For the Privilege

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It IS such a privilege to BE here, to BE immersed in pure, positive energy and watch It unfold Your world.  Yesterday, I was at our maintenance office to pay our annual maintenance fees.  We live in a beautiful area w-here we pay for the maintenance of our parks, our roads, our water systems and ALL.

With statement in hand, I was at the office window and said, “I’m here to pay”….and then I stopped and didn’t complete the sentence.  I was in an energy system THAT could not use the words: bill, statement, fees.  I attempted to use the words, but w-here I was and Who I was was accessing different vocabulary, and I allowed MySelf THIS privilege of stopping. Continue reading

Think Happy Thoughts

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I just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico and what an adventure It was.  It PRESENTed an opportunity to stay in a vibratory pattern….My OWN weather pattern…. which was pleasing despite any evidence to the contrary.  And t-here was certainly evidence which showed ItSelf to let Me kNOW what I believe, who I believe.

Are You tuned to the HAPPY channel?  Then You have to “stay” tuned to the HAPPY channel and BE Peter Pan…..think HAPPY thoughts. :)  Continue reading

Messages in ALL Sizes

When You are aware of YourSelf in a frequency of LOVE and KINDNESS, You will “feel” YourSelf in a wavelength THAT allows the free-flowing LOVE and KINDNESS to BE PRESENT.  And through THIS wavelength, which IS REAL-ly You, the messages which are delivered, are pure, radiant electromagnetic energy radiating Who You truly are.

Enjoy THIS beautiful, radiant energy through the words of a Soul, Who has learned through the relationship of her divorced parents.  And She has come to assist us….to remember. :)


LOVE Language

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When You allow YourSelf the PLAYfulness THAT IS inside You, You will provide YourSelf, in the NOW, to BE inspired through LOVE.  T-here IS a LOVE language which inspires You, and AS You are aware of Your thoughts and Create and Receive Them in the way You desire, You can make a game out of It with high five vibration celebration.  In THIS way, You BEcome PLAYful AS a child…looking for treasures….and transFORMing thoughts into an energy THAT IS PLAYful.

During a class recently, I discussed the idea of BEing aware of thoughts and gave some examples w-here thoughts may take You somew-here You don’t want to go any longer….standing in line, BEing in a meeting, talking to a family member, driving, watching TV. Essentially, LIFE AS You kNOW It. :) Continue reading

Gratitude IS Pleasing

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Have You noticed THAT when You express gratitude, You seem to expand to include so many more things than were t-here just a moment ago?  It’s AS if You exchange pleasantries with ALL THAT IS in Your reference point……visible and invisible….and It just grows by leaps and bounds……simply by identifying gratitude. :)

Your heart IS truly expansive and can hold more and more……and even more…..than You could possibly imagine.  For It IS You THAT IS shifting AS the Infinite versions of Self to include more and more….and even more….of You.  When You feel like You can burst from ALL THIS pleasantness, You OPEN up more so THAT more pleasantness can BE experienced….no shut off valve here. :)

ISn’t THAT beautiful?  THAT’s Your “true” nature……OPEN electromagnetic field of energy which expands to include It ALL…..”I AM OPEN to Receive more of Me, of Who I truly AM, in each moment. :) Continue reading

I AM Results

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When You consider THAT You contain every”thing” and every”ONE” inside You, You may consider THAT Your results…..THAT which You want, THAT which You desire, THAT which You deserve….are here ALL-READY.  Your results are just in varying states of visibility and invisibility depending upon Your beliefs and thoughts in each moment.  In addition, results unfold accordingly…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in a state of flowing unfolding, and They reveal ThemSelves when It’s considered “time.” :)

So pondering THIS message may make It easier THAT You don’t Create any”thing.”  When I state THAT You are the Creator, THIS means You, the physical, feel YourSelf, vibrationally, into the same frequency AS the BEingness of You, the non-physical.  THIS said, the BEingness IS ALL-READY BE’d the Creation.   Continue reading

I AM Grateful!

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T-here IS some”thing” THAT feels immensely exciting and goosebumpy when You speak affirmations….either out loud or in thought.  Either way, Your body consciousness and ALL consciousness can listen within hearing range, which IS NOW in Eternal terms.  ALL can BE hEARd from w-herever You are….You speak My language. :)

You may consider utilizing affirmations continuously NOW AS a powerful tool to Create and Receive ALL THAT You are on Your wavelength of BEcoming….THAT which IS coming to view.  It’s fun to state the same affirmation….although It’s never the same….over and over again….a gain of You in a very BEcoming way….or change It.  You are the decision maker and can state whatever IS most BEcoming. :) Continue reading

Believe YourSelf Here

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It’s so fascinating to believe in THAT which You are.  It’s Heavenly to ponder THAT You can believe any”ONE” You want to BE, and live life from here.  Each belief magically magnetizes ALL the support THAT IS necessary to transFORM Your belief, Your thought, to a manifested material world…..ALL cooperative components assembled.  Each belief has value, and yet, each belief IS OWN-ly You giving It power.  You, the physical, are the operative….the ONE Who provides the power to proceed in line with the non-physical.

You are constantly changing beliefs….sorting and shifting….and from the beliefs, You OPEN up portals from which to experience.  Beliefs are electromagnetic energy….holographic imagery….and They can transFORM You to BE Who You desire to BE to automatically magnetize Your desires through You.   Continue reading

Proper Place Value Among the Stars

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ExIStence can BE so much FUN when You PLAY at a level w-here FUN IS the modus operandi….such a beautiful way to expose YourSelf to the REAL-ity You prefer.  T-here are Infinite ways to describe Who You are in each moment and What You see in matching frequency to Who You are.

You can deLIGHT in such delicious words available in the REAL-ity of choice AS You utilize the words to describe ALL THAT IS.  For ALL THAT IS has a massive dictionary to partake in, and when You expand and OPEN up, the plethora (I LOVE THIS word) of descriptors comes alive in You, AS You, through You.  You’ll never run out of descriptive words, and You’ll marvel at the magic and electromagnetic energy words have AS They roll off Your tongue . :) Continue reading

Thinking Magically

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When You contemplate thoughts, You may consider THAT t-here are Infinite number of thoughts thinking ThemSelves AS a valid REAL-ity in which to come PLAY.  AS You think, You may consider venturing w-here the thought beckons You to go.  Yet, You NOW understand the power You have AS You glean the wisdom in Your OWN awareness….do I want to go t-here?  Do I want to join It?  Does THIS thought resonate with Who I AM in THIS moment?

Because once the thought has thinked (LOVE PLAYing with words) ItSelf, an”other” thought IS NOW in PLAYce ready for Its REAL-ity.  AS You ponder the word, “Infinite,” You are Infinite and, thus, You give YourSelf permission by virtue of Your vibration to go w-here You want to go, do what You want to do…..think what You want to think.  T-here’s a certain Mama and the Papa’s lyrics PLAYing to the tune of “Magical Thinking.” :) Continue reading