Peace Beyond

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Attaining peace is a phenomenon beyond our mind’s understanding.  Well, first, You can’t attain peace for it’s a state of Being and that isn’t something that can be had by the mind as in a possession and hold on to it.  The physical mind or ego is never satisfied and wants things at all costs.  It does not want peace as it believes it will die if peace is attained so You, as the ego part of You, will invent ways to destroy peace. But You are actually destroying yourself, so to speak.

A state of Being is beyond the mind, yet, the mind can be a cooperative component.  When the heart is accessed to feel the peace from its inherent state, then the mind can cooperate with the heart.  The heart begins to lead so the mind doesn’t have to work so hard.  It can rest and relax in its “current” state and electromagnetic itself into pure following, not leading.:) Continue reading