Being Vulnerable

When you share your inner most understandings and awareness, there needs to be a recipient of this sharing who understands your language from which you speak. The English language, although we speak it, is full of many elements which may or may not be heard at the level we wish them to be.

Before you share something, ask yourself questions. “Who should I share this with? Who deserves to hear this? Who can hear this?” These are just some of the questions to ask. As you open up the dialogue within first, you’ll know who gets to receive it. You’re not just looking for a body, your looking for the open body. This takes turtle intelligence.

Moving with your innate turtle intelligence, you’re moving ever so slowly, stopping, asking, feeling, surmising, contemplating, choosing. Sometimes retreating into your shell to create a hard boundary of protection and safety, sometimes moving, but always at the intelligence of your turtle’s pace. Hurrying or rushing means you’ve shifted out of your innate intelligence and it takes awareness to discover when you’re trying to move at the pace of a rabbit, flitting and scattering your energy all over the place.

Although the tortoise and the hare story is a supposedly a fable, I believe turtle intelligence is “real.” It allows us to move at the pace of a child’s mind, being creative, using our imagination, playing, always with innate creativity needing to be expressed. We slow our nervous system to the point of connecting with our turtle heart and staying here. When a child wants to run, it’s because your child feels this innate intelligent energy to run off steam, to run unharnessed and free. It innately knows how to regulate itself when it comes up against an adult who says to move in the adult world.

When sharing, which we all do, tune into your turtle heart and ask questions. The turtle always won the race, the human race.

The song, Bless the Beasts and the Children, by the Carpenters is a beautiful song of remembering. Listen to the lyrics so you can hear the lyrics and move closer to your turtle heart.

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