Breath of Awareness

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The only thing required IS awareness……THAT’s It.  You are aware whether You REAL-EYES It or not…..You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS aware of THIS.  It’s just to what degree You are aware, and no one can REAL-ly observeTHIS, but You.

Your breath ISn’t some”thing” You have to BE aware of….It breathes for You, AS You. Similarly, You don’t need to BE aware of awareness…..It’s done for You, AS You…..It IS You.  If You are noticing physical symptoms, Your body IS BEing thrust into transFORMations AS It illustrates awareness of ALL THAT IS.  You are aware of the energy THAT has ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been here, and It may feel like multidimensional symptoms are upon You AS Your body surrenders to the awareness.   Continue reading

The Awareness of Presence

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Collective Consciousness will exist in THIS moment only, and It will reveal ItSelf in all ways/always.  You may see THAT some”thing” or some”ONE” IS repeating ItSelf, and yet, if You take a closer look at THIS event, You will see THAT It will take on an appearance of the “same” event.  And who IS looking at It THAT It appears the same AS BEfore?  It’s the phrase You will hear….”If history repeats ItSelf?  I just said THAT same thing earlier.  Did You not hear me….let me repeat mySelf?”

When each moment IS allowed ItSelf, and It never came BEfore nor will It come after, then can any”thing” appear to BE better or worse, high or low, earn or spend, repeated, apology, forgiveness?  THIS moment doesn’t look for comparisons in which to exist…..It just gets to BE without having to BE analyzed to death. :) Continue reading

It Didn’t Come BEfore

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It’s fun to PLAY a game called, “It Didn’t Come BEfore.”  In THIS game, whatever You experience in THIS moment, You simply say, “It Didn’t Come BEfore.”  Thus, You see each moment AS fresh and new AS You are fresh and new in each moment….no”thing” came BEfore so It can BE viewed with new eyes in seeing It for the first time.  If You see every”thing” AS for the first time, then what history IS t-here to draw from?  What IS the definition of history?

It’s only the degree of linear continuity THAT You see some”thing” THAT so called “happened,” which perpetuates ItSelf in THAT theory so You can experience ALL the thoughts, BEliefs, definitions, emotions which support the theory.  When You PLAY the game, It’s like You give YourSelf “pause” to reposition Your way of BEing so THAT You can experience every”thing” for the first time.  It’s like a subtle shock collar. :) Continue reading

What Does Rude Mean?

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It’s been interesting to ponder the word, “rude,” and have such Infinite perceptions of what It means.  Recently, I’ve been aware of the people THAT I want to interact with, and when “others” appear THAT I don’t want to interact with, I make a choice to not engage with them.  An aspect of me would have considered THAT choice AS BEing rude….”Just smile and talk and BE miserable while doing It.” :)

Just last night, my husband and I went out to dinner with some friends, and upon getting out of the car, I saw a couple THAT I had decided I didn’t want to interact with.  It was interesting for me to observe THIS AS I said hello’s AS they were seated right next to us, and at one point, they asked if they could sit with us, and I heard them, but didn’t answer them.  Yet, when I write THIS, I obviously did answer them….in a multidimensional way. Continue reading

It’s Only NOW!

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When You ponder THAT You can only perceive right NOW, You may witness THAT THIS moment IS ALL t-here IS……and It’s expansive! THIS moment incorporates ALL THAT has ever been and will ever BE, and thus, It lends ItSelf to witness the Infinite perspectives THAT can BE gleaned from THIS NOW moment.  Simultaneous awareness! :)

If ALL THAT IS exists right NOW, then what You see BEfore You IS an illustration THAT THIS IS here and also what You can’t see IS here AS well.  The NOW operates ItSelf in a way in which the unfolding and timing of the awareness of Its Infiniteness (don’t You love THAT word?) will reveal ItSelf AS It sees fit.  No”thing” can BE forced AS the force generates Its own power when It wants to BE viewed, and You glean It in Its perfect “timing” according to Your Collective Consciousness degree of willingness. Continue reading

Interrupt Me, Please!

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You may ponder THAT “interruptions” occur in Your daily activities, and You may respond or react to those interruptions AS annoyances.  You may look at the definition of “interruption” and decide to explore It.

If what IS here simply wants Your attention, then each moment may BE considered an interruption.  ALL IS an interruption to keep life simple so You don’t have to compartmentalize and divide….those moments THAT are and those THAT aren’t. :)  THIS simply requires Your attention…..”I See You”… THAT It meets and greets the energy THAT IS present, and allows the energy to unfold ItSelf in the manner THAT serves the Collective Consciousness.   Continue reading

Is It Getting Worse?

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Recently, my husband was experiencing an eye issue w-here the blood vessels were very visible.  He asked me to look at his eye and compare It to the day BEfore, and ascertain if It was getting worse.  It was very interesting to create THIS idea AS I couldn’t venture into BEfore, and thus, I didn’t know if It was worse or not…”thing” to compare It to.  I just looked in his eye and saw It.

When You think about comparisons….worse or better, good or bad….You have to enter into a phenomena called BEfore so THAT Your adventure IS valid and prove Your case. :) Thus, when You ponder the idea of some”thing” or some”ONE” getting worse, can You REAL-ly answer It in the way THAT will give credibility to Your case?  Only if You carry BEfore and after pictures….and THAT may BE a heavy load. :) Continue reading

I See You

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It’s interesting to sit with YourSelf and have a dialogue w-here every”thing” and every”ONE” IS transparent.  It’s like You can’t hide from YourSelf any longer….You just don’t want to. You want every aspect to BE seen….truly seen.  It’s not THAT You need to “know” the aspect….You just desire to see It.

In THIS recognition, You share the same energy, and thus, the energy IS allowed to have complete freedom AS the “seen” simply gets to BE and do what It wants.  BEcause It IS seen and You have authenticated value in THAT which IS seen, It doesn’t necessarily have to have a hissy fit in order to get Your attention.  It’s only when You are in the midst of having a meltdown THAT the “I See You” suggests the simple pleasures of recognition.   Continue reading

BE the Traveler

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When I travel in my car, I will sometimes see a van which has “Be the Traveler” written on the back.  THIS van can BE located at various places along my journey.  It’s interesting to ponder THAT each appearance of THIS moment simply IS, and It provides a certain curiosity to ponder, to investigate, to dis-cover, to explore.

AS You travel along Your path w-here the path actually meets You w-here You are so no need to exert any energy to go somew-here.  :) For the somew-here IS ALL-WAYS here, and You never leave It.  The appearance comes to You for Your viewing pleasure so THAT You may see YourSelf, interact with YourSelf, in a different way. Continue reading

No Agreement

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The only agreement THAT You are here to see IS THAT which You are made up of…..ALL the Collective Consciousness energy THAT You are comprised of.  T-here IS no one outside of You in which You are to attach the “agreement” contract….every”thing” IS allowed to change according to Your Collective Consciousness blueprint.  And every”thing” and every”ONE” changes AS You read THIS….except THAT which You truly are.  You shift a gazillion times per second….warp speed transFORMations in Your midst.

THIS earth experience IS deSIGNed to assist You in Your soul evolution by creating the physicality which will show You You to You. :) You are simply deSIGNed to assist ALL the aspects of You to agree in the easiest way possible….and some aspects will want to go off on a wild goose chase BEcause It’s familiar territory.  The familiar tastes so delicious!  If THIS feels enjoyable, then do It. :) Continue reading