A Sign of Contentment

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You are in a state in each moment and AS You see YourSelf AS THIS state in whatever It IS, You are.  When You final-EYES each moment AS the moment of Your choice, You value whatever state You’re in.  Sometimes You might BE happy, sometimes You might BE sad.  Thus, You don’t invalidate any state because ALL states make UP the whole.

In fact, You imagine ALL states of Consciousness.  THAT’s what Consciousness or God IS….imagination.  And so You imagine whatever state You’re in to give You access to the Infinite aspects desiring THAT state.  It’s a co-Creation and in THIS co-Creating process, ALL comes to pass in the moment(s).

Your contentment lies in the basis of what IS.  You are what IS wherever You are and if You decide on a different state, then You can internal-EYES Your awareness to focus on the desired state.

Neville Goddard has a great way to explain these states…..

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