Near Death Experience Message

When pondering my near death experience, It illustrates an expanded existence.  Thus, the thoughts THAT arise…if You can call them thoughts….appear to BE providing a message of guidance.  The message received IS one w-here no “matter” what IS present, no “matter” what words are BEing used, ONE only serves the Collective Consciousness by witnessing the presence of the words and circumstance.

AS the near death experience provided, people were saying ALL sorts of things, and I could understand the language BEing used, but t-here WAS no connection to the words….BEing scared wasn’t even a concept nor was BEing happy. T-here was no basis for the words…they were simply heard and understood, but no”thing” was present THAT needed to do any”thing” about the words…the element to “fix” any”thing” wasn’t present…what was t-here to fix?  Even the idea of me BEing fine was not present.   Continue reading

Welcome Center

When You encounter a welcome center, visitors center, information center, It’s a place w-here ALL IS welcome.  THIS said, if you can envision YourSelf AS the welcome center, visitors center, information center….ALL rolled into ONE….You would welcome any”thing” and any”ONE” THAT came.

You are the Welcome Center….a place w-here Collective Consciousness intersects with every”thing” and every”ONE” on THE path, on THE frequency wave.  Thus, t-here IS no”thing” and no”ONE” THAT doesn’t BElong.  ALL the people You see on THE path are popped in to THE hologram so THAT You get to experience them.   Continue reading

BE With Everything

The essence of BEing IS just THAT…..BEing.  No “matter” what IS present, You are ALL-READY BEing so You might AS well BE It.  Even if You question why You did some”thing,” said some”thing” THAT You wish You could take back, You are the essence of THAT flowing conversation.  T-here IS no”thing” THAT goes anyw-here.  Thus, THAT which came out of Your mouth wanted to express ItSelf for THIS pleasurable moment…It discovered Its own pleasure in THAT “doing.”  It finds Its pleasure in the You-niqueness of You.

The Collective Consciousness, the Essence of BEing, decided to embody a physicality so THAT It could experience every”thing” and every”ONE” from THIS Infinite perspective(s). In THIS way, ALL IS said, ALL IS done, so THAT It embodies every single piece of data to report back to ItSelf in the greater awareness of existence.  You are the deliverer and the deliveree! :) Continue reading

Getaway Moment

When You think about “getting away” from It ALL, You may ponder a picture in Your mind THAT immediately puts You t-here.  You choose a place THAT brings the idea of “getting away” to Its ultimate pleasure.  THIS said, each moment IS a “getaway” moment AS You serve the Collective Consciousness in Its purpose-filled existence.

Each moment IS a shift in Consciousness AS You explore w-here You’re going.  Yet, in ALL actuality, in ALL REAL-ity, You don’t go anyw-here….It only appears THAT You do from the aspect who desires to explore the experience.  You only travel in Consciousness in each moment of existence.   Continue reading

One Delicious Wave of Raw Energy

AS You are an energy system with complete waves of radioactive activity, You feel THIS AS a delicious wave of raw energy.  THIS said, You don’t question the phases of the moon, yet You may question Your own phases THAT You go through each moment.  Just like the moon, You have every phase imaginable THAT IS Your chemical make up.

When You are activated, You may witness THIS chemical process AS a combustible force picking up every”thing” and every”ONE” in Its path to pay homage to Your energy. The path will present ALL awakened souls and permission slips for You to experience THIS energy.  If you can witness THIS presence and allow It to BE, You will BE paying tribute to Your Collective Consciousness on Infinite levels. Continue reading

Rising to the Surface

You are every”thing” THAT exists!  When You have a memory of some”thing” THAT appeared to have happened in the past, It IS rising to the surface so THAT You, who You are now, gets to look AT It from the perspective You are now.  You are a different person from moment to moment, and thus, ALL THAT arises gets to BE dealt with so to speak and looked AT a-new!  The past IS right now!

Every”thing” THAT IS still here will rise so THAT You look AT It….receive It, process It and integrate It.  ”It” serves the purpose of the Collective Consciousness.  THAT which You think IS hidden….in the past….never to BE looked AT again will suddenly show You w-here You are AT any given point in time.  Who are You when You look AT THAT situation? Continue reading

Your Humanity Component

You are Infinite aspects, Infinite components, which make up the “whole” of You.  You are whole and complete just the way You are, and no”thing” can be left out of You for You make up Your entire worlds.

Your human component IS such that You have a body, a personality, a mind, emotions….every”thing” You say THAT IS the entire construct which defines You AS a human.  Thus, AS You experience any”thing” within THIS realm of influence, You simply notice the “humanity” of It ALL.  Perhaps You notice an emotion, and THIS emotion IS designed to express ItSelf AS It wishes.   Continue reading

System of Worlds

When You contemplate THAT You are a complete system, You may envision THAT the system which You are inner-acts with every”thing” AS ItSelf.  THIS said, when You have some”thing” or some”ONE” THAT You need to get out of Your system, You process It and integrate It so THAT It BEcomes part of You…not separate from You…ALL flowing together :)

You are a system of worlds, of parallel REAL-ities, of every”thing” THAT You embody/inbody.  Thus, AS a system appears which may present some interesting energies, which You may not fully want or appreciate, You simply acknowledge Their presence.  When You do THIS, You invite It to combine and merge with You rather than against You.   Continue reading

For Your Greater Evolution

T-here IS a presence THAT IS calling forth every experience known to man to unfold the evolutionary process THAT IS agreed upon.  Every person, every situation, IS a gift of the greater evolution of Consciousness to provide the ultimate experience THAT IS only meant for You.

If You look AT each person and situation AS a “physic-ALL” ONE, You are gleaning THAT exploration and discovery from a Collective Consciousness perspective…although It may appear to BE a solid mass of confusion :) .  THIS “physic-ALL” path IS an enLIGHTened ONE filled with nuances, intrigue and drama, which only Your Collective Consciousness can glean the messages presented. Continue reading

Communication Intimacy

When You look AT a communication model, You can see THAT t-here are models everyw-here….whistling their tune :) .  Communication IS “conduct-ing” ItSelf ALL AT once in the glorious frequencies and vibrancies which make up THIS existence.  You are the greatest communicator THAT ever existed, and You are vibrating to Your tune and emitting these waves of energy AS You exist.

You are not “doing” any”thing” to get Your point across….t-here IS no point to cross…now-here to go.  You are the point of THIS communication.  You are the common denominator in every inter-action THAT You believe IS outside You.   Continue reading