You, the Big Bang

Perhaps the big bang theorized THAT You exploded into an Infinite array of electrical energy, and came to experience YourSelf in ALL THAT IS.  T-here couldn’t have been an explosion without Your presence, and thus, every”thing” and every”ONE” You see IS experienced AS You in simply an”other” form.

T-here can BE no “other” without You, and yet, It will BE Your awareness THAT will give It permission to understand THIS.  If You exist, the “other” must exist AS well…You can’t have “ONE” without the “OTHER” AS ALL exists In You-nison with You, AS You…both sides of the same coin :) . Continue reading

The Gift of Fear

When the contraction of ALL THAT IS presents ItSelf with the “idea” of fear, It IS such a profound gift in THAT It will provide a pure, unconditional experience.  THIS experience will be so entirely focused THAT It will not present any other options other than those which embody fear….can You think of any gift so pure?

When You face the fear and allow It to wash over You ALL the intricacies, ALL the Self-talk, ALL the BEliefs which are present….justification, holy crapola, rationalization, get me out of here, rejection, rewards, I hate this game, projections, paranoia, I’m going to die, anxiety….and allow them to BE fully present with no desire to kick them to the curb, some”thing” shifts in THAT experience :) . Continue reading

The Right Amount

When You ponder THAT whatever IS IS the right amount, what IS left over to ponder, to analyze, to break apart, to destroy? You know, many years ago, I spoke to an acquaintance who was having a challenge with her brother’s alcohol consumption.  She mentioned THAT her brother was drinking “a lot,” and THIS “amount” was causing her “a lot” of pain.  When she sat with the “amount,” and faced every possible scenario THAT presented ItSelf… impacts your family, you have a DUI record, you’re going to lose more jobs, I’ll have to support you, why can’t you just drink a little bit…..what she dis-covered IS the “right amount” BEgan to take over.

She had been labeling the “amount” of alcohol AS the “wrong amount,” and suddenly, she BEgan to converse with herSelf and start speaking in terms of, “You ALL-WAYS drink the “right amount.”  Whatever he drank, It was ALL-WAYS the “right amount,” and thus, she BEgan to experience space and peace around the “amount” of alcohol he drank.  THIS completely shifted her awareness! Continue reading

Each Moment Creates

Each moment IS perpetuating ItSelf, and yet, IS not linked to any other moment.  It stands alone AS Its “whole-liness.”  THIS said, when looking further on exploration and discovery, You won’t find It again AS It replaces the moment which supposedly came BEfore.

Each moment creates….or REAL-ly just IS…and, thus, You see the mechanics of THIS moment unfolding ItSelf to wherever Consciousness flows…and It flows everyw-here so w-here are You going You might ask?  You may only BE traveling, in a sense, to an idea. Continue reading

Consciousness Expands ItSelf AS Form

When You ponder any”thing” or any”ONE,” You may BE aware THAT Consciousness has expanded ItSelf into the form THAT You see.  Likewise, Consciousness has expanded ItSelf to illustrate Your body…Your body IS an idea in Consciousness AS IS every”thing.”

The concept of Your body, the concept of the room You’re in, the concept of the chair You may BE sitting on….these are ALL projections of Your state of Consciousness.  Thus, Consciousness takes the form, the reflective form It needs to, to re-present THAT particular idea of You.  Every”thing” and every”ONE” IS made out of Your Consciousness. Continue reading

You Are the Channel

When You ponder THAT ALL the channels on Your TV, AS You, are AT a frequency THAT ALL-READY exists, then You might ponder….”IS t-here REAL-ly any”thing” THAT I need to do?”  If I’m REAL-ly a frequency BEing, then perhaps my frequency IS ALL t-here IS…it’s how You travel, how You eat, how you sleep.  When You think about It, dreaming IS a frequency!

TV channels exist BEcause THAT which wants to see It ALL-READY IS.  You don’t make the frequency….the frequency appears in You-nison with You, AS You.  You shift Your perspective and suddenly, You find YourSelf looking at a new channel, a new You…a mirror reflection.  Continue reading

Nothing Came Before

When You ponder THAT no”thing” came BEfore, and THAT each moment IS a new You experiencing YourSelf in THAT awareness, You may REAL-EYES THAT each moment matches ItSelf.  Recently, I was aware of THIS idea in THAT my husband mentioned some”thing” to me, and so I took It to mean THAT in the next moment, THIS some”thing” would stay the same, but It changed.

I had a conversation with him and said, “But five minutes ago, you said some”thing” totally different…which IS the REAL thing?”  It’s so funny to BE writing THIS AS the awareness recognizes ItSelf in the idea THAT no”thing” comes BEfore.  The conversation THAT my husband and I seemingly had five minutes prior happened in an”other” parallel REAL-ity, and It IS BEing brought to my attention AS It happens NOW AS the new me witnesses It.  Continue reading


Recently, on the Science channel, t-here was a segment on the idea of the multiverse….Infinite number of You-niverses ALL BEing played out at once.  THIS segment was fascinating AS ALL the scientists mentioned THAT every scenario possible, every possible You, IS somew-here demonstrating him or herSelf.

You are not only in THIS dimension, THIS parallel REAL-ity, You also appear in ALL REAL-ities THAT exist simultaneously.  Thus, when You consider THIS idea, t-here doesn’t seem to BE the attachment to THIS parallel REAL-ity….seems to BE such freedom in THIS. You know You’re reading THIS, and You are also on a beach reading your eyelids :) . Continue reading

Unwrapping Presents

Bashar mentions THAT every moment IS a gift, and when You look AT It from THIS perspective, You may see YourSelf unwrapping delicious presents in each moment :) .

AS You know, t-here IS a positive/negative balance to existence…similarly, up/down, inside/outside, right/left, dark/light.  Thus, when You can perceive THAT every”thing” or every”ONE” in Your life IS a gift, You may cherish the moment for what It REAL-ly IS. When some”thing” appears THAT causes You angst, You REAL-EYES THAT t-here IS a version of You in a parallel REAL-ity not BEing bothered by THIS some”thing.”  It ALL happens/happened simultaneously! Continue reading

Part Recall

Sometimes some”thing” or some”ONE” will appear THAT seems to cause angst, and It may appear THAT You leave a part of You behind.  THIS said, have You ever heard the term, “Do You want a piece of me?”  Well, You’re ALL-WAYS happy to oblige when You’re engaged to the energy and feel THIS separateness…and “poof” You drop a part of YourSelf in THAT “angst” energy, and You hand over the piece of You :) .  T-here’s no”thing” right or wrong with THIS, however, You may sense THAT You just don’t feel quite right with the idea of You scattering YourSelf at various points on Your journey.

THIS inner/intertwining of energy allows for the appearance, allows for the permission slip, of THIS so-called occurrence.  You can never REAL-ly leave a part of You behind AS You’re ALL-READY whole even in the midst of the THIS idea THAT You are separate, and made up of various parts.  The idea of angst ISn’t separate from You….It’s right here with You, and will create a person or situation to represent the “angst” so You acknowledge It.   Continue reading