About Me

I am a woman assisting mySelf and others in grounding the body, emotions and spirit in balance.  You may have heard terms like awakening or enlightenment, and this is the process to balance the yin and yang through awareness.  You become awakened in balance, awakened in enlightenment.  

Through my blog, You may be able to entertain wisdom and knowledge about Your own discovery and exploration.  I believe You will never truly know YourSelf…..You only explore and discover ALL aspects of You.  Truly, it is UP to You to assist YourSelf.  I am only a conduit for what You already are/have within You.  I AM teacher and student simultaneously.  We we explore together, we will learn, grow and evolve through each other.

You are Your own guru, and thus, when I post articles, You may see YourSelf in the article….or not.  You are not finding anything new.  You are simply opening UP to that which is already here.  It can be challenging to read what may be the thing You’re looking for to transcend You to a different place, a better place. Yet, You are the ONE opening UP to You through some”ONE” called me.  

I can’t do anything for You, I can only offer that which You already are as a Source mirror.  In this way, You don’t follow me or my guidance.  You simply tune into Your own frequency.