Having the Space to Hold

Yesterday, I held a space for a women’s empowerment group. It was my first group to share what I have learned on my three year journey, sharing my depth.

As I shared and the other women shared, I noticed my capacity to hold much more suffering than what I could previously hold. I noticed that suffering was being held in the physical space, the Women’s History and Cultural Center, and it was being held in my emotional and physical being. I was aware of so much space for the suffering to exist.

The stories, the tears, the painful childhood experiences being acknowledged. It was like a space opened up in order to hold the stories, the tears and experiences. We were honoring the children coming through, the children who had no voice and had no choice. And now, the children were learning to trust and come out with their vulnerability flag waving in their hand.

If it wasn’t for my own awareness that knew I needed to meet my unmet childhood emotions, which are basic human needs, I wouldn’t have the awareness of the space that I could hold for others. Grief is necessary, it’s a basic human need. And now, I have been donned with the space in myself in order to hold others’ grief in my space.

After I came home from the class, I was still in the energy of the suffering that was being expressed. And I was grateful for me, who decided (not sure how the decision was made) to take this journey into my own grief.

I want to be able to have others share their grief in a safe place, knowing that their grief is safe and protected. We MUST protect and save our own children. By doing this, we serve and save ourselves.

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