All Emotion is ONE Energy

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Recently, a therapist Who I am seeing, told Me when she went through her Ph.D. program that one of her professors told her that ALL emotion is neither positive or negative….It’s ONE energy.  It can only BE the human who is the deciding factor for what is and what belongs. Thus, when You consider THAT You are ONE energy which holds ALL so-called (I say so-called because You call It or label for various purposes) emotions, then ALL is considered.

You have to BE considerate of YourSelf first and this means You simply consider YourSelf the holder of ALL.  You wouldn’t have the light and dark if ALL wasn’t necessary.  You’re not trying to get rid of any”thing” because ALL things are necessary. Continue reading

Self Confidence

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When You consider Self-confidence, You consider YourSelf moving or shifting through experiences which allow You to grow YourSelf.  THIS means challenges will BE here to show You what You truly believe though these experiences.  The challenges will keep coming….they’re intended for Your growth.  THIS isn’t easy to hear, but It’s the truth.

Self-confidence IS the truth THAT in order to shift into THIS awareness, challenges are the deSIGN to assist in THIS process.  For me, I was some what aware of challenges, but, for the most part, I was addicted to the elixir of the upward vibration and THIS was My focus.  I was on a heart-based path and THIS IS where I stayed.  I thought My awareness of My heart would conquer ALL.  It did not. Continue reading