Home is Where Your Story Begins

When you belong to yourself, when you’re at your “true” home, you own your story, your history, your emotions and all its rich details. This belonging sets the stage for how you navigate and interact in your world with all the people, dialogue and scenes yet to come.

When you sense emotions that need to be unpressured, meaning they’re feeling the pressure, you stop, drop and feel them into being. In this way, you belong to your emotions and free them from their pressure and their container, which is you. You are the pressure cooker, who self regulates her need to let off steam.

Earlier this morning, my husband was expressing his emotions and I was feeling “triggered.” To be triggered simply means something is feeling pressure and needs to come out. He has been trying to get things lined up to get a Uhaul to pick up some items and the communication line in regards to one of the items was slower than what is considered “normal.” So I expressed my emotions with my verbal dismay and said, “It feels like you want things to run smoothly and they’re not. I have done what I needed to do in regards to my part of the communication process. It’s all I can do.”

Once I let off my pressure and freed that inside of me, I owned every part of me. He, in turn, could own himself and every part of him. I belonged to me and my story and he belonged to him and his story.

We were both free to express our yet to come story lines for our never-ending stories. We were home!

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