Awareness of Forms

Image result for storm cloud formations pictures

When You look at cloud FORMations, are You actually looking at them from presence or from a historical perspective and placing meaning on them?  It’s interesting to conceive such a thought or idea from where are You looking.  Because from where You are looking will give You Your perspective or opinion of the object.

When You aware of presence or Your breath, You are aware of a deeper place inside which doesn’t recognize the historical perspective.  “Oh, the clouds mean that rain is coming, a storm is brewing.”  Worry may be here, but it does not stay.

God is seen and, thus, FORMlessness prevails. It appears that when You are looking from ego or some other place than God, Your view is different.  You appear to lock into place a memory of the object, and thus, the object becomes Your memory-laced perspective and You move according to the memory.  Yet, God is not a memory.  You can’t have a memory of God….You are God in the FORM called a body.

So when looking at cloud FORMations, You will REAL-ize Your experience from the place of viewing.  It doesn’t mean You still don’t prepare to dress appropriately or take an umbrella or stay put and not travel.  It simply means You do ALL the things appropriate to Your place of viewing and still act AS GOD.  You try not to impose Your memory on that which is seen just constantly putting meaning on the object of Your desire.

Clouds are not fixed and are constantly changing or shifting.  Yet, something to inquire and ponder….are the clouds shifting or is it Your breath shifting Your version of You so that It appears that movement is happening?  No ONE knows for sure.  It’s just ALL a PLAY of FORM as the FORMlessness enhances and expands Your view.

So You simply act as God and allow Your experience to unfold watching the observer and the observed not lay claim to anything other than FORMlessness.  It’s like the sky watching the clouds PLAY, but no”thing” can touch the sky, no”thing” can touch Your Essence.  And everything is allowed like clouds because if You didn’t have FORMS, what would Your world look like? 🙂