Floatation Device

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AS You are the shifting denominator, the shifting commander…..commanding Your shift…..You can utilize any”thing” You want on Your journey to assist You….Your personal assistant at Your service. :)  You may REAL-EYES at any moment in which You are aware, and want a different state of BEing, a different state of Presence, You can easily access Your shift.  Shifting IS what You are…..a gazillion times per second….and thus, You get to BE the greater corresponding shift……the expansive You, the bigger You….if You choose. :)

Right now a contractor IS installing an additional window in our home, and It’s an interesting observation in my shifting prowess.  T-here are many things….”Oh, the window can’t go w-here You wanted It.  Did You call the electrician?”….which the contractor has mentioned about changes THAT need to BE made in order for more light to BE REAL-EYESed….and my husband IS not available…..THIS IS for my electromagnetic orbit….by invitation only. :)   Continue reading

Vibrationally Sound

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You do not have to speak to make Your sound for You are vibrationally sound simply by BEing here now.  Your natural origins of unconditional love sounds off for You.  You simply radiate so THAT every”ONE” and every”thing” can hear You on a multidimensional level….They hear/here You.  :)

From a brain, a 3D perspective, You may think THAT sound carries a different connotation, and It does.  You may hear THAT You need to BE financially sound….solid in Your financial footing so THAT You are ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS protected and have sustainability AS You move forward in Your life, Your dash (-). :)  You must plan for the future and ALL the events THAT may occur….You must carry a crystal ball of predictability THAT You will BE prepared for ALL THAT comes Your way….THAT You will BE taken care of no matter what.   Continue reading

Perfect System

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T-here IS an organizing principle, a perfectly deSIGNed system, in each moment.  You are the center piece….center peace if You choose….THAT IS the core in how things, people, situations, come to fruition in Your moment.  You are perfection of the moment.

And It’s fascinating when irritation….or whatever….IS BEing felt AS You perfectly deSIGNed the emotion to BE here NOW. :) It’s the perfect “emotion reveal” event AS You can’t have It not BE in Your orbit, Your circle, BEcause It’s here….and It’s perfect.  Irritation IS perfect….how can It not BE? Continue reading

Magnetic State

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You are an electromagnetic field of resonance, and in Your natural, effortless, state, You rest in THIS awareness.  In THIS awareness, You electromagnetically state THAT which IS Your natural origins, and each moment arrives in Its full entourage of people, dialogue, situations…and ALL “others.”  :)

A few days ago, I had a message revealed through a magnet on my purse.  T-here are two magnets which come together to seal my purse together, and on one side of the purse, the fabric was breaking away…yet, the two magnets stayed together.  I asked my husband if he could repair the purse, and he said, “The magnets are so strong….even if I put glue on one side of the fabric, the magnets may be so strong THAT they’ll just pull it away again.”  Continue reading


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T-here IS a monetary matrix, a monetary fund, a monetary quantum field within You.  THIS current-see IS in Your heart center, Your auric field, of awareness….THIS IS w-here money originates and w-here You see from.  You receive every”thing” and every”ONE” via THIS center, and THIS includes money.  You do not make money with Your physical matrix….Your physical matrix can only perceive what comes through You and IS seen with Your physical eyes and Your physical construct.

The heart center has an “opening” which receives ALL THAT IS, and You radiate ALL THAT IS to Your physical world. In THIS harmonic matrix, the seeing IS operating from Its internal/eternal eyes of Creation.  From the perception of Your brain, differences in the arrangement of numbers, money amounts, IS a perfectly deSIGNed system AS THIS field of inquiry IS met with comparisons, analysis, interrogation, interpretation, judgment, hard work….THAT’s what the brain knows in an Earth experience.  If Its deSIGN IS perfect, how else can It operate? Continue reading

Your Shift Strengthens You

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I utilize a short tai chi video in the morning, and in one segment the instructor says, “THIS shift strengthens You.”  The messages THAT appear for me are deLIGHTful treasures AS They paint my REAL-ity in the moment.  :)

AS You shift from living from the brain to living from the heart, You may BE aware of much more, and yet the “much more” has ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS been t-here….It’s just THAT living in the brain will only allow You to see a pin hole of existence and THAT IS Its perfect deSIGN.

It’s like the movie, Room, w-here a boy only knows the four walls of a room….THAT’s ALL he knows of his existence, and then his existence shifts. When You shift to the heart, Your pin hole expands beyond the four walls and keeps expanding through eternity, and THAT IS Its perfect deSIGN.  Both are perfect systems of deSIGN.   Continue reading


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THIS morning I was asked by a power company to offer an opinion on a survey that the correspondence officer was intending to send out to the community in which I live.  It was fascinating to look at the survey and give an opinion from my heart center, my power center, and my opinion focused on simplicity, and It was easy to offer an opinion from THIS space of awareness.  I told her to make It easy on herself, and stay centered t-here.

When You look at the word, “efficiency,” an apartment may come to mind.  My ex-husband and I lived in an efficiency apartment when we were first married.  THIS type of apartment living made It very easy….every”thing” was at arm’s length…no need to REAL-ly look for any”thing” AS It was right t-here in plain sight….a very basic means of existence.  :) Continue reading

Electromagnetic Energy System

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When You consider THAT You are an electromagnetic energy system, effortless (less effort) heart energy, and THAT You are powered AS THIS system, You may envision YourSelf in THIS way in each moment. Thus, You are an efficient model of energy in THAT AS a magnetic force, You don’t have to “do” any”thing”….It’s ALL-READY done and You affirm THIS.  You emit THIS beautiful array of light ….and I emphasize “light-not heavy” energy AS You so-call “conduct” Your “doing.” Yet, It’s Your “whole” BEing who IS efficient AS It rests, receives and radiates ItSelf AS unconditional love.

When You think of the word, “efficient,” You may ponder THAT It IS the easiest and most direct way in order to get some”thing” or get somewhere.  Hence, You are the most direct route, and AS THIS most direct route, You simply radiate from your heart center, Your power center, Your magnetic center.  The direct route IS not outside of You. :) Continue reading

Frequency of Unconditional Love

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T-here IS an unconditional love frequency, and AS You are aware of THIS frequency, You may tune in at any time.  :)  In THIS love frequency, time does not exist in the same way our brains know It.  ALL happens now, and thus, AS You attune YourSelf to the frequency of Your New Earth, and the You who IS THAT frequency, You can shift YourSelf at any time if a “detected” frequency IS not in alignment just by BEing aware.

You are a magnetic, energetic love positioning system w-here Your tuning fork rests, receives and radiates unconditional love.  Your “whole” BEingness IS effortless, and Your only job so to speak IS to fine tune YourSelf in each moment.  :) Continue reading

Your Eyes Cannot Know Frequency

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Yesterday, while staring out the window, a thought appeared, “Your Eyes Cannot KNOW Frequency.”  It was fascinating to stay with the thought AS It illustrated the function of the physical eyes.  The physical eyes are connected to the brain and, AS THIS built-in deSIGN, their functionality consists of interpreting on the pendulum, interpreting on the pole line, what IS viewed……good/bad, up/down, right/wrong, safe/unsafe.  The eyes can only view what You see from Its true deSIGN of Its “physical” location.  They see the external, the “out there,” and act accordingly….outside, in.  Look out! :)

When You view from Your heart, It KNOWS frequency AS THIS IS the deSIGN of the heart….It KNOWS w-here You are at any given moment from Its “heart and Soul” location. It sees the truth according to Its BEingness.  When It looks out on Its world, It KNOWS ItSelf just by virtue of BEing and IS not conditioned to what It sees.  What It IS looking at IS a frequency deSIGN, an artwork of colorful disPLAY of electromagnetic energy, AS It witnesses ItSelf.  It sees from Its internal, eternal, truth.  It does not use a pendulum in order to ascertain what It sees….It simply sees without using a set of standards….inside, out…”Look at me….no poles.” Look in! :)

Two truths from which to see the world.  You ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS get to choose AS Your world turns. :)