Proper Placement

When you look at the term, “letting go,” it can be a buzz word phrase that you hear everyone saying so you jump on the bandwagon in order to belong and join in. What does “letting go” really mean to you, not part of a collective group think?

Recently, this came up for me because I decided to cut into it and dissect it.

When you let go of something, it has to go somewhere. When you let go of material items and take them to the Goodwill, they’re belonging somewhere. You have a tangible process that you just gave yourself with dropping off the items that no longer fit in your world. You knew they had to go and you put them where they now belonged.

Demonstrations will come in when I am learning something and I appreciate their pictorial so that it makes sense for me.

When you go to a grocery store, you have had the experience where items were not where they were supposed to be. You might have seen a package of hamburger where the toothpaste is located. This won’t make sense for your brain as the hamburger doesn’t belong there, it wasn’t placed properly. Someone picked up the hamburger on her shopping journey and then decided she wanted to let it go. She didn’t want to take the time to put it in its proper place so just left it somewhere for her convenience. This is an example of “letting go.”

I now use the term “proper placement” vs. “letting go.” I want the tangible experience of putting things and people back to where they “truly” belong. I want it to be a conscious placement so I require time for this process to unfold. My conscious brain needs to understand why I picked it in the first place, what did I learn and now I can put it back where it has belonged all along.

So when you decide, consciously, that you want to return someone to their proper place, then do it ceremonially so the tangibility of it is felt and registered from the ground up. You want to be conscious and awake whenever you’re doing something, and not trying to belong to a buzz phrase mentality, which is tamed and unconscious.

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