Inter/Innerdimensional Travels

Perhaps Your awareness includes a recognition of Your travels, Your shifting, a gazillion times per second.  Perhaps Your travels can perceive BEing Thing One, Thing Two, Thing Three and Yada Yada Yada simultaneously! :)

Your Collective Consciousness giggles and laughs AS It PLAYs the field of Its own BEingness.  It’s aware of ALL THAT IS AS It transcends ItSelf to show up here, and t-here, and here and t-here….and PLAYing the energy of the cosmic funk band. :) Continue reading

Same REAL-ity, Different Perceptions

T-here IS ONE REAL-ity, which IS perceived by ALL of existence in Infinite ways.  It’s the artistic design, artistic expression, THAT ONE expresses from the “whole” of REAL-ity. When the ONE expresses, It’s simply a way to view the world from the ONE standpoint, and It’s true from THAT perspective.

I can only view my world from my perspective, and then communicate THAT perspective from the “whole.”  How I view my world IS from a Collective…..shifting and sharing….AS It sees the ONE REAL-ity.  I see, I shift, I share….simultaneously.  And then the mirror IS reflected back to me with ALL THAT IS seeing, shifting and sharing….simultaneously! :)

THIS moment contains ALL the seeing You will ever see…..such a simple way to view existence…..THIS moment contains It ALL!


You Want Everything to Stay

AcKNOWledging Your multidimensional Self in ALL THAT You see simply gives You permission to have each moment stay….exactly AS It IS.  It’s like You give up the desire for any”thing” else to happen BEcause It’s ALL-READY happening AS Your multidimensional PLAYing field.  Every”thing” and every”ONE” exists NOW, and You simply immerse YourSelf in THIS.

When You view some”thing” from a linear perspective, and don’t necessarily see how It fits, Your “understanding” from a multidimensional perspective comes to the forefront and takes over.  The invisible world and the visible world float together AS ONE Conscious BEing…..bring things in to the forefront, and bring things into the background.  ALL things are represented in the spaciousness of NOW! Continue reading

Relating to Time

Whether You REAL-EYES It or not, You have a relationship with time.  THIS relationship IS cultivated over and over again, and It may BE a love/hate relationship. :)  When You relate to time in a way THAT brings Your awareness into full view, You see time….Your watch, Your clock, Your calendar, Your past, Your future……and judge It….either good or bad.  You recognize time AS Your friend or Your enemy depending upon the moment….the situation, the people, the activity.

Time IS not unlike any of Your “other” relationships….sometimes You want to BE with time and sometimes You don’t.  Sometimes You want space, and sometimes You want togetherness.   Continue reading

Let Your Subject Find You

When You photograph some”thing” or some”ONE,” You are moved to do so.  T-here IS some”thing” THAT inspires You to snap the picture.  Along these same lines, I read an article a few years ago, which IS BEing accessed now, in which the author mentioned to people who take pictures to not photograph the personality, but to go deep in the core of their BEing and photograph who they REAL-ly are.  It’s not just pointing and clicking, It’s pointing and waiting.

THIS said, the author also said to make It an adventure, and go deep into the landscape of Your own BEing with zero expectations, and let Your subject find You.  When You approach It, You will feel resonance, a sense of recognition….You will see YourSelf.  You simply sit with Your subject, and wait….wait for You to recognize YourSelf.  Then You occupy the space of the camera, and press the button.  If You felt completion in the moment, then bow and let go of the subject and Your connection to It.  If the process IS unfolding, then take more pictures until You feel THAT It IS complete. Continue reading

Nothing New

Perhaps no”thing” IS ever new….simply a new You looking at the same thing, which every”ONE” else IS looking at at the same time. Thus, It’s You who has changed….shifted into an”other” parallel REAL-ity.  It’s ONE REAL-ity BEing perceived by Infinite perceptions…the same delicious REAL-ity filled with the deliciousness of tasty-treat perceptions.

You see YourSelf AS a mirror, a reflex of REAL-ity, in which REAL-ity reflects ItSelf.  It’s a shifting of awareness in which You find YourSelf seeing with new eyes…the same thing…. looking at every”thing” simultaneously!  It’s ALL ONE thing….just BEing seen AS Infinite perspectives of REAL-ity.   Continue reading

Searching for YourSelf

Perhaps You have had the experience w-here You get on the floor and PLAY with kids or pets, and see life from their perspective.  THIS said, Infinite perspectives exist….ALL perspectives exist…and sometimes You will BE beckoned to get on the floor and experientially feel the perspectives….BE AS little children. :)

Each moment IS a fresh, new You looking at existence from the perspective of now.  You could say THAT each moment IS the search for YourSelf….every activity, every”thing” You touch, see, smell, taste….every”thing” opens up a portal in which You will take YourSelf into a path, and explore and dis-cover You from Infinite perspectives. Continue reading

100% Pure

ALL THAT You are IS ALL THAT You are, and THIS THAT includes every”thing” THAT IS….every thought, every action, every single cell, every laughable moment. :)  Thus, You could say THAT You are 100% pure AS the Divine image of ALL THAT IS.

You may read and search for labels AS You want to know the ingredients BEfore purchasing and consuming.  Yet, every”thing” IS 100% pure in THAT It exists.  Your purity IS Self contained, and thus, every”thing” THAT IS witnessed IS 100% pure AS well…You can’t see any”thing” THAT ISn’t 100% pure AS like begets like. Continue reading

The Floating Moment

When You ponder THAT each moment IS simply an illustration of how THIS moment IS ALL t-here IS, and It’s not connected to any “other” moment.  It’s never the same moment….ALL-WAYS a new moment AS the new You perceiving It…..and the moment floats by ItSelf…..without any floaties! :)

Yesterday, I was keenly aware of THIS.  I was in the hygienist chair, and she was taking those measurements of the gums…or whatever THAT activity IS, and It was BEing recorded by an”other.”  During the “vocal” measurements, the hygienist mentioned THAT 1, 2, 3′s are good…and 4, 5, 6′s….not so good.  Thus, I listened AS she called out several 1, 2, 3 and 4′s.  The me, who was listening in each moment, PLAYed a game, and counted approximately ten 4′s.   Continue reading

What IS Ego?

BEliefs are so fascinating!  In one moment, You BElieve one thing, and in the next moment, You BElieve an”other.”  When You ponder the idea of the ego and every”thing” THAT surrounds THIS BElief, perhaps the ego IS aspects of the Self, who are simply “idealizing” ThemSelves into BEing.  What IS not an aspect of the Self?

T-here can BE a definition of ego THAT says It’s separate from the REAL You, and THAT It’s a personality construct, edging God out, and yada, yada, yada! :)  THIS said, if t-here IS a BElief THAT says t-here IS no”thing” separate from You, then what definition would you give the ego?   Continue reading