Happy New Year

Embarking on a new year allows you an opportunity to make a statement. It allows you to set a tone of what you want to see happen in your new year.

Setting an intention gives your brain a focus, something that it zooms into for clarity. I love the 3 elements of this concept: Focus, Responsibility and Accountability.

Your brain or mind dictates a lot of actions within your body, signaling and communicating all of your body’s operations. As you stay connected to your body, you stay close to your brain and lean into its god-like attributes. Without the full capacity of your brain, you operate on only a few cylinders. Leaning into full capacity, you operate on all cylinders.

I’m leaning into gentleness this year as I express gratitude for my growth, my showing up and my brain and body and all its components. I’ve created my blueprint/mind map in order to navigate my “staying in the pocket,” which is a term I heard while watching the movie, American Underdog. In this movie, Kurt Warner, as an aspiring quarterback, is told by his coaches to consistently “stay in the pocket,” which is a framework from which to position himself on the field to dictate his plays. Kurt didn’t fully understand the key elements of this position as he chose to dictate plays from his own way of seeing. Kurt chose many challenges from which to learn and grow.

There is a framework from which we can navigate our doings. We know that our brain dictates the plays for what we are intended to learn and grow from. This reverence for how it conducts our life can give us an understanding to stay within its pocket and lean into it.

As we commit to this practice over and over and over again, we will allow the fullness of ourselves to be present. This is what our life journey is all about, to be present with all that arises. And whatever arises is our pathway to awaken into that who we truly are. It doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges, challenges are the pathway from which to learn and to grow. So we lean into the challenges, feel exactly what our emotions are telling us to feel as we lean into them, explore and discover them.

In this way, each moment is our god-guide from our brain’s intelligence system to dictate what this moment is. We, as the human, can contribute and support this moment by being human within our intelligence system.

My wish for you is that you set a plan for how you want to learn and grow. Is it through walking, spending time with grandchildren, eating breakfast? Whatever you are doing is the conscious set up, is the conscious path. You, essentially, are the path! The path is not over there, unless you are over there. Be here, connecting to your entire brain and body and awaken to your path, lighting it up as you go with your human form.

Happy New Year!

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