Freely Admit

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AS You are the Infinite in ALL Its radiant glory, THIS means You are ALL.  THIS said, You are the LIGHT AND DARK AS You carry YourSelf forward.  You may say THAT You leave Your past behind, but THIS can’t BE the case.  You are the past, PRESENT and future unfolding.  You are the negative/positive, up/down, right/wrong.  Yet, within these two diverse ways of looking, You are THAT which IS neutral.  You are the third eye looking.

AS You bring YourSelf here, You are the culmination of ALL THAT exists in Your REAL-ity.  Thus, You are the Consciousness expressing ItSelf in ALL the myriad forms.  You can’t have a body without Consciousness and so You are the Conscious body emanating ALL Its Re-Sources.

When You express, do It with the utmost authority and authenticity in whatever expression IS here.  You kNOW, I have not been ONE to admit THAT I AM afraid AS I thought THIS statement would some how BE against the positive.  Yet, when I REAL-ly look, admitting THAT You’re afraid IS Consciousness expressing ItSelf.  In the LIGHT AND DARK, You are rich in expression so You freely admit.

THIS admittance in no way summons any”thing” other than Your OWN Conscious expression.  When You are free, and THAT means free to admit, You give Your You-niverse free reign to BE ALL….the LIGHT and DARK.

When You think about a “day” in Its electromagnetic energy field, there IS LIGHT AND DARK and You move about Your day accordingly.  You kNOW what You are to do within THAT structured variance of electromagnetic energy.  The day IS not better than the night, just different in Your structured time and what You do with It.

So freely admit and face the LIGHT AND DARK AS They are both You in Your structured You-niverse.  The stars are ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS PRESENT.  You will just BE made or Created aware of Them AS Your time admits. 🙂


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