If I Only Had a Brain

There is significance in the brain and its power. When you think about the idea of the crowned heads of Europe, like the ones featured in The Wizard of Oz by Professor Marvel, I believe the crowned head has a strong message.

“Putting on your thinking cap,” means you’re sifting and sorting through tons of information and messages to come up with a plan of your thinking. Your brain is the power house and you are aligning with everything within your power to think of a direction or action.

The brain is a beautiful symbol of all of its parts, each functioning so that we live a whole brain life.

In order to live a whole brain life, we, as the human, MUST look at the parts of our brains which aren’t functioning like they should due to stress, anxiety, trauma, childhood. To align with whole, we must look at that which feels not whole.

There are many tools available to you as you contribute to your whole.

You can use a tool like EFT (emotional freedom techniques) which allows you to touch the points which are seemingly acting separate from the whole. The story of the separation needs to be addressed on a continuous basis as the brain has functioned in this separation for years and years so attuning yourself to it helps you help your brain.

Medication of some sort is also helpful because medication helps the connective tissue stay aligned. It is an individual arena so ensure what is individually recommended. Most importantly, study why you need it and tell the story of its value.

Using your intuition will help guide you to see, in each moment, what works best for you. You do have a brain, it’s just that your brain may not be functionally wholly and you desire to see where you can assist it in your human form.

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