Recognizing You as the Source

Once you understand you, the consciously and awake you, you begin to navigate and communicate from this understanding. When anything appears that is troublesome or causes angst, you go to the Source of this angst, which is inside you. You discern whether talking, feeling or asking questions will help the angst express itself in its contribution to the whole. The expression comes from the inside out.

In your own recognition of where the angst is actually from, you acknowledge it in its deepest sense. You pay homage to your depth and STOP what you are doing so you can acknowledge Her, the Source of all.

You MUST go to the poverty level. What I mean is somewhere the angst felt impoverished, felt poor, in Her expression so you must go meet Her here. Not poor in spirit, but, actually, poor as a human being. You don’t bring Her up to the level you think She should be, She is not there and cannot go there with you. You go to your own poverty level, where She, actually, exists, and meet her here, let Her express from here. You step down from trying to pull Her up. You step down from striving to pull Her up. She doesn’t want to be pulled up.

We all grew up in mental health poverty and our tendencies will be to live from this poverty level all through adulthood. We may have had a home, food, clothing, but we lived in extreme poverty when it came to talking or feeling. No role models for abundance in this area, absolutely no one provided what we needed. We all need role models.

When someone lives in poverty, you can’t, instantly, take them to some place different. This is where they feel most comfortable, it’s where they have existed all of their life. You’re trying to move them without their consent or buy-in. They may live somewhere different for a little while, but then go right back to their comfort zone. You tried to pull up vs. sitting and joining down.

When you get down to someone’s level, you level the playing field. This is where “real” communication happens.

Now, that you understand your own poverty levels, you acknowledge them and then converse with yourself, reaching out inside to simply be with yourself at this level. You simply spend time with yourself at your poverty levels, not needing them to be anywhere else, but here. You’re the Source to simply express and feel from this level.

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and see why they’re falling in. — Desmond Tutu

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