In Fullness

Your brain is very powerful. It has to be as it is in charge of everything in your body. It communicates with your entire body as it evaluates what to do, where to give more, where to give less, in its intelligent and efficient management system.

When you, the human, align your thinking with this intelligence, you are in fullness, allowing it to perform as it is designed. When you tune into each thought and help the thought to come back to your body by stating, “This is how we do it now. We integrate each thought to return to its rightful position in our body.” It’s like you are communicating with a child, your child brain, to help it learn how to live in fullness. When a thought takes you elsewhere, other than right here, it needs to be guided back to where it belongs. You speak to the thought like you would a child, “Focus on what you’re doing right now. Return to your focus.”

If you are brushing your teeth and a thought takes you elsewhere, be “aware” of what is occurring. You can then say just like you would to a child, “We’re brushing our teeth right now. Feel the toothbrush on your teeth.”

You do this all day long. If you’re feeling something very strong arise, then evaluate whether you need to feel it and then do it. Feelings are part of the brain’s intelligence, and you’ll know if your brain wants you to feel before returning to your activity. Your feelings are agents, VIP status, so focus on them.

You, as the human, are the critical connector to your brain. So, it’s important you give validation for each moment in honor of your brain’s Infinite Intelligence.

I remember hearing from someone along my journey, that awareness is all I will ever need. I truly believe this. Awareness is your greatest BFF.

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