Organized By Heart

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When You ponder and consider YourSelf AS an organizing mechanism, You may REAL-EYES THAT It IS ALL organized whether You are in the depth of organization….or not. Every”thing” and every”ONE” IS organized based on Soul considerations within Your organizational flow chart.  When You shift to Your heart and live t-here, You may envision a field in which You exist and THAT ALL of It organizes ItSelf for Your lessons, Your growth, Your evolution.  It ALL comes to You, through You, for You.  You don’t need to go out and get It…It arrives. :)

Your heart IS the leader, and AS You listen to THIS leader share subtle and soft instructions, You may REAL-EYES THAT no effort IS required.  Analyzing, comparing, judging requires effort, and thus, when You are aware of THIS, You can shift to Your heart w-here lazy river IS the order for the day……just float and relax and let It unfold for You. :) Continue reading

Light of Your Heart

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It appears THAT Your journey of life IS a symbolic ONE, an internal/eternal ONE, in which You are journeying to dis-cover Your way back home….in the light of Your heart.  I believe THIS IS what the message of Jesus was….It wasn’t to find him.  It was to find Your own lamp, Your own light, in Your eternal heart which radiates unconditional love.  Yet, in THIS delicious Earth experience, You encounter ALL sorts of different perspectives along Your way.

You don’t know w-here You are going or why You are going because, in Your brain, You think THAT ALL the experiences in each moment are meant to get You somewhere “out there” even though You don’t know w-here THAT somewhere IS.   And You are going to try over and over….and over again….to find It.  In addition, You are meant to BE afraid of the “out there” AS fear IS delivered to You over and over….and over again…..such courage in THIS journey. :) Continue reading

Buying into Fear

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Fear IS such an interesting idea… idea whose time comes over and over….and over again.  When You buy into fear, You buy into YourSelf….taking a grand look at what IS t-here….”I think I’ll buy me over and over…and over again…for I am worth It.”  The cost of fear IS priceless for w-here else can You go but here to get a piece of YourSelf through the idea of fear….”You want a piece of me?” :)

You are a priceless commodity with REAL-ly no price tag….Your learning, Your growth, Your evolution has no price attached….”How much do you cost?  How much are You willing to spend for a piece of you?”  The amount of time, money and energy IS priceless….spend/spin ALL You want through a gazillion lifetimes……when You consider YourSelf on such a grand scale. :)

When You listen to the news, You may buy into fear because over and over and over again, topics are PRESENTed so THAT You consider YourSelf from ALL different angles….”What if?  Let’s scramble.  Let’s protect.”   If fear IS PRESENT, acKNOWledge It and consider It…..It IS You.  :) Continue reading

You Require the Experience

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You are a multidimensional BEing, and in THIS sacred space of You, are experiences unfolding for Your lessons, Your growth, Your own evolution.  Thus, You require the experience before You….laying down Its sacredness so THAT You can grow w-here You are planted…..right here, right NOW.  Whatever the experience IS what IS required for the multidimensional You…let It speak to You.  Let Your entire BEing hear Its You-niversal dialogue. :)

You are not just completing the tasks set forth in the experience….You are unfolding YourSelf to glean the experience in each moment for ALL THAT IS meant to serve It…..such magnitude of service happening if You are in Your heart space.  If You live in Your brain, You will only see the steps THAT lead You to a finished product….You won’t BE aware of any”thing” else and THAT IS true perfection.   Continue reading

ALL Volunteer Force

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When You decided to volunteer for the ALL volunteer light force, You may not have completely known what Your Earth experience would BE like….the magnitude and depth of It.  I do not remember exactly what transpired when I raised my own hand, but I venture to speculate THAT I was told THAT I would not remember who I truly am AS part of the deliciousness of the adventure…..the highs/lows, ups/downs, right/wrong…..ALL part of what a “true” adventure offers.

I’m sure I laughed at THIS notion….”How can I truly forget who I am?  How can I forget my name and w-here I came from?  ALL-RIGHT, I gotta get in on THIS.  Pick me.” :)  If some”ONE” told me…..”Tami, You won’t remember Your name, w-here You live”….I wonder how I would respond? :)

Recently, the word “volunteer” came to light, and I thought of It in terms of our Earth experience.  We are ALL volunteers here.  We came AS part of our own organization, our own organizational chart, and thus, many volunteers contribute and donate to our cause.   Continue reading

I Come in Peace

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AS You enter each moment in representation of Your entire Self, Your entire Collective, who IS entering in Your grand entrance? :)  AS Your colorful artwork displays ItSelf AS You are here, You embody such a beautiful tapestry of mastery.  You carry the gene for mastery…for t-here IS only ONE gene which “connects and unifies,” and unfolds ALL the beautiful colors which make up Your tapestry.

Right now, in my community, t-here IS a large community forum happening, and t-here are many colors of the ONE demonstrating ThemSelves…many who want to BE heard….their own beautiful expressions unfolding.  Many friends have told me THAT they intend to BE t-here, and want “others” to BE t-here AS well, AS t-here IS much to BE discussed, and they want answers to come forward AS a result.  My husband went back and forth about whether he should attend….and he decided to go.   Continue reading

Stay True

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Yesterday, during my adventure in each moment, I had the privilege of meeting a beautiful Soul at Wendy’s.  AS I was at the counter placing my order, THIS beautiful Soul said he was the cook and It was his first time at the counter taking orders, and I smiled.  I then noticed the message on his knuckles…..STAY TRUE.  His body was covered in tattoos and I could only catch a glimpse of the beautiful messages and colorful artwork on display for me….and I basked in the privilege of meeting him.

When You are aware in each moment, You are given such a beautiful multidimensional light show.  You may only BE aware of the 3D physical world….”I’m at Wendy’s having lunch,” and yet, t-here IS a multidimensional world awaiting Your arrival into YourSelf….t-here IS so much deliciousness to taste from w-here You are.   Continue reading

Your Eternal Flame

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When I sit with You and You share what IS deep inside….whatever THAT IS….and I sit while holding You, while nurturing You, I contribute to Your eternal flame AS ONE flame. T-here IS such beauty in THIS reverence, THIS sacredness, for You AS I only see Your eternal flame.

Recently, a friend was sharing what was deep inside and wanted some”ONE” to go down THAT road with her…..feel AS frustrated AS she was…..contribute to her flame of frustration.  She mentioned THAT she didn’t want me to just sit t-here and hold space for her…and then she said I would not BE the friend she needed at THAT time, and I totally understood. :) Continue reading

You Are a Focal Point

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A few nights ago, I had a dream in which a man was describing to me THAT I was a focal point in which he came to see.  It was very beautiful how he illustrated the Essence THAT I am….THAT in order for the Collective Consciousness to see the world, They require/desire me.

T-here may BE some”thing” or some”ONE” You are focused on, and yet, when You see It with Your physical eyes….the eyes of the brain….You will only see one minute aspect of the greater whole.  It IS “whole” what You are seeing, but You may not see It THIS way…focusing on THAT which needs to change.  AS you can see by the horse picture, Your grid offers so much more, and thus, expansion IS Your goal…..widen Your view…”Oh, t-here IS actually a horse, a heart and Soul, an energy system, a light, I am.” Continue reading

Waiting for Birth

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Recently, my sister was awaiting the birth of her grandson.  He was “overdue” so to speak, and so she was counting down the nano-seconds.  When her daughter-in-law finally went to the hospital, my sister thought the birth was going to BE “soon,” and thus, busied herSelf awaiting the birth.  Yet, the birth was not “soon enough”…and the busying continued.  I told my sister THAT I wished I lived closer so THAT I could take advantage of her busy-ness. :)

When You look at THIS “whole” picture, It appears THAT You await birth in each moment…..waiting for some”thing” to occur THAT ISn’t occurring now….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS waiting for some”thing” to BE born so THAT You can BE satisfied.  Because once some”thing” or some”ONE” IS born, then You can relax, right? :) Continue reading