Expanding You-niverse

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When You ponder “expansion,” It can BE a little challenging to describe.  AS I was sitting with THIS writing, I sensed mySelf expanding AS I explored the pictures….t-here was so much to view, so much to choose from…..endless array.  Then the writing expanded…so many feelings with the vibrational array of words.  Given THIS, It may BE AS simple AS THIS moment…..It expands….unfolds ItSelf…..by virtue of You BEing here, and without You, You can’t sense the fullness of You, Your You-niverse….just how expansive You REAL-ly are.

I believe THAT You ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS expand in each moment.  Even if love IS not obvious in Your moment, You still expand Your KNOWledge, Your view, Your wisdom, Your sensing, Your love…..every”thing” and every”ONE” expands just by You BEing here. Every”thing” and every”ONE” becomes “more” simply via You….and t-here will ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE more. I believe THAT even when love IS not fully in Your view finder, love and compassion are ever expanding….It cannot not do THIS. :)  Continue reading

Your Delicious Multiverse

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It’s fun to explore Your own existence, and have fun with the never-ending possibilities of Your own Creation and REAL-EYESation.  AS You ponder YourSelf, Your Infinite Self, You may view YourSelf from many different positions ALL available to You, for You, through You.  You are such a multifaceted, fun person to get to KNOW. :)

AS You glide across Your multiverse….the Infinite parallel REAL-ities…..ALL available for You to slip’n’slide through, You intersect with You, the Collective You, and assume the position, the frequency, in THIS moment.  It’s like You are reporting, “I’m here at longitude 47.1 degrees and latitude 86.7 degrees and I see Evergreen trees.”  Then in the next moment, You are totally new, new aspect of Creation, at a so-called “different” frequency reporting what You see.  It seems different, and yet, You can ponder THAT It’s a totally new You experiencing THIS for the very first time…..no comparisons here. :) Continue reading

The New Frequency Person

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It’s so fascinating to BE living in THIS PRESENT time space REAL-ity….THAT You actually get to witness Your own transFORMation into the parallel REAL-ities You prefer w-here ALL cooperative components await Your completed arrival.  AS You delve into each moment and feel the frequency of the moment, You glean inSIGHT into who IS PRESENT feeling THAT frequency.

You, the vast You, are shifting a gazillion times per second AS Collective Consciousness peruses Its vast array of experiences and subsequent focus.  You, AS a human, just happened…happening…to BE focused here, and THIS IS absolutely incredible. :) Continue reading

Awareness IS the New Judgment

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You may BE aware THAT You have a vibrational language which You use to communicate. Having said THIS, You may also BE aware THAT Your “true” language….Your language of Your “true” origins THAT You prefer IS BEing felt on multidimensional levels, multidimensional frequencies.  In THIS way, You come alive with the feeling of the words THAT are BEing used, and They feel delicious and scrumptious. :)

You are well aware of the word, “judgment,” and THIS may denote a particular frequency which no longer rePRESENTs You, the You You prefer.  Thus, You may utilize the word, “awareness,” and voice over the word “judgment” in a Cindy Lou Who sort of way.  :) Continue reading

I’m into Something Good

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Right NOW, we’re experiencing a storm in the Pacific Northwest.  ALL through the night, the wind created what It does best….what It’s deSIGNed to do… and so did the rain, and It looks like more IS in store.  It’s interesting to Create and Receive a storm, and give It the power It deserves. :)

Last night, while in bed, AS I was listening to the rain and the wind, I heard the song, “Something Tells Me I’m into Something Good,” and I pondered the storm with THIS musical note.  I began to tell a bedtime story ALL about the storm from the storm’s perspective.  It was beautiful how It sang to me, and continues to do so AS I write THIS.  :) Continue reading

Creating and Receiving the Body

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AS You enter each moment AS a new person, You actually are changed by Your entire cellular structure….You are new You arriving at THIS location, THIS position, in Your planetary awareness.  AS You are the Creator and Receiver of Your existence in alliance with Your thoughts, Your emotions, Your body, Your ALL THAT IS AS Collective Consciousness, You have the You-nique power to Create and Receive Your body in You-nison with the harmony of Your endless You-niverse.

Each thought and emotion Creates pathways and rewires Your entire body circuitry in harmony with the thought and emotion.  Given THIS scenario of beauty scenery, each thought Creates new pathways and eliminates the old ones….t-here are pathways w-here t-here were none before and t-here are pathways w-here t-here are none after the thought. You Create You, moment to moment, by virtue of ALL You have incorporated YourSelf to BE, and are thereby sending sizzling signals via Your power-full communication system. Continue reading

Supreme Tuning

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When You are here, truly here, in each moment, You are the You-nique PRESENCE unfolding ItSelf. AS THIS tuning mechanism, You tune into so many magnificent electromagnetic energy fields which expose ThemSelves to reveal Your “true” color-full nature.  You are the Supreme powerful Creator and Receiver of Your moment, and in THIS way, You transmit the powerful energy particles which mold Your moment, and You simultaneously receive these particles AS Your physical world.

T-here IS so much magnificence THAT You radiate in each moment for how could You not radiate Your own Supreme-ness….You are here, truly here, AS Your own radiator of love, happy, silliness, bubbles, Bubba….whatever word You want to use.  It makes me giggle AS I think and feel the word, “Supremes,”….and my singing silly cell bubbles come alive in THIS feeling. You sing to Your own tune AS a valued member of the Supremes..   “Stop in the Name of Love”….and put Your hands in the air and move Your body like You do not care (the Elaine Benes way in Seinfeld).   Continue reading

Serving Happiness

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Sometimes when I am writing, I will ponder and BE amazed at the way in which It IS delivered.  It becomes such free-flowing, free-formlessness, THAT I get amazed at what appears, and wonder who IS writing. :)

AS I serve happiness, my writing gathers ItSelf in THIS formlessness, in My heart space, w-here ALL electromagnetic energy IS Created and molded, and then made manifest in My physical presence.  It IS an ever-PRESENT unfolding of magnificence which IS the new normal, and I do LOVE writing from My sweet spot, and It shows. :) Continue reading

Joy of Feeling

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If You could for a moment pause YourSelf and remember a feeling THAT You had during a joy-filled experience….a feeling THAT opened up tingly, fleshy goosebumps.  A feeling so alive with electromagnetic energy THAT You felt like You could burst.  Well, THAT experience IS happening NOW, IS BEing felt NOW, w-here ALL things occur in Your multidimensional PLAYing field.  You simply bring It into Your awareness, and presto, chango, It’s here ready to BE activated into Your entire electromagnetic body.

I do love to swing….I love the feeling of my “whole” BEing in THAT swing….feeling mySelf move my body with ease, bending it back and watching my legs come up, and then letting go AS I feel the electromagnetic energy of the wind……yummy!! :)

You can open up the Infinite You’s available on Your journey and unfold Them AS They experience Their own perceptions of existence.  T-here are Infinite parallel REAL-ities…electromagnetic wavelengths of energy summoning You to experience Them.  In THIS way, Me BEing on the swing IS alive and well NOW, and awaiting my arrival into the experience, into mySelf, and I can feel her at any time I choose.  A “physical” swing IS not required, and yet, when I experience her, It feels like the physicality of It IS PRESENT. :) Continue reading

Waiting Extends Gratitude

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THIS morning I had the You-nique pleasure to wait for Amazon during their chat process. It’s so fascinating THAT in the last month or so, my Amazon orders have changed their way of delivery to extend a way of BEing to Me during the process…how do You want to BE during Your own evolution of change?  It’s been quite deLIGHTful, quite delicious, AS what used to send me into a tail spin IS now welcomed AS I get to BE alive, BE Conscious, in my “feeling” of awareness right NOW.

So during the Amazon chat with Joe, t-here was a “waiting” period, and during THIS waiting period, he apologized for the wait.  I, on the other end AS the receiver, was so elated with the waiting period because I opened up a portal of gratitude for Amazon and ALL Its team.     Continue reading