Darkness As the North Star

“You had me at darkness” is such a powerful insight.

It speaks to our ability to dive into that where we have been trained and tamed to stay away from. Into “that” yields so much fruit, so much power. It is where we are found, all the emotions who weren’t developed enough to stay.

Now, in our own development, we’re recognizing the dark is where our balance of power is truly held. As children, we held a lot of emotional power, deeply hidden to protect us from any further retaliations that we might experience via our “trusted” adults.

We’re able to voice and feel our emotions into being, to stay present. We’re giving our emotions freedom to express ALL that lay hidden because the timing is ripe to bear the fruit of ALL our emotions. In child form, we have ALL emotions so let the child be free to show herself.

To reveal herself to herself.

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