Occupy NOW

Since You are a new person in each moment, You occupy the same space from moment to moment to moment.  Every single moment IS a new moment, and ISn’t connected to the next moment or any “other” moment, and thus, It occupies the same place the last moment occupied.  Whew…say that 10 times fast :) .

When You see a flower, and everyday You see that flower, You are approaching It from a slightly different perspective, a slightly different way, a slightly different time of BEing with THAT flower.  Thus, it IS never the same flower, IS it?  You are inner/interacting with THAT flower from the Infinite multidimensional space, Infinite parallel REAL-ities, THAT You are.   Continue reading

Internal Dialogue

When You hear YourSelf speaking in many different tongues, You may REAL-EYES THAT t-here IS a body of Collective Consciousness guiding THIS moment :) .  T-here will ALL-WAYS BE a Collective which will BE directing Your show.  Tuning and vibrating to THIS frequency IS the key to understanding what IS BEing communicated.

AS You are so-called “doing” an activity, t-here IS much more BEing translated in THAT activity then the “physicality” of THAT action.  When You pause and stop YourSelf during the middle of the activity, You may notice spaciousness surrounding the activity.  You may notice THAT the activity IS not getting You anyw-here BEcause You’re ALL-READY here :) . Continue reading

Death of a Possibility

When You encounter some”thing” or some”ONE” You’re mourning over, It’s AS if You are mourning the loss of a single possibility.  When some”ONE” dies or a possibility dies, It IS Collective Consciousness, in ALL Its Infinite mechanisms, who will go through the seemingly endless array of emotions AS You cling to THAT single possibility.

THAT experience will BE so pure in THAT It will provide You every”thing” and every”ONE” who will pop in to keep THAT possibility “single.”  Death IS simply a transFORMation, and yet when It occurs, It can feel like THAT possibility was the ONLY possibility, the idea of form, THAT could ever come into existence.  And once It IS gone, Your life can seemingly BE over AS the experience won’t allow for any other possibilities to unfold :) Continue reading

Journey to the Center of You

I recently watched the movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth.  It was fascinating how at each step, at each turn, the journey would take the characters deeper and deeper into the earth’s core.  And they dis-covered THAT t-here were worlds within worlds.

Similarly, AS You continue Your journey, and go deeper and deeper into You, You will dis-cover THAT t-here IS no end…worlds within worlds.  The center” IS only a concept, and how do You find a “concept?” Continue reading

ALL Part of the Game!

Existence can definitely have Its twists and turns….It’s the ultimate contortionist :)  It can BE fun if It’s perceived THAT way….or You can get ALL tied up in knots/nots :) .  Thus, each moment presents ItSelf for the You, the perceiver, to receive the message and respond AS You wish.

Each moment, each response, will be yet an”other” doorway opening to find YourSelf in Your whole-agram.  You PLAY games of remembering, and You PLAY games of forgetting who You REAL-ly are.  And yet, even when I say THIS, t-here IS some”thing” so pure in THIS concept of remembering and forgetting game, and no”thing” to hide from…w-here can You hide anyway? :) Continue reading

Blending REAL-ities

T-here IS no difference between who You are and what You perceive.  T-here IS no difference between the non-physical realm and the physical realm.  Thus, t-here IS a blending of the two different worlds so to speak so THAT You only experience ONE!

THIS blending IS taking place, and You are BEcoming very comfortable with the idea of ONE.  The existence of ALL worlds IS, and AS You shift REAL-ties in each moment, You may REAL-EYES THAT no REAL-ity IS more REAL than an”other.” Continue reading

Which Version IS Showing Up?

In each frame of experience, You are a different You showing up.  In each moment, t-here IS a new You THAT has never been here BEfore….It only seems/seams THIS way.  You are never the same person twice :) .

THIS IS a seamless/seemless experience of existence.  What You think happened BEfore with Your “past”…..and whatever else You want to add to Your so-called “make-up” bag of “THIS IS Who I am” THAT You carry around….You are a new person with a new perspective in each moment.   Continue reading

Floating Frequency

T-here IS a frequency THAT You are THAT insists on floating….no matter what IS presented, THIS frequency wants to bask in weightlessness.  It sees ItSelf AS THAT which IS seen…and It doesn’t want to carry weight on Its shoulders, or behind for THAT matter :) The idea of floating, the sense of floating, IS Your natural state of BEing.

You take advantage of these natural currents which run through You AS You.  The idea of floating can come into PLAY at any moment You wish It…after ALL, You are creating ALL of It. Continue reading

No Interruption

When some”thing” or some”ONE” appears in Your space, It’s BEcause It BElongs….It’s longing to BE :)  T-here IS no interruption to any”thing” AS If what IS present doesn’t have the right to exist…right here in Its present form.

No”thing” has built in meaning….scary tactics…to obliterate You.  It’s only a BElief system which carries the arsenal in order to set the stage THAT what IS in front of You will destroy You.  How can a meaning destroy You? Continue reading


Dis-orientation can BE a length of time THAT It takes You to get used to a new level of energy, a new level of awareness.  When You are confused by some”thing” or some”ONE,” You may REAL-EYES THAT THIS IS a signal for energy BEing/BEaming downloaded :)

You are BEing dis-oriented, in a sense, AS You’re aware of OLD AND NEW.  You may have looked at some”thing” or some”ONE” THAT used to bother You, and now It doesn’t…the bothering AND the not bothering are BEing made aware of each other’s existence.  You are redefining Your REAL-ity AS an extension of You, and in THIS redefining, You are are aware THAT every”thing” exists AS ALL states of matter….”matters of fact!” :)   Continue reading