The Privilege to Say No

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AS You are every”thing” and every”ONE” simultaneously appearing in THIS You-niverse and ALL corresponding Infinite You-niverses, You are here, t-here and everywhere.  Yet, You PLAY a cord in what seemingly appears AS a physical You, and You rePRESENT YourSelf in THIS harmonic tune, and Your physicality tunes into an experience which You see ALL around You.

You show up to illustrate an aspect(s) which desires to explore some”thing” and so You tune into a frequency, dial into Your own frequency, so THAT You can explore the some”thing.”  It’s like a piece of Your Majestic nature peels off from the whole so to speak so THAT It can fully explore ItSelf…..while still staying connected to Its heart and Soul center, Its Majestic nature.  THIS said, You are Infinite aspects simultaneously here.   Continue reading

Once a Pilot, ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS a Pilot

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AS You contemplate Your New Earth, and deSIGN Your space exactly how You want It, You may BE connecting to the space in such an expansive way….ALL the messages, ALL the sounds, ALL the deliciousness of the frequency of the moment.  You are the Pilot, the Master, the Enlightened One, the Awakened One, the God, the Prophet…..however You want to interchange Your Collective name.

AS a physical BEing, You may come with many names THAT You respond to….given names, real names, nicknames, mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, grandpa, wife, husband…however You see YourSelf in the moment and call YourSelf THAT.

A pilot who pilots the plane thinks he IS in the plane, and yet, the plane serves AS a vehicle, a mechanism, of which he tunes into his assistants/assistance.  He tunes into THIS assistance and listens to It to get him to w-here he wants to go….his intended destination. If he doesn’t tune into It, he will end up going somewhere he didn’t intend… course.  The plane only serves AS a linear vehicle, but It’s not the plane THAT gets him t-here. Continue reading

Parallel Earths

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AS You ponder Your own Infiniteness… limits…..You may ponder THAT t-here are Infinite Yous conducting ThemSelves in parallel Earth REAL-ties simultaneously.  You are a frequency, a vibration, and thus, Your highest frequency conducts ItSelf and You emBODY THIS frequency, and THIS provides the physical experience THAT You feel right NOW….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS in the accurate position based on Your frequency.  And in the next moment You are a different frequency AS You become some”ONE” completely different. :)

Shifting and flickering IS some”thing” THAT IS inherent to Your true nature AS an Infinite BEing.  When You live in Your brain, You think THAT Your experience operates linearly, and THAT THIS IS ALL t-here IS to Your experience.  When You live in Your heart, You operate in a circle, and You KNOW t-here IS much more than what You are seeing….You see totality. Continue reading


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AS You are BEing Your New Earth experience, You will notice things, people, situations, and consider their relevance to You who IS NOW.  Yet, their importance will BE Your importance AS You decide, make a choice, AS to how “You” want to respond.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS about You, and thus, the relevance will BE considered AS You shift simultaneously.

Your memory will change about the thing, person, situation AS You won’t have the same database from which You have operated…..different operating system.  You operate differently NOW so ALL IS free to change AS It sees fit.  Your neural pathways, which hold onto the memory for safekeeping to utilize for Your growth at any given time in the NOW, will no longer need to save It. It just won’t BE relevant to Your experience any further…..gone IS “until further notice.” :) Continue reading

Joy IM-Plants

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When You are here, You are IM-planted…I AM PLANTED…with ALL THAT IS, and thus, You are every”thing” and every”ONE” You desire.  You are unlimited in Your aspects of Self so t-here are many of the ONE who came to experience life through You.  When You are aware of Your Totality, then You simply understand what life PRESENTs.

Joy IM-plants are here in THIS recognition…..even when It looks like joy IS not PRESENT. AS You are the Creator of the ONE, You get to decide what It IS in THIS moment….It’s Your definition ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  You’ve ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS carried the definitions…..Your own dictionary….and NOW You simply get to BE aware THAT It was You….and no ONE else outside of You…..ALL along. Continue reading

Transmutation Power

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When You REAL-EYES You are the ONE and only, THIS multidimensional prowess assists You in REAL-EYESing THAT You and only You have the power to transmute any”ONE” and any”thing.”  In THIS loving scenario, You can identify a belief or definition THAT no longer serves Your purpose, the purpose of the ONE and only.  It/You has served Its purpose and now It’s time to lay It to rest…so You simply, from Your heart space, honor It by giving It love….thank You for Your service. :)

Recently, my niece made comments related to her service.  She mentioned THAT she has been an overly involved mom for 30 years, and THAT her youngest (she has 2 sons) has decided to move to an”other” state, and she was “feeling” the letting go with such depth of despair.  REAL-ly look at “moving to an”other” state” and have fun with Your definitions and beliefs serving You who IS NOW….NOW serving. :)

When You REAL-ly look at THIS, You may relate to holding on to some”thing” or some”ONE”….and yet, You can never REAL-ly hold on. THIS Earth experience IS a classroom w-here lessons, growth and evolution plays out so THAT You glean the information and message PRESENTed.  It IS never Yours to keep…just to learn from. :) Continue reading

The Journey Inward

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Yesterday while on a hike, a beautiful message unfolded in which It stated, “You are inside YourSelf NOW AS IS every”ONE” and every”thing” You experience.  Notice ALL the depth and intricacies within You AS You take each step. Simply notice.” It was beautiful AS I opened THIS message and received It AS my hike was experienced in such a multidimensional way.  Each step revealed an”other” dimension of mySelf….such exquisiteness. :)

Just NOW AS I’m typing and gazing out the window, an X formed in the sky…..two so-called airplanes (planes of air) intersecting at the ONE point.  Simply an”other” way in which I can view inside and KNOW such depth.  And while watching It, I’m intrigued how I am shifting a gazillion times in each second AS THAT X IS shifting across the sky….the X IS staying intact.  Continue reading

Lion’s Gate

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You are becoming what You may have reserved for when You die….Heaven, Peace, Joy, Bliss….THAT It happens somewhere else, somewhen else, but not NOW and not while You are alive. :)  You have reached a tipping point w-here the energies THAT You are aware of are assisting You in THIS endeavor, Your own evolution of NOW.

It’s not THAT t-here are “more” energies, It’s THAT You are “aware” of the energies which You have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been…You are embodying ALL of It NOW….such expansiveness in Your midst.  You are accelerating YourSelf into Your own time period of actually BEing a Master walking on Earth.  :)

Recently, I became aware of the Lion’s Gate portal, and wanted to share It with You.  This article makes total sense to me because of what I’ve been feeling and experiencing.  Years ago, I do remember reading about cycles, years of phases of events, and what we are learning through It ALL. Continue reading

Reflect to You

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When You consider THAT ALL IS a mirror, a reflection of what IS inside, then You may consider THAT You are the change maker of what You would like to see.  In thinking of a mirror, the only ONE who can see the mirror IS You….You are the common theme in Your experience.  Thus, when You want to change who You see in the mirror, You don’t bust the mirror, You change how You see YourSelf.  :)

When You change Your vibratory tone, You rest and set Your stage for change to BE reflected back to You.  You rest in peace AS Your vibratory tone carries out Its transFORMation prowess.  You can’t change the outside world because It IS a mirror, a reflective way of You looking at YourSelf….the way in which You choose to see YourSelf in ALL things.  So You simply change You by living in Your heart so THAT the heart can organize AS It sees fit…and You rest KNOWing THAT ALL IS taken care of. Continue reading

Start Fresh

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AS You are the Infinite, You decide in each moment which version You intend to BE….just for the moment.  For in the so-called next moment, You begin anew, begin again…so to speak.  Your circular apparatus has no connection to a before or after…now-here to find a beginning when You live AS a circle so can’t connect to an after….and thus, THIS IS It.

When You REAL-ly have fun with THIS, Your idea of YourSelf gets to make the powerful decisions in how You relate to Your You-niverse, Your multiverse.  You have the privilege in starting fresh and owning Your power. :) Continue reading