Closer to My Home

In THIS existence, every”thing” You ever need IS available now….and It’s not out t-here. When You press the “pause” button, You may feel and sense THIS energy THAT has ALL-WAYS been available, and yet, You haven’t been fully aware of It.  T-here IS no new energy…only THAT which was previously invisible, but now visible.  It IS You AS a new awareness viewing Your world AS You see It in THIS moment, and in the so-called next moment, You are a new awareness viewing Your world…fresh and new!  Every”thing” You need IS available NOW….no exceptions :) .  You are home in each moment…..the home THAT IS Your “natural” home!

You are the matrix of Your own existence, Your own world, Your own You-niverse.  And much like the movie, The Matrix, You may dis-cover how to bend a spoon, only to dis-cover THAT t-here IS no spoon, and It’s actually You THAT bends.  Every”thing” You witness IS a projection of Your own holographic experience….You are the creator and the created!  No”thing” IS so-called “made” without the totality of Your energy making It, perceiving It, and then allowing It to disappear…ALL without “movement” ever taking place! You are the speed of light BEing everyw-here ALL at once….that’s Your “natural” power! Continue reading

Your Multidimensional Shape

When You envision THAT You are a multidimensional BEing, You may envision the Infiniteness (love this word) called You.  T-here are grid lines THAT make up Your Totality, Your wholeness, and AS You connect with the so-called “others,” You connect with the aspects of YourSelf, which are an integral part of You….ALL Integrated in the grid line of existence!  You can’t touch an”other” without touching YourSelf….just the natural flow at Its finest :) .

You can’t connect with “others” without connecting with YourSelf.  It’s like saying the grid lines don’t run to and from, up and down, below and above and that some how the connection stops when It comes to “certain” people or situations.  If they’re in your experience, they’re connected on a cosmic level.   Continue reading

Don’t Care So Much

When You invest Your energy into “caring” so much for an”other’s” well-BEing or a situation’s well-BEing, You may REAL-EYES THAT Your energy IS devoted to THIS illusionary the nth degree.  Thus, It will take You on Its adventurous ride to try and scare You to smitherines :) .  Trying to control some”thing” or some”ONE” THAT IS “out” t-here IS like trying to control the face in the mirror by busting through the mirror and making It smile when You want It to smile…..”I said do what I say!”

You may ponder THAT Your BElief in “caring” has a very strong meaning to You, and thus, You feel THAT You need to invest in THIS “caring” model so THAT Your BEliefs stay intact….”I have to “care” AS what will happen to me if I don’t!  Someone has to “care!”  Continue reading

Embracing the New

AS I was heading out to my car THIS week, my husband said to me, “BE careful “out” there!”…AS he looked outside, and could hear the heavy raindrops falling like rocks on the roof :) .  Yet, when he said THIS statement, a message immediately came in….”BE careful “in” there.”

It was such a profound message of gleaning “in-sight” to THAT t-here IS no”thing” out t-here….ALL in here….no”thing” to BE afraid of unless You desire to BE afraid….BOO! Thus, embracing the newness of each moment, and watching It bring whatever appears IS exciting!  The “in” brings the “out,” and once You truly embrace THIS awareness, You can BE curious and wonder about the appearance….from a “whole”-istic perspective. Continue reading

The Picture of THIS Moment

When You REAL-ly take a pregnant pause BEfore giving birth to THIS moment, You may REAL-ly see THAT THIS moment has a vast array of activity by Infinite design.  It’s like the Infinite has Its own designer label and IS facilitating Its own Project Runway :) .

When the physical attributes are ALL THAT are seen, You may not BE privy to the 99.9% of celestial activity THAT IS also AT PLAY in THIS moment.  T-here IS a vast array of visible/invisible electrical charges AT PLAY….the PLAYground of existence THAT IS simultaneously aware of ALL the parallel REAL-ities in Your probable existence. Continue reading

Innerstellar Explosion

You are made of every”thing” THAT explodes in Its own magnificence.  THIS said, You embody every spectacular appearance THAT appears.  T-here IS a moment to moment explosion occurring in each moment, and You may BE only privy to such a small portion of what actually IS occurring.

Every”thing” in Your body IS THIS….such beautiful explosion of energy in order for things to operate.  Yet, You don’t witness THIS electric light orchestra AT Its core.  The brain, the heart, the veins, the muscles….are ALL labels for what seemingly IS different parts of the body.  Yet, if You could see, REAL-ly see, these parts in action in THIS moment at their core level, You would BE astounded by the fireworks disPLAY :) Continue reading

The Natural Flow

T-here IS a natural flow, a natural order of ALL things.  When You are aware of THIS flow, You will feel Its presence beyond any words THAT can describe It.  It holds the words, and thus, the words are not privy to Its benevolence…the words cannot see the vastness of THIS natural flow, and yet they have a job to do, an activity to do, in THIS Earth game.

You are a vibrational field of energy, and ALL things THAT appear are vibrating a message of resonance with whatever appears.  It does THIS in each moment AS Consciousness creates the picturesque landscape of so-called physical REAL-ity.  T-here IS a beautiful pattern constructed, a beautiful spiderweb of activity, ALL designed to illustrate the natural flow of ALL things.  Whatever appears is/was designed to BE here/t-here! Continue reading

Welcome THIS Moment!

When You have guests visit your home, You may say, “Welcome…come in!”  THIS moment IS exactly THIS analogy…..THIS moment IS ALL-WAYS the “invited” guest even if It doesn’t appear THIS way.  Every”ONE” IS invited into Your hologram so THAT You get to know Your true Self.  Each person has a message for You to BE clear who You want to BE in THIS moment….and It truly doesn’t “matter” who You want to BE.

Just feel THIS moment for Its intensity, Its aliveness, Its courage to BE right here!  THIS moment includes every”thing” AS It IS, and I mean every”thing”….which REAL-ly means any”thing” and every”thing!” :)  The past, the future, the present, the chocolate You’re thinking about right now….It’s an ALL-inclusive moment.  You may ponder THAT It’s a multidimensional moment filled with worlds beyond worlds! Continue reading

Shifts of Awareness

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel

Last night I attended a junior high football game, and Infinite versions of Self were at PLAY. T-here was such an awareness of the word “courage” throughout the game THAT It served Its purpose in each moment.  I could see various heights and weights of PLAYers, and in THAT seeing t-here were conversations unfolding….”Ahh, I’m amazed at their courage to get hit time and time again, and still come back. I want to go hug #22 to tell him I admire his “courage,” and it’s ok.  Look at #75 who may have a sprained ankle and walking it off so he can get back in the game!”

It wasn’t a game of seeing the scoreboard….It was a game BEing PLAYed w-here t-here were no winners or losers or numbers…just a game BEing PLAYed with profound “courage” at the core.

We never leave the game, do we?  THIS existence IS definitely a journey of “courage” THAT You are here NOW!  In each moment THAT unfolds ItSelf, It presents yet an”other” moment in which to admire and honor Your own courage.  In the face of ALL odds, You decided to BE here for ALL THAT BEing here entails/tales. Continue reading

Experiencing the Past

It’s ALL ONE connection labeled however You want to describe It.  If You want to call some”thing” that supposedly happened before, You will label it the “past.”  And yet, You are labeling It AS a “matter” of convenience.  ALL things stem from now…they can only BE now AS THIS IS the experience of them now….the perspective You are now!

Have You ever had the experience of telling some”ONE,” “I told You THIS BEfore….how come You can’t remember?”  And, of course, You say It in such a loving tone, right :) .  I know, I sure have.  It’s interesting to PLAY with THIS AS If t-here IS no past experience, then t-here IS no”thing” THAT occurred BEfore.  You having the experience of BEing locked in THAT moment of the past IS You having the experience for convenience sake…for You AS the fantastic storyteller to give the greatest story ever told :) .     Continue reading