The Place of BEing Lost

T-here exists a place, a multi-dimensional space, w-here every”thing” and every”ONE” IS….simultaneously.  Thus, when You ponder the word, “lost,” It can BE any definition You desire It to BE as any definition exists….simultaneously. So given THIS Infinite description, “lost” simply IS…and t-here IS no”thing” on the flip side called “found” unless You say It…no flip sides necessary :)

When You’re lost in thought, lost in what You’re doing, You simply are here in Your natural curiosity of Your artistic design…traveling the landscapes of Your own REAL-ities…lost to the moment..  Lost IS spaciousness w-here raw abandon resides…the multi-dimensional space THAT IS You, THAT feeds Your Collective Consciousness.  T-here are no boundaries and no rules….just pure joy of existence in THIS moment.   Continue reading

Magnetic Force Field

You are a magnetic field of possibilities, and, thus, You utilize Your magnetic force field to align YourSelf, the totality of You, with ALL THAT IS.  Within THIS definition, You center YourSelf in the polarity of You…the polar opposites THAT re-present the totality of You. Just like a compass, You navigate Your world by aligning YourSelf with Your “true” north. THIS said, in THIS force field, You inner/interact with every”thing” and every”ONE,” which appears as people, situations, things….chocolate :) .

Your electromagnetic pulse pulls in every”thing” and every”ONE” who You have made an ethereal agreement with.  Your “true” north IS not a direction….It IS THAT feeling, THAT essence, which You “truly” are no matter what or whom has been pulled into Your holographic experience.You re-orient YourSelf to Your “truth”….how You desire to feel ALL the time….again, no matter what has been pulled in.  It’s the frequency of energy in which You operate best….the effortless flow THAT You naturally are.  It’s like You’re on a floatie in the water, floating in the essence of Your own BEing, and absorbing ALL THAT appears…and You don’t want THAT experience to ever end :) . Continue reading

Seeing the Infinite Perspectives

If I am speaking to You as a group, and You are an audience member, You will glean a perspective, and THIS supposed perspective will BE many of the ONE AS You view the perspectives from Infinite vantage points….ALL simultaneously occurring. THIS said, if I ask You to move one seat to the right, You will see an”other” perspective.  If I keep THIS pattern going, and ask You to keep moving up a row, down a row, to the left, to the right, You will experience the “physicality” of THIS process.

THIS analogy of so-called “movement” IS what You are doing in each moment, and yet, You may not REAL-EYES It.  You are simultaneously occurring perspectives ALL rolled into ONE…..You!  You are Infinite vantage points, and Collective Consciousness will provide You experiences so THAT You glean THIS message.    Continue reading

The Agreements

The agreements THAT are BEing kept are here NOW, and You may ponder THAT You are aware of them NOW!  You may REAL-EYES THAT each moment, each person, each situation, IS a kept agreement.  THIS said, You feel the desire to integrate rather than push away.  When You are feeling the idea, the sensation, of” pressure,” THIS IS an awareness of communication on Infinite levels.

When You are aware of Infinite sensations, You may BE aware THAT these agreements are of an Infinite Source…..You!  ALL agreements are not outside of You….these sacred contracts are of the ethereal realm communicating at Infinite levels of awareness.  You may BE pondering THAT You can no longer dis-associate YourSelf from the awareness…..It’s like t-here IS a guiding force showing You how to pause, communicate and integrate.   Continue reading

BEing Productive

It appears THAT “productivity” cannot BE measured against some”thing” or some”ONE” which or whom carries the “ultimate” model/standard of BEing productive.  In THIS way, the entire definition of “productivity” must BE explored in order to REAL-EYES what It IS, but You may dis-cover THAT It’s only a BElief….some ether of smoke THAT IS BEing inhaled and exhaled :) .

You are the entire multi-dimensional experience, and thus, You are the “productivity”….every”thing” and every”ONE” IS productive BEcause You are ALL of It.  It’s just THAT You may see some”ONE” and say he or she IS not BEing productive based on Your definition and, of course, Your measurement tool, which You ALL-WAYS carry with You for those “special” moments :) .  ”I’m BEing productive and she IS not so nanny, nanny boo boo!” :) Continue reading

This Moment IS a Special Occasion

THIS moment will never BE again, and It won’t lead to any “other” moment.  It knows only THIS, and thus, only IS THIS.  When You are curious to explore and simplify, You may dis-cover THAT THIS moment IS the “special” occasion You’re striving for.

When You can reduce THIS moment to Its lowest common denominator, and find THAT THIS IS validated and doesn’t need any “other” to validate Its existence…t-here’s no more energy to give off….then You may view Your existence AS the simplest Mr. Potato Head existence t-here could ever BE :) . Continue reading

The Whole Truth

AS You ponder and investigate each moment for Its wonder and splendor, You may dis-cover THAT t-here IS no inherent truth….THAT truth IS Infinite….Infinite ways to express…and each person IS the perfect expression of truth representing the Infinite.  T-here IS no “THE TRUTH” from which every”thing” and every”ONE” can BE measured against….yet, You may find in Your investigation process THAT You may fight for Your truth BEcause Your truth IS truer than some”ONE” else’s truth :) .  Whew!

Truth goes now-here  AS You define what truth IS and BElieve Your truth to BE the ONE and ONLY truth THAT exists. THIS said, AS You have probably dis-covered, some”ONE” will certainly come up with an”other” way to look at Your truth and verbalize It.  And poof…what just happened to Your truth….did You find You had to defend It?  If Your truth IS, just by Itself….no defense necessary….and You and every”ONE” You see IS the perfect expression of the Infinite array of truths THAT exists or ever will exist, then Your truth must BE able to stand on Its own merits without having to prove ItSelf more powerful.  ALL truths are equal….the = sign exists everyw-here.  THIS said, You are like Your truth and You simply exist without having to perform ALL these feats of strength to validate Your existence.  Feels relaxing, doesn’t It? Continue reading

Dreaming YourSelf Awake

You may ponder THAT t-here IS no difference between You BEing asleep or awake….It’s simply a label THAT You use to explore You in an”other” way.  When You are asleep and dreaming, You get transFORMed into Infinite images of existence…..ALL deSIGNed to illustrate You on Infinite levels of existence.  When You are awake and dreaming, You get transFORMed into Infinite images of existence….ALL deSIGNed to illustrate You on Infinite levels of existence.  THIS illustration happens in each moment…whether You are asleep or awake….It’s ALL equal existence :) .

Can you honestly say THAT You are not dreaming right now….do You know THIS for sure? What constitutes a dream state?  Perhaps BEing label-less IS transFORMing Your BElief structure THAT You held so tightly.   Continue reading

Your Present Creates Your Past

When You ponder THAT every”thing” and every”ONE” occurs now, then w-here IS the “past?”  Perhaps the “past” IS merely a concept, an idea, of some”thing” THAT occurred BEfore.  Yet, if t-here IS no BEfore, then the “past” IS only occurring now AS a label, AS an idea, in which to inject linear time…..THIS story, in ALL Its glory, happened 25 years ago….the glory story! :) .

Recently, I was getting my haircut, and during THAT experience, the “past” arose in which my dad PLAYed a part in my story.  Yet, THIS story line was different in THAT the dad, who was brought to life in THAT story, was such a gentle soul showing me how to connect with the Earth, and my body.  He was a massage therapist in the 1950′s and 60′s, and I had the privilege of creating his character how I wanted to see him in THAT moment. Thus, It was such a beautiful experience! Continue reading

Integrated System

When You are integrated with ALL t-here IS, You may BE aware THAT existence flows easily and effortlessly.  When You are “doing” an activity THAT floats Your boat, It appears to simply BE You….feels REAL-ly good…feel no separation whatsoever between You and what You are “doing!”  It tells You THAT It IS You, the “natural” You, BEcause It IS effortless.

The only time You have the appearance of struggle, the idea of struggle, IS THAT You are trying to BE someone You are not….fighting the effortless flow.  You simply look AT THIS moment, and decide what activity You want to “do”….THAT feels like It matches who You are…and then “do” It.  THIS said, t-here may BE some”thing” THAT You used to “do” and found It to BE unappealing.  However, BEcause You are a new person in THIS moment, You may have never had the “unappealing” message, and thus, You simply “do” the activity in Your flowing style :) .   Continue reading