In Consciousness

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AS every”thing” and every”ONE” IS Consciousness, there is no”thing” which appears THAT is outside….It’s ALL in Consciousness.  When two people are having a dialogue, it’s a two-way street inside.  When one teaches, the other one is teaching as well.  Another way of saying it is there is only ONE teacher here.

In this way, It’s ALL Consciousness having a conversation with ItSelf.  So ALL conversation is actually THIS……a stream of Consciousness enjoying ItSelf with the language of LIGHT appearing as conversation.

Just remember, You can’t teach without BEing taught.  You may think that You’re giving some”ONE” advice, but REAL-ly, You are gleaning the teaching. It’s ALL just a matter of beautiful perspective.

Thus, You don’t have to put any emphasis that Your advice is going to BE followed as You’re the ONE and only ONE here so You’re following Your own advice and letting go.  It’s a fun way to perceive a dialogue so You don’t have to take responsibility for Your OWN teaching.  You speak, You share, You emphasize LIGHT, You let go.

Simply see every”ONE” as colorful LIGHT and when You do this, no ONE needs to change LIGHT….It’s ALL color-filled no matter how You look at It.  🙂


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