubt.  It’s ALL deSIGNed so THAT You talk It out…..not to go meditate more because I believe THIS IS avoidance.  Meditating feels REAL-ly good and facing talking doesn’t feel so good.  If you only go to the feeling good, You avoid Your OWN Self-confident prowess.  THIS IS what I did.

I was following a philosophy about heart based and feeling good….see It how You want to see It.  THIS served Me in some capacity, but It didn’t serve Me when the “nudging” was here about Self-confidence through the challenges.  I was so focused on the elixir, I forgot to face the 3D REAL-ity which was still here.

My suggestion IS to BE with both.  Of course, You don’t want to avoid JOY, but You don’t want to avoid PAIN either.  But You can’t JOY away Your PAIN.  Face Your pain and connect with some”ONE” to talk It out.

More later on our basic need to process things……It IS a basic need THAT We so often miss. 🙂

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