Collective Energy

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When You perceive YourSelf, Your electromagnetic multidimensional Self, You may perceive THAT t-here IS a Collective Consciousness energy system demonstrating ItSelf AS a “WE.”  It appears THAT when channelers are communicating, They refer to ThemSelves AS “WE.”  In THIS way, the multidimensional-ness IS PRESENTed and accounted for.  Thus, when You are in each moment, t-here IS a Collective, a WE, at PLAY inter/inneracting on the behalf of You, the persona.  You are BEing channeled, and guided to join ALL of You in the frequency of light.

When You are with thoughts in the moment THAT may perhaps BE vibrating somewhere different than w-here the Collective IS, You might just ponder It, and BE curious about Its depth…and gently guide the thoughts and redirect their position.  Today, It was fun to BE in THIS state of BEing and watch mySelf transFORM the thoughts to BE the same vibration AS God, the same vibration AS my heart, the same vibration AS my Soul, the same vibration AS my Collective.  It was such a gentle wittle “WE-ness.” :) Continue reading

BEing a Clear Receiver

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You receive in each moment of Your existence, and AS a receiver, You are, in each moment, receiving the equivalent of Your own vibratory frequency….THAT which You radiate.  You, AS the persona, do not create…..”doing” does not create….BEing creates. You are the vehicle through which You receive the radiance from Your Soul, from the Universe, from ALL THAT IS.  And in Your multidimensional vehicle, ALL You are intended to “do” so to speak IS BE a CLEAR, effortless, receiver.

And t-here will BE aspects of You, who simply want to explore a belief, a definition, so THAT It can explore to Its heart’s content.  In THIS awareness, t-here IS such compassion for You, AS a receiver, to allow THIS to occur for in THIS privileged vehicle, You are Infinite, and thus, t-here will BE Infinite aspects coming together for the ONE receiver. Continue reading

I Want to Stay Here

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You are such a multidimensional BEing, and AS Your Royal BEingness, You allow YourSelf to rest in the simplicity THAT IS You.  T-here IS an expansive part of You THAT does the so-called work when You allow It in and receive It.  T-here IS ONE who organizes and orchestrates It ALL in each moment….the event called You.

I know I have witnessed the Infinite aspects of mySelf who have struggled, tried hard, worked hard, who have wanted to run, who have wanted to get outta here….anywhere but here….who just didn’t know how to BE with mySelf in relationship to people, to my experiences right here.  And It’s fascinating to BE with mySelf in THIS moment and see ALL the Selves who make up the “me,” and honor the heck out of Them. For without ALL of Them, ALL of me, I wouldn’t BE who I am NOW.  I am a culmination of my multidimensionality, and I am endless.  :)  Continue reading

The Feeling of the Heart

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T-here IS a feeling which exudes from the heart space…..sweet, tasty, delicious.  It’s like t-here IS no “other” lover THAT IS considered when You “feel” THAT sweet spot which opens up worlds THAT would otherwise stay hidden.  Through Your own awareness of each moment of w-here You are, who You are, in Your heart frequency, You can tap into the so-called “hidden,” which comes alive in Your own multidimensional frequency.

You may not BE privy to the worlds which exist in each moment because living in Your brain won’t provide access to Them.  The worlds exist…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS…and yet when You are striving, trying, having to, shoulding, They will not reveal ThemSelves because You are not ready to experience Them.  It’s a true artful deSIGN THAT You, AS Collective Consciousness, sets up for the ONE whose frequency IS ready for the experience.   Continue reading

Dimensions of Time

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My husband and I were recently in Alaska and It was fascinating to BE in dimensions of time and PLAY with It AS a PLAYful friend.  It felt like time was beckoning me to come and PLAY in a way THAT was fun.  Every time I looked at the clock, I was BEing transFORMed into a multidimensional space w-here I felt lighter….w-here the clock was actually a transFORMer of light and, thus, I was light with It….Northern Lights. :)

The frequency of Alaska allowed the portal to open up time and time again so THAT I could access mySelf in relationship to time.  THIS said, along our journey, I was dis-covering mySelf smiling and having fun with THIS adventure AS I looked at some”thing” and consider Its multidimensional time possibilities.    Continue reading

Center Peace

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When You prepare for a gathering, You may find YourSelf searching for the right centerpiece….the ONE THAT feels most pleasing for the You, who IS PRESENT.  AS You are aware of Your Infinite BEing-ness, You may REAL-EYES THAT the centerpiece changes for the ONE(s) who IS PRESENT.  You are Infinite, and thus, t-here are many of the ONE who rePRESENT You in Your full capacity, and You’ll watch how seamless THIS change appears to BE.

In each moment IS an Infinite number of You AS Collective Consciousness choosing to carry out an experience….an experience THAT IS necessary for the lessons, growth and evolution of THAT particular ONE.  I use ONE to illustrate THAT It IS a Collective, and many are joining THAT experience to aid and assist the learning.   Continue reading

Regrets Can BE Accessed Differently

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If You’ve ever pondered if You should have taken a different path, You may have fun with the idea of regrets, and BE with Them.  Regrets can BE accessed with the gateway called You so THAT You can experience Them in THIS multidimensional space called NOW.

You are living multidimensionality, and thus, You have access to ALL THAT You need.  T-here used to BE a time when I would visit These regrets….have a memory….and BE unkind to mySelf because w-here I was wasn’t w-here I wanted to BE.  So I would have a memory come in of a different path thinking THAT THAT path would have been much better.  But in REAL-ity, I don’t KNOW what “better” actually IS….I can’t define It.      Continue reading

The Interpretation of Wisdom

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The other day I had a conversation with my daughter’s father-in-law, and we were discussing our granddaughter, who IS 15 years old.  I mentioned her wisdom, and my most recent conversation with her in terms of how she navigates life with challenges…..with regards to her boyfriend breaking up with her, the birth of her younger sister and her relationship with her biological mom.

During the conversation with my granddaughter, she wanted to talk about the relationship with her biological mom, and so she said, “I don’t want to see her right now.  I love her, but I want her to mature first so we can have a “normal” conversation when I do see her.”

And my daughter’s father-in-law said, “Perhaps wisdom can only come through diversity.” AS I pondered THIS idea, I was curious about It.   Continue reading

Compassion at Heart

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When You view YourSelf with the utmost compassion in each moment, You are able to overflow THIS compassion into Your hologram.  You’re not REAL-ly overflowing so to speak….You are simply BEing compassion, and AS THIS compassion, You Radiate and Create Your You-niverse in kind. Your You-niverse can only set up love and compassion at Its center, and from THIS center You flow, You Create, AS the Ultimate Creator.

A dear friend sent me THIS message.  According to Jonathan Goldman, “Compassion is a vibration, a quality of energy. The root from which compassion grows is divine love, and that love is the deepest “substance” in the universe. It is at the base of everything that exists. Compassion understands that we are ultimately one; it is in the holding of that vibrational connection to the One that we are protected.”  You do not do for an”other” what You don’t do for/to YourSelf.  Kind = Kind. :) Continue reading

New You, New Relationships

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I was looking for a Rumi quote to assist in THIS message, and in the looking, I came across THIS Not Rumi ONE…..made me belly laugh. :)

AS the New You, New Earth, unfolds, Your relationships will undoubtedly change.  AS You change, Your relationships will beckon You to change AS well.  What used to fit will no longer fit, and It’s fascinating to observe the unfolding. Continue reading