Balancing Act

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In life, every”ONE” is seeking some sort of balance.  Yet, You may not kNOW how to find balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This takes awareness of ALL the parts of You Who are seeking and Who are out of balance….and I do mean ALL parts of You.

For You see, there are Infinite parts, aspects or separate selves who have dis-joined the whole so that exploration can be served.  These dis-joined selves go about searching BUT they’re not fully interested in joining the whole.  Their “whole” motive is to continue to be separate.  This is a conscious decision as every”thing” and every”ONE” is consciousness making a decision.

You may have heard me say ALL You need is awareness on this journey.  I think It was Mooji Who said this.  BUT You will not be “fully” aware…..You can’t be as there are too many moving parts, too many versions of You, too many multidimensional aspects, of You Who are not “fully” aware of ALL the parts of You.  It’s like a multiple personality Who don’t kNOW the “others” exist. 🙂

You may have the experience within You making a decision and then wonder WHY in the HELL You made the decision!  This is where hindsight comes in.

I can attest to this when looking at decisions that I made throughout my life, but in particular, when I saw a naturopath for sinus and ear congestion in summer of 2018.  That naturopath recommended many pills, but I, the ONE, Who has had a horrible experience with taking pills don’t take pills.  So Who made the decision?

In addition, there are the aspects Who question and Who don’t question…..Who simply follow and trust some”ONE’s” recommendations.  So how can any”ONE” BE completely Whole when making a decision when there are so many moving parts that are seeking some”thing” else?  There IS so much information and wisdom that You are processing and assimilating and You wonder out of curiosity how to glean ALL the parts.

You kNOW when You’re balanced because It feels zen like, but this may will not be sustainable as some”thing” will come about which feels out of balance once again.  This is where the separate selves come into play.  This is the expansion and contrast…..breathe in and breathe out.  This energetic explosion can BE overwhelming as the energy can knock You over and out of balance, but You’re not aware this is happening.

It may be that learning how to BE aware and assess these moving parts will BE the most crucial work of Your life. You can’t speak UP if You are not aware of ALL the moving parts Who haven’t spoken UP.  There IS so much to You and It is just You doing Your best.  You won’t BE….and I repeat…..You won’t BE aware of ALL Your moving parts.

Perhaps You’re just aware of the feeling that says some”thing” is a miss, some”thing” is here….or You don’t have that feeling at ALL, then some”thing” happens which causes a lot of destruction.  You can’t kNOW ALL at any given point.  It’s like BEing aware of driving Your car and BEing aware of ALL the parts that are coming in to PLAY so You can have the experience.  You can’t kNOW ALL the moving parts.

It takes courage to access Your own vulnerability not to kNOW and allow ALL the emotions to come into PLAY Who haven’t kNOWn ALL along the journey.  The emotions or parts Who made decisions and continue to make decisions.  Oh, to trust….but Who is the ONE Who is trusting? 🙂


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