Dear Kevin

Last night I had a funny dream. I dreamt I was writing Dear Heaven in my journal and Kelsey Grammar came in to inform me that I was, actually, writing to Kevin, Dear Kevin. I was writing to a human.

It’s funny and interesting. Because when you think about it, when you’re writing in your journal as you’re pouring through and out what is inside, who is the recipient of this pouring? Who gets to receive it?

I really do believe that we’re corresponding with ourselves, sending and receiving within a flowing communication system. We allow all that is present for the writing activity to be here and the words, composed and comprised of thoughts and feelings, appear on a blank page. It’s Intelligent and Magic (the IM), when you, seriously, think about it.

Where once a void existed, it now has form to it and it’s your form you created from within you. That’s how the IM works, that’s how creation works. It’s you who gives it life, give it form.

So, the next time you’re journaling or writing, think about who is the giver and the receiver. You may be sending your writing to someone, but you’re the originator of this writing, it’s your origins from the fruit of your loins, so to speak. Just stop and feel the Dear (fill in the blank) in its Creation. You can’t give and not receive at the same time.

It’s the turtle approach, though. You’ll have to stop or slow down to see what is actualizing its presence. It’s you, it’s Dear Your Name as the lowest common denominator, the grounded human who is the Great IM. Think about when you edit, an aspect shares her communication stating how something could be done differently and improved upon. It’s human, it’s you.

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