Redefining Relative

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When You live in Your brain, You may see the word “relative” and relate It to some”ONE” in Your blood line….some”ONE” who IS related to You of which You can trace back on the line.  When You live in Your heart, every”ONE” IS relative to You AS You connect with them in Your You-niverse….t-here IS no ONE who IS not relative, not related, to You.

Thus, AS You expand into Your heart space, You may see words differently, and begin to define what appeals to You….define the “relationship” You desire.  Your heart has no attachments to the family line AS It moves in a circle encompassing every”ONE” who appears….Your Soul family.  You have a large family, and KNOWing THIS, You have to create the “space” for Your large family gatherings, Your re-unions. :) Continue reading

Your Own Reconciliation

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AS You may REAL-EYES, You are the ONE You’ve been waiting for.  Thus, You simply engage with YourSelf on a multidimensional level in each moment.  When You feel out of sorts, feel stressed, You are the ONE who IS able…has ALL the power…. to reconcile the feelings, reconcile YourSelf.

When You ponder the word “reconciliation,” It may PRESENT an idea in which You desire to create….again, anew….a “partnership” in which You focus on the partnership because It’s important to You, You are important to You.  If You look at THIS from a multidimensional viewpoint, It IS You reconciling with YourSelf, through YourSelf, by YourSelf…on a Collective Consciousness viewpoint….loving the higher-ups. :) Continue reading

Tuning into Your Frequency

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You are a certain sound…..a specific sound THAT only You can send out.  You come ALL-READY made with THIS multidimensional sound….You don’t have to remake or remix YourSelf. :)  You simply and purely BEcome aware of the frequency THAT You emBODY in THIS moment, and let It BE heard so THAT every”ONE” and every”thing” can hear Your beautiful music.

Just like TV channels and radio stations are on a specific frequency, You are similar.  You don’t have to create the TV channels or radio stations…..You simply and purely tune into the frequency of THAT channel/radio station so You can watch/listen to Your preference. Similarly, You simply and purely tune into Your frequency so THAT You can watch/listen to Your preference.  You, AS a persona, don’t create any”thing”….You tune into THAT which IS ALL-READY created….shifting a gazillion times each second to view Your creation.   Continue reading

Multidimensional Civilizations

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AS You emBODY THIS moment, You may BE experiencing a multidimensionality in which Your awareness IS expanding more and more.  In THIS way, You may REAL-EYES THAT t-here are Infinite multidimensional civilizations existing simultaneously in Your presence. AS You experience Your own civilizations simultaneously, You may BE gathering information and wisdom which further…or grow….You AS a multidimensional BEing, an electromagnetic BEing.  You look very pretty with Your radiating heart center. :)

While vacation in Jackson Hole, I had the privilege to sit with a beautiful Soul named Patty…space opened up at the breakfast table and Patty invited my husband and I to join her and her family.  AS we were talking, Patty relayed a story about a man, who had committed some “wrongs,” and in his community, the community members supported his journey.  He was free to roam in his orange jumpsuit and do community service helping the residents with yard work, etc., and the residents provided him with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  After dinner, he returned to the jail where he stayed the night, and then left the jail the next morning to continue his community service.   Continue reading

Zero Point

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When You REAL-EYES who You are and BEing THIS, You may consider THAT ALL THAT IS requires no….or teeny, tiny….effort.  When You are effortless, You are in Your REAL power.  Given THIS ancient wisdom, You emBODY the ancients’ DNA cellular structure…..flowing, circular mechanism which shifts ItSelf effortlessly.  :)

Each moment IS a zero point of opportunity….a symbolic place, a location, w-here no history IS considered because You shift in a circle.  THIS said, w-here would a circle start and w-here would It end?  The zero point IS Your own ancient history access point, and IS the place, the vibratory location, w-here ALL IS KNOWN.    Continue reading

Tectonic Plates

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I just came back from a trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, and what an adventure. :)  I was receiving….downloading….so much information, I couldn’t quite take It ALL in.  THIS said, on ONE morning, I woke up to the words…..”tectonic plates”….but didn’t fully KNOW what the words meant.  Yet, I do KNOW when some”thing” IS here, I am to simply rest and allow It to unfold ItSelf….learning has begun and ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS begins NOW. :)

On my adventure, I was BEing given a framework of how I relate to the Earth, and how the Earth IS no different than me…I am It….constantly moving/constantly shifting…without leaving here.  Thus, each step THAT I was taking I was gleaning the multidimensional depth which I emBODY, and THIS tutorial was revealing quite an expansive awareness.   Continue reading

Your Natural Release Valve

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A message has been coming through to talk about the idea of “pressure,” and in THIS way, pressure IS a natural, built-in system, and thus, It has a natural, built-in system to allow steam to BE released simultaneously. :)  You have natural abilities, and getting to KNOW YourSelf IS the only way to REAL-EYES these natural abilities.

AS You experience “pressure,” BE willing to face It, acKNOWledge It, and understand It with love.  The only way You will truly KNOW ThySelf IS to spend time with You….truly spend time with You so THAT You can ascertain what IS BEing released to You.   Continue reading

Stages of Preparation

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It appears THAT You have been in the stages of preparing YourSelf for Your own “coming.” In THIS way, You have been given wisdom through various channels of communication to illustrate what THIS means to You.  THIS preparation has been deSIGNed to provide “awareness” of what IS occurring and the part You PLAY, and It unfolds in Its own time.

You are very important to Your own “arrival” AS You have received, are receiving, Infinite messages in which to decipher the code to Your own formula of recognition.  You are the ONE You have been waiting for…and You have arrived and yet You never left. :) Continue reading

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

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T-here IS a place inside, a place w-here no troubles can find You.  For in THIS place resides the eternal resting place of God/You/Soul/ALL THAT IS.  You reside in THIS place AS You engage with ALL life, and thus, so-called perceived troubles melt like lemon drops.

When a doctor performs an autopsy, THIS soft, melting place will not BE located…..”Ahh…here IS God.”  It does not exist for the physical eyes to see, It IS only for the internal/eternal resting eyes to see.  THIS opening rests near the physical heart, but IS not physical. THIS eternal heart space IS “open and ready” to receive ALL the communication from the colorful light Sources and radiate It everywhere….over the rainbow and back.  Rest Your eyes on THIS. :) Continue reading

The Space Reserved for Naps

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You get birthed into THIS Earth experience at a time THAT IS KNOWN AS NOW. In the Soul realm, time does not exist….simply an energy frequency THAT shifts ItSelf and ALL occurs NOW…and will ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS occur NOW.  So when You come into the Earth experience, and set Your eyes on time THAT occurs in the brain, It may BE a challenge to remember THAT NOW IS the only time THAT can ever BE experienced.

When You look at a clock and judge It to BE the ultimate time keeper….”Father Time”…. You may have dialogues which focus on time…..”You don’t have enough time.  You’re taking too much time.  There will never BE enough time.  The clock IS ticking….and yada, yada, yada.”  Yet, when You REAL-ly explore the idea of time, You won’t find any”thing” or any”ONE”….no daddy here…..t-here.  :) Continue reading