The Yesses and What They Mean

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We can BE so afraid of life, afraid of making decisions and responses.  Yet, what does this REAL-ly mean? First of ALL, You have to know Your parts in order to know who is making the decision and the response of life that goes along with It.

You know how You make a decision and It seems that the decision is very easy and clear.  And You also the know the decision where there is so much back and forth in an unbalanced sort of way….”I don’t know what should I do?”  It’s like there is a part who is not clear and this is the part to get to know above ALL others. Continue reading

Balancing Act

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In life, every”ONE” is seeking some sort of balance.  Yet, You may not kNOW how to find balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This takes awareness of ALL the parts of You Who are seeking and Who are out of balance….and I do mean ALL parts of You.

For You see, there are Infinite parts, aspects or separate selves who have dis-joined the whole so that exploration can be served.  These dis-joined selves go about searching BUT they’re not fully interested in joining the whole.  Their “whole” motive is to continue to be separate.  This is a conscious decision as every”thing” and every”ONE” is consciousness making a decision. Continue reading