Heading to Home Base

We recently purchased a Roomba, you know the iRobot vacuum. We call him Simon after a Frasier character. Simon already comes programmed with how to clean a room in his own pattern format, to reposition himself when he encounters barriers and then to head back to home base when his batteries run low.

I watch Simon with natural curiosity as this is how we, humans, are “naturally” designed. It’s just that we pick up programs which alter our innate course, the course we’re “truly” designed for. We don’t stay with that which is our “true” programming. This is hard and challenging because picking up different programming sends us off course and scatters us, and we’re not even sure how to get back to our own design. We don’t even know we have a design.

As we explore the beliefs which send us off course, we can begin to unprogram and unbelieve “that” programming so that our instinctual design becomes primary. We stay tuned to the programming of our origins.

Imagine if Simon wasn’t programmed correctly. Imagine if he didn’t know he had a home base.

This is a mirror for us, and that’s why our life’s work is hard and challenging. We must program ourselves correctly and in order to do this, in each moment, we face that which is here and ask questions to determine if we’re all set for the right direction. We return to this moment over and over as our home base sifts and sorts the data which is present.

And our home base represents those identifiable things and people who are self care components. And we stay within those parameters so that we know how to recharge our batteries when we’re running low on output. Gathering input and data can be exhausting so we know when to say, “When” and we go to an item on our self care list.

Knowing where home base is located is crucial. Simon knows where it is and he knows when to go there. Otherwise, he would not be operable at some point. Program yourself, with a mind map, exercise so you know where home base is located and when to go there.

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