BEing Productive

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It’s interesting to ponder THAT each moment IS an illustration of Your own existence….no matter what You are “doing.”  You came into THIS world without any effort whatsoever, AND yet, You may find THAT You are efforting ALL over the place.  :)

You may ponder THAT You are ALL-READY BEing productive, right here, right NOW! Thus, You may relax in THAT BEing productive IS wherever You are…wherever You are located! :) Continue reading


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Whenever time It IS, It IS time to PLAY THIS moment.  It’s Your game, and thus, You, AS Collective Consciousness, get to decide the rules, the regulations, the BEliefs, the protocol, the definitions, the duration, the PLAYers, will chocolate BE served AS a refreshment…..and yada, yada, yada! :)

Whenever It IS, It IS from a multidimensional perspective, and yet, You may glean a one dimensional experience AS well….ALL simultaneously occurring for You.  Your existence IS filled with ALL the key elements meant specifically for You….Your game, Your party and It starts NOW and will ALL-WAYS start NOW! :) Continue reading

Just A Moment Ago

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If t-here IS only NOW, then You may ponder THAT THIS IS Your aha moment….THAT ALL so-called moments are =…….> or < are allowed to BE here, and are seen through the eyes of equality.  Your waiting for some”thing” else to happen IS allowed to BE here while simultaneously seeing It from the = perspective.

The presence of time IS seen from the spaciousness perspective in THAT when looking at the past, It was only a moment ago…..doesn’t need to have the heaviness of “years” of duration.  The moment IS closer than You think….right here, right NOW, and It will ALL-WAYS BE.   Continue reading

Concern for Others

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It’s an interesting expression of existence to only concern YourSelf with Your “response” to the “others.”  THAT “others” are allowed to BE free to do and say whatever IS here.  THAT Your “whole” existence may appear to BE easier if You could give up Your determination to get “others” to see It the way You see It.

If Your “whole” existence IS simply an energy system comprised of vibrational frequencies, then ALL You are required to do IS to BE with THAT which You see.  If You could accept THAT each person gets to create his or her version of REAL-ity with the perfect deSIGNed conditions in THAT REAL-ity, then You don’t “need” to BE concerned for the “others.” Their energy system IS perfect! Continue reading

The Tug of Responsibility

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I laugh at THIS image in THAT t-here can BE any decision THAT IS a bad decision, and THAT stupidity would BE a label THAT You could give YourSelf for any reason.  From THIS perspective, ALL choices are made ALL-READY for us, and we step into the choices AS we shift parallel REAL-ities.  From each moment to moment experience, we are born into the choice, and yet, t-here are simultaneous choices BEing born into AS well.  We learn from ALL choices on a grander scale THAT could ever BE imagined, and the communication lines from ALL those choices….well, they are ecstatic with electrical magnetic energy! :)

So how does responsibility PLAY Its part?  It depends upon Your definition of responsibility, and how You want It to govern Your existence.  Each perspective will bring about Its own version of viewing the world, and the version THAT exists right now will offer Its rule of thumb for how responsibility should PLAY. Continue reading

Having FUN with the Parallel REAL-ity

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Last night AS I was driving home, I turned on a station on the radio, and Christmas music was PLAYing, and then I heard, “You are listening to North Pole radio.”  Now, I have listened to THAT particular station BEfore and haven’t heard Christmas music….and besides, It was April 15.  Death march music IS supposed to BE PLAYing to honor the date on the calendar, right? :)

Thus, t-here were aspects who weren’t quite convinced about the Christmas music…..”We can’t BE hearing Christmas music.  It’s April 15.  I can’t accept THIS!” There were many “No’s” shouting their dis-BElief in You-nison. Continue reading

But I Have to BE the Glue

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When You ponder THAT You are trying to hold some”thing” or some”ONE” together BEcause It’s Your BElief THAT It “must” BE held together…..BEcause if It ISn’t held together, You will die. You may ponder THAT Your BElief IS what IS “seemingly” holding It together….applying glue wherever You go to “control” Your world.  THIS said, It can BE a “sticky and yucky” deliberate activity to engage in.  :)  Thus, integrating the BElief may BE a consideration.

You may view Your You-niverse right now in THIS moment, and simply ponder the myriad apps of glue surrounding Your existence.  It’s AS If You have deemed YourSelf the “Glue Goddess” in THAT You are “necessary” to “save” the some”thing” or some”ONE.”  When glue IS applied, You have taken on the responsibility to not allow any”thing” or any”ONE” to BE AS They are, and thus, Your “fixation” with Your role AS “Glue Goddess” IS an appropriate one.  Continue reading

The Magic IS in the Focus

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If you perceive THAT ALL probable REAL-ities exist like grid lines…and THAT You hip hop from one to an”other” simultaneously….then You may ponder THAT the magic IS in the focus.  THIS said, whatever You perceive in Your REAL-ity IS THAT which IS, and THAT It IS also some”thing” else seemingly over t-here. :)  Oh, but how do You get YourSelf over t-here…or how do You perceive YourSelf over t-here?

If You BElieve THAT each moment IS a string of moments, so to speak, simultaneously co-existing, and THAT It’s ALL perceived NOW, then NOW IS the time for magic. Your focused attention on any”thing” will materialize It into BEing somew-here…It exists somew-here on the grid line of Your You-niverse.  You may perceive It in Your NOW REAL-ity AS physical, and You may not.  It will BE REAL-EYESed according to Your cosmic frequency deSIGN. Continue reading

I Have a Condition

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In each moment, t-here IS Infinite communication, and in the never-ending voices, t-here IS a focus of perspective in which the aspect(s) allow the perspective to BE viewed in Its entirety.  You might say THAT You have a condition upon which You are attempting to relieve YourSelf….trying to get the condition to change by engaging in ALL sorts of different acts….”If I do THIS, if I do THAT, If THAT person would change, if THAT circumstance would change”….You are the never-ending change artist! :)

Recently, my husband and I communicated with a tree cutter to trim some of our trees, and the communication has been a series of acts of trying to get the tree cutter to respond in the way THAT makes our condition go away.  Our condition was the “fact” THAT we wanted trees trimmed to make our life better, and the trees BEing the way they are were prevented us from BEing happy….I’m dying laughing AS I’m writing THIS. :) Continue reading

I AM the Destination

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If You are the destination…wherever You are IS Your destination…then You can relax in THIS awareness.  Your destination IS not a location, but rather a state of BEing, a state of awareness.  Similarly, heaven or hell can BE considered a state of BEing, a state of awareness….just depends on Your perspective from w-here You are now.

You may “think” You travel to destinations, and yet, You may ponder THAT if You are a state of BEing, You are ALL-WAYS here, there and everyw-here.  Location IS a frequency variable of Your BEingness…not outside of You….the Infinite frequencies THAT are called You. You simply shift Your awareness, and You dis-cover THAT You are in a different parallel REAL-ity w-here there are palm trees, w-here previously t-here were evergreen trees. Thus, Your travel journal will include THAT You traveled from a previous spot to Your destination…and It will BE filled with ALL the beautiful stories of how You got t-here. Continue reading