All Emotion is ONE Energy

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Recently, a therapist Who I am seeing, told Me when she went through her Ph.D. program that one of her professors told her that ALL emotion is neither positive or negative….It’s ONE energy.  It can only BE the human who is the deciding factor for what is and what belongs. Thus, when You consider THAT You are ONE energy which holds ALL so-called (I say so-called because You call It or label for various purposes) emotions, then ALL is considered.

You have to BE considerate of YourSelf first and this means You simply consider YourSelf the holder of ALL.  You wouldn’t have the light and dark if ALL wasn’t necessary.  You’re not trying to get rid of any”thing” because ALL things are necessary.

In this age of enlightenment or new age, perhaps It’s just a REAL-EYES-ation that You consider ALL as valid and just.  And like the above picture displays, You can’t see the flame of the candle without the existence of the dark.  With this said, for many years, I only wanted to focus on the positive and yet the negative was there, but I didn’t know how to interact/inneract and face the negative. It existed and yet, I didn’t possess the skill level to touch it.  I saw one as worth holding and the other one was not worthy of my holding.  Yet, I housed or held both.

There are so many teachers who come into our lives to have us consider their point of view and see if it resonates because they enjoy teaching their point of view.  Many of certainly come into mine and yet, I could find mySelf not knowing which direction to go because of the philosophies of the teachers.  I was immersing mySelf…..a deep immersion… a “truth” of theirs, but it also left me confused.  It felt like I was searching for a religion in which to belong.

I now see so clearly that one cannot read a gazillion books or watch a gazillion youtube videos and get clarity.  This is the search that leaves us more confused.  We are to search, of course, but then at some point stop the searching so that we can simply rest in our own knowing.

The searching can take us away from our so-called negative as a default mechanism or escape. Yet, the negative (processing the negative into a clear picture) has to be here.  It’s a must.  One cannot exist without the other…’s the marriage within us.  Similarly to a marriage between partners, one is there to be the mirror for the other.  Both must be here in order for a relationship to even exist.

We have a relationship with ourselves to simply BE…..not even our best because then best has an expectation or pressure attached.  We simply are the light and the dark of the one emotion….not getting caught up in the pressure or expectation that we must maintain or sustain a level on the life rung.

We simply are the ONE emotion…the light and the dark.  I love the day to be here AND I also love the night to be here.  In love with both of My clear expressions. 🙂

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