Soulular Level

AT our very essence, we are simply free-flowin’ energy.  Thus, how can You REAL-ly describe energy?  How can You REAL-ly describe God?

AT our soul-ular level, t-here IS no form in which to label.  THIS said, It IS only ONE’s perception which labels every”thing” and every”ONE.”  When some”thing” IS experienced such AS eating a walnut, and then having a reaction to THAT walnut, You may totally look AT Your world from the perception of THAT experience…”Must look for walnuts!”  Continue reading

Awakened Souls

If You can look at every”thing” and every”ONE” AS an awakened soul coming into visibility just for Your soul evolution, It assists You in an awakened perspective.  On a similar note, I wonder if You went to a doctor for a health challenge, what You would witness if You perceived THAT the doctor was providing You with information necessary for THIS evolution.  THIS integration has “vital signs” written ALL over It :) .

No”thing” THAT You “do” IS done, IS applied, IS chosen.  It HAS ALL-READY been completed on Infinite levels.  It’s simply THAT Your Collective Consciousness brings the awareness of the some”thing” or some”ONE” so THAT It can perceive the experience on Infinite levels…..”Oh, wait, I did THIS job, and now I want to BE recognized for It.”  The parallel REAL-ities are designed to illustrate THAT You are everyw-here ALL AT once, and THAT each moment IS simply an expanded awareness.  In THIS recognition, You may REAL-EYES THAT You ALL-READY recognize YourSelf in THIS expanded FORMlessness, and thus, simply don’t require any “physical” accolades.   Continue reading

Out of Range

You know how It IS when some”ONE” IS a block away, and she wants to convey some”thing” to You, she may have to shout and shout some more and some more…and meanwhile, You may only pick up part of what she IS trying to tell You….”Huh?” Likewise, It IS the same for when Your Collective Consciousness IS trying to convey a message….It appears THAT It IS so very far away, and thus, It takes a great deal of effort to change Your location, change Your hearing mechanism so You can bring It closer to You, and tune into the message :) .

Yet, Collective Consciousness IS right here, right now, awaiting Your arrival into ItSelf. The only thing THAT will cause a shift to REAL-EYES THIS IS Your awareness.  You stay within range by noticing when You’re out of range, and You know when You’re out of range by Your NOW frequency.  You know when some”thing” hurts or doesn’t feel good. No”thing” can take You out of range…..only an appearance of FORM (thought, BElief, definition, person, situation)….and when You truly BE It for the sake of THIS moment, It gets integrated.   Continue reading

Your Collective Consciousness

Think of YourSelf, the Infinite You, AS the culmination of Collective energy which thrusts ItSelf into BEing to support Your very own Collective Consciousness.  Your world exists on multidimensional levels, multidimensional parallel REAL-ities, and FORM comes into PLAY to support ALL these levels.

T-here IS no world outside You…..It’s ALL simply a “matter” of light dancers perFORMing the PLAY of existence.  A person, a FORM, will come into Your awareness so THAT It produces Its PLAY and perFORMs Its PLAY in order for Your Collective Consciousness to glean Its message.   Continue reading

Being the New Person in Each Moment

Do You remember how It was BEing the new person whenever You moved, went to a new school, getting a new job…whatever the situation?  You had no frame of reference for THIS moment AS to what You would encounter…except the thoughts THAT made Infinite suggestions….will I make any friends? Will I know what to do?  Will I be smart enough? And the endless questions keep coming :) .

If You can look AT each moment AS the new person looking AT THIS with no frame of reference, but the thoughts THAT make suggestions, You may REAL-EYES THAT You are a new person in each moment….shifting a gazillion times per second.  According to Bashar, the “past” IS only a connected continuity of REAL-ities THAT simultaneously co-exist right now….just labeling them AS the “past” for convenience sake.   Continue reading

Recognize the Energy

Recognize THAT You are ALL-WAYS both…the light and the dark.  T-here must BE both in order for existence to BE.  Thus, when You recognize the simplicity of THIS, You will hold space for which one IS present, and wants to BE recognized.  One may BE more visible, while the other takes a back seat…..and then the back seat one may jump in the driver’s seat and BEcome more visible while the other one takes a back seat :) .  They are both present ALL-WAYS!

Thus, You want to validate whomever IS present and wants to come out and PLAY, and BE recognized to assist the collective Consciousness in Its evolutionary BEingness.  THIS said, in order for You to choose a PLAYmate, You first have to recognize the PLAYmate, and make the selection.  And You choose again and again in each moment.    Continue reading

The Activity IS the Process

You may feel THAT You’re processing each moment AS It presents ItSelf.  THIS said, I BEcame aware THAT the activity….making tea, swiffering, walking, writing THIS post, putting a puzzle together…THAT I “do” IS actually THE process.  It IS It….plain and simple.

The activity doesn’t get You anyw-here.  It simply suggests Its awareness for You to REAL-EYES THAT You are ALL-READY anyw-here.  The activity IS an illusion, and in THAT illusion IS the gift of BEing aware of YourSelf AS “FULLY” AS You can BE.

Continue reading

I’m Here with You Now!

W-here-ever You IS, You IS.  When t-here IS an emotion who IS present, then You simply can BE THAT emotion and talk to It, “I’m here with you now!”  T-here IS some”thing” so peaceful when You can say THIS to the ONE who IS present, and REAL-ly express Your sincerity.

You know how when You may BE speaking to some”ONE” and You get the feeling THAT they’re not “fully” listening, and how frustrating THAT can BE….”You never listen to me.” It’s the same principle with your feelings, emotions, thoughts and BEliefs.  They are speaking to You, and want You to fully pay attention so THAT You recognize YourSelf, Your true Self.  Yet, how many times do we ignore THAT which IS here, only to “click” or “touch” some”thing” THAT may satisfy “yearning.” Continue reading

Passing in Peace

When some”thing” or some”ONE” exists, and IS here, It can BE an awareness like no other for in THAT awareness IS the message.  It’s interesting to note THAT anger exists, and yet, who IS It THAT IS labeling It “anger?”  Even looking AT the word “anger” will evoke ALL these thoughts, BEliefs and definitions about It and why It shouldn’t BE here, who caused the anger, what he or she should do differently so THAT anger doesn’t have to BE present.  But anger IS here, and simply wants to BE noticed, recognized and Integrated AS You.

I BElieve THAT ALL things and people come in peace, and yet, t-here are aspects THAT want to solidify It so THAT the contracted form can BE explored and dis-covered, and doesn’t want to know peace just yet.  It wants to PLAY ItSelf out until such time THAT It lets go, and allows the contraction to pass in peace.  Giving birth can BE peaceful or It can BE tumultuous…which birth story do You want to tell? Continue reading


When You IS willing to explore and dis-cover Your true Self in ALL THAT You think, You may notice the perspectives change AS You watch the thought bubble expand and BE less.  You may actually BE aware THAT You IS in the thought AS Your expansiveness sees Your reflection, Your perspective, expand ItSelf.  BEing thought-less may mean THAT You IS simply watching the thought bubble from the inside out.

Sometimes we allow our thoughts to take us places THAT we may not want to go any longer.  Thus, when You can stay with the thought and focus on It…give It the attention in a different way, You give YourSelf permission to hold space for the thought…and It doesn’t take You “off” somew-here else.  It’s like holding space for a friend at a movie theater….holding space for You and Your friend to BE joined together….holding space for You and Your thought to BE joined together, and Integrated.   Continue reading