Patterns of Money

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When You have thoughts about money which are joyful, happy, ecstatic, enthusiastic, playful, fun, You are in Your power grid, aligned with ALL THAT IS, the Source of Your money. You are directly connected to THAT which provides.  AS You engage YourSelf with Your flowing money patterns….flowing in and flowing out….You sew Your money patterns in seamless pathways.

Your money comes from Your internal pathways, and AS It IS Created and Received from within, It IS Created and Received “physically” so THAT You can have Your chosen experiences AS a human. When You open up ALL Your money channels, Your money pathways, and have a sense of Them, You provide for YourSelf, and directly give to YourSelf.  It’s a higher vibration of awareness in Your own evolutionary patterns. Continue reading

Between You and You

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It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS FUN to BE in the movies when They appear at 2:30 AM.  It appears THAT Collective Consciousness REAL-ly enjoys having FUN at ALL hours of the day, and wants to unload/download for Your viewing pleasure….I don’t think Collective Consciousness sleeps. :)

In the movie which appeared early THIS morning, NOW…or just a moment ago, the idea of PLAYing the game was the topic.  PLAYing a game only involves You, the physical, and You, the non-physical….the seemingly “others” appear, and yet, You are only PLAYing the game with You and You in a vibrational, frequency, sense.  You line up Your frequency to determine if You are in harmony or opposition with You….going with or against YourSelf. The game IS just between You and You….the power to choose to feel.    Continue reading

Focused Frequency

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T-here IS within You a power THAT IS so aaahhhhh-inspiring THAT You when You focus on It, It provides the means to Your moment.  It takes focus to BE aware of Your frequency of who You are w-here You are in any given moment….total focus.  Not every”ONE” IS “doing” what You’re “doing,” and THAT, in and of ItSelf, sends a very clear message of such unconditional love for Your journey.  You so enjoy the deliciousness of dis-covering.

Many things come into Your awareness so THAT You can look at Them, and BE aware of Them from the focus You are NOW.  THIS said, a few nights ago, I opened up a portal to dis-cover the movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance.  I have seen THIS movie a few times, but yet, I hadn’t seen It from the perspective I am NOW.  Thus, I was captivated by what It had to offer Me NOW….It was like a “whole, new” movie. :)  Continue reading

Going Up?

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When You ponder going up….Your internal up…..You may get the “feeling” THAT Your high rise with ALL Your higher ups IS w-here You want to live, w-here You want to stay….Your internal Heaven on Earth.  It’s Your HEIGHTened state of awareness w-here ALL IS free, free to float….up, up and away in Your beautiful balloon AS sung by the 5th Dimension. :)

THIS morning upon awakening, I was transcended to THIS article w-here It unfolded and I enjoyed Its deliciousness.  AS You envision YourSelf AS a high rise, You are a culmination of Infinite stories….a store house of things THAT You tell.  The higher up You go, the more Your stories turn into stor-ease AS You rise to the level of Your higher ups and what You tell IS LIGHTer and free-er. It’s challenging to carry heavy things up. :) Continue reading

Contributing Accelerated Efficiency

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When You are in Your heart space, You are contributing efficiency in an accelerated fashion.  THIS explosion of electromagnetic energy IS what Creates Your hologram, Your New Earth, Your Multiverse, and It does It instantly.  When You are aware THAT You are the Creator and Receiver of Your own vibrational frequency, You are able to contribute to Your world in the fashion THAT You want….You are a fashionista. :)

AS You, the human aspect of ALL THAT You are, merge into the higher or expanded frequency of ALL THAT You are, You are efficient beyond any”thing” You can imagine. When You think of some”thing” or some”ONE” THAT operates efficiently, t-here’s not a whole lot of energy THAT IS BEing expended.  Thus, It’s a prime example of “lazy river” living at Its finest.  I mean, who wants to expend a lot of energy when You can generate Your own power….effortlessly….from the comfort of Your heart space. :) Continue reading

Focused Vibration

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AS You are a focused vibration, a focal point of Infinite Collective Consciousness coming into view, You may giggle at Your natural abilities to influence things and “others.”  AS You, Your human self, merge with the ONE who Created You, and become expanded on a continuous wavelength of expansion, You OPEN up to Your Creative prowess.  From here, You Create and Receive Your own power of Creation, and expand Your You-niverse AS You go along. :)

It IS an endless practice to focus Your vibration……training and practice, shifting and tweaking.  It appears THAT THIS IS ALL You will “do” in Your golden years of awareness. Golden years does not equate to Your physical age, but rather Your Soul age.  It may appear THAT You have been at THIS for eons…..ever since Creation was Created….light years of training and practice, shifting and tweaking.  You would think You would have It down by NOW. :) Continue reading

Your HAPPY Channel

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When You tune into Your HAPPY channel, You tune inward to the expansive, non-physical part of You which LOVES to broadcast Its enthusiasm and excitement.  When a channel broadcasts, It simply shows and illustrates what IS inherent in the channel, and many, many people can tune in AS They press the desired channel.  A channel doesn’t waver from Its ideal programming because THAT IS what It IS.  It doesn’t care who tunes in….It simply shows what IS t-here….tune in or don’t tune in, It does not matter.  It’s going to broadcast Its programming schedule regardless. :)

You are THIS illustration.  When You tune into the expansive, delicious part of You, It does not matter who tunes into You or gets You….THIS IS not Your focus.  Your only focus IS to keep Your frequency tuned into Your ideal and broadcast Your enthusiasm and excitement….Your HAPPY.  Not every”ONE” will tune into You so You don’t even look at Your viewers….wonder who’s tuned into me? :) Continue reading

Catching An Other’s Perspective

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THIS week during my class, a participant mentioned THAT she was sick and, thus, she was going to sit away from the group so others didn’t catch what she had, what she envisioned herSelf to BE….”I am sick.”  I giggled when she said THIS, and then she said to me, “I KNOW You don’t believe in germs.”

I told her THAT I believe germs exist AS I believe THAT every”thing” exists in existence of ALL THAT IS.  It just happens THAT I don’t believe THAT germs will inhabit me…I don’t become the germs….and a portal of discussion was opened.

AS I contemplated THIS and had FUN with the perspective, my thoughts were having a butt-load of FUN.  If some”ONE” IS sick, can You catch Their perspective of Their sickness….IS It the perspective THAT You believe You will catch?  Can You catch an”other’s” perspective?  If You are a new person in each moment, how can You catch any”thing” from the so-called previous moment….what are You spreading? :)  Continue reading

Wait for It

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When a surfer IS surfing, t-here IS a “waiting” period in which the surfer sits and contemplates AS he ahhh-waits the wave which will bring the thrill he IS anticipating.  The surfer does not act on each wave, but rather holds steady to his own way/wave of awareness before acting.  Thus, You might say “waiting” IS a large part of his experience, and THIS expansiveness allows for his entire experience.

When You contemplate YourSelf AS a surfer in THIS illustration, You may consider ahhh-waiting Your vibrational match, Your happy feeling place, before You act….before You converse, before You write, before You “do.”  If You would like Your wave to BE thrilling…however You describe thrilling to BE….then wait for It, wait for You to feel Your ideal.

THIS said, time IS expansive and, thus, You can Create and Receive time in whatever way You choose.  In Your own evolution, You are KNOWing so much more.  In THIS way, ahhh-waiting serves You and bows to You in reverence.  :) Continue reading

Collateral Beauty

I saw a preview of THIS movie in the theaters, and I got goosebumps.  I LOVE the feeling of goosebumps….THAT electromagnetic BEingness which illustrates my own connection. AS You feel YourSelf more….the non-physical part of You….and incorporate more activities THAT are along the same wavelength, You momentize (I LOVE how You can Create Your own words) YourSelf into THIS awareness.

You have just been made aware of Your own (ownership) connection….like when You have plugged in a device into an outlet and power IS (aware of the connection of electricity, of power)……and It feels REAL-ly, REAL-ly good!  It feels good to operate the device, You, from THIS awareness.  :)

You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS connected….how can You not BE?  It’s Who brought You into THIS world, THIS Earth experience.  Yet, You, AS the physical human, haven’t ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been aware of It.  NOW, in Your own evolution, You feel YourSelf merging…feeling more non-physical attributes…AS You feel each moment of Your aliveness.   Continue reading