Part of the Co-op

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When You consider THAT t-here are Infinite, non-physical, cooperative components ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS here supplying You with the experiences THAT You choose, You, AS a physical BEing, are part of THAT co-op.  In THIS way, t-here are non-physical cooperative components, and You, the physical cooperative components.

Thus, Your OWN-ly job IS to stay with the vibration of the non-physical which ALL-READY IS Your desire or THAT which You choose.  You become THAT which You choose automatically….It’s just THAT You, the physical, just needs to keep up with It, and You do THIS feat with Your vibration. :) Continue reading

Pushing Boundaries!

Emery Pushing Boundaries

I absolutely LOVE THIS picture of my granddaughter, Emery, who was born at 1 lb. 11 oz. I snapped THIS picture because THIS image of her set the tone for Who she was/IS AS she explores and dis-covers her world. The nurses in the hospital repeatedly said, “She IS very feisty!” AS she would repeatedly pull out her feeding tube, and It’s like she said, “I’m not having any of THIS constricting apparatus….I’m nourished more than You can imagine. And THIS blanket You have ME wrapped in…..I’m breaking out of It.” :)

Watching her grow, ME grow….I learn and expand AS Collective Consciousness through THIS Soul experience.  I LOVE THAT she came right in/on time for My OWN experience.

NOW, she IS 19 months old and still feisty….still pushing boundaries AS she wants what SHE wants when SHE wants It.  She LOVES dis-covering her world….she says hello and hi to every”thing” and every”ONE” she touches and sees.  From her perspective, It’s ALL an OPEN sign, ALL brand new… people in the stores waving to Them….singing, “My name IS Emery…I’m here to dis-cover and explore.  Let’s PLAY.”  No ONE and no”thing” should BE off limits.  How could It BE….she comes from an unlimited world? :) Continue reading

The Morning Report

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I LOVE first waking up, and experiencing the morning report while laying in bed…..experiencing the electromagnetic energy which sets the tone.  THIS morning, It was very palpable, very magnificent, and so I’m sending It out. :)

I was taken on a journey back in time…yet occurring NOW….when I made a Conscious decision to only report positive feedback when experiencing a person who serves Me.

I was the version of MySelf walking in Macy’s about 15 years ago, and a complete shift happened w-here I chose to only give positive feedback and do It on a regular basis…whether verbally or through written form.  Thus, THIS has set the tone for Me when I go to grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants….wherever people are serving Me well.  It’s like I Consciously recognize Them serving Me well….similar to the book, “Whale Done, The Power of Positive Relationships,” w-here You OWN-ly focus on the positives and reward accordingly.    Continue reading

Mooning You

Moon glow

When You REAL-ly make a choice, make a decision, THAT You can Create and Receive Your wavelength moment-ummm which absolutely excites You, and stay t-here, then You are ONE with THAT which You truly are.  THIS morning, I had some FUN via texts with my family and friends, and LOVE keeping My FUN dream alive with You.  I LOVE living on THIS wavelength….very exciting to feel the electromagnetic pulsing phase of the FULL moon on THIS wavelength of FUN. :)

Friday the 13th IS tomorrow, and to prepare YourSelf to undo the curse THIS day holds, You MUST moon someone.  I’m “officially” mooning You so now You MUST keep THIS moment-ummm going by mooning someone else, but You MUST do It within 13 seconds. Save YourSelf from the doom and gloom with the moon. :)

THIS photo was taken thru our telescope THIS morning…..please give the credit to the moon. :) Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

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Recently, my husband mentioned…”It feels weird THAT I don’t have any”thing” to worry about….It feels like I should BE looking for some”thing.”  :)  It made Me laugh AS when You live on the worry wavelength, You experience worrisome situations.  It’s fascinating to ponder THAT worry IS perfect in Its delivery system because It can’t deliver any”thing” but because It’s what was ordered, but You’re just not aware THAT You placed the order over and over and over again….a gain of worry.

Yet, when You’re “aware” THAT t-here IS a happy wavelength, You understand THAT You can shift in the moment and sing, “Hakuna Matata!”  Having said THIS, t-here appears to BE two different wavelengths, and They both have value….They must have value because They’re both inside…so You are profoundly valuable.  It’s just “awareness” THAT gives You, the physical BEing, the power to shift if You choose….Your Soul doesn’t feel worry. :) Continue reading

Worthy of E-motions

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Your physical BEing expresses ItSelf through e-motions… moving, energy spinning, energy in motion.  AS You take note of Who IS feeling in THIS moment, You give permission to the profound way You mostly feel.  In THIS way, You consider YourSelf worthy of feeling….and BEing able to shift if It IS necessary to the “whole.”  AS You are “aware”…..and “awareness” IS ALL THAT IS needed for Your journey….You can work with or move with the energy so THAT It achieves Its purpose.

For many years, I would not consider mySelf worthy to express anger.  I thought men were deemed worthy for anger, and thus, I BElieved THAT anger was very appropriate for Them.  Yet, I did have anger, but I wouldn’t allow mySelf to express It.  Thus, over time, It kept trying to get my attention until It/I burst.  I then gave mySelf permission to experience the intensity of Its message….and It was very powerful—filled with such power, the beautiful power to “feel.”

In doing so, I don’t require anger at THIS intensity because I gave It value.  When It shows up, It IS honored, and thus, It IS a little blip and I can easily move along with It and easily shift with It.  It “feels” fUn NOW.  :) Continue reading

Is There a REAL Me?

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It’s so fascinating to BE alive, REAL-ly alive, in THIS multidimensional PLAYing field called life, called existence.  When You allow YourSelf the Infinite REAL-ities to avail ThemSelves….BE avail-able…to You, through You, then You may consider so much more than Who You thought just a moment ago.  For in THAT moment lies an”other” world filled with such vastness, and then THIS moment happens w-here the world lies OPEN ready for You to embark upon It.  Then THAT moment seemingly passes and so It goes, and yet the passing IS still part of You.  And You will never BE filled to capacity for You are capacity-less.  :)

You BEcome a new person in each moment ready for the expansive nature THAT It has to offer.  You shift into a REAL-ity w-here ALL THAT IS exists so You can experience It in the fullness of Who You are, and don Your own expansiveness.  You are ever-shifting, Infinite “REAL” Me’s having an Infinite experience in the ALL-READY Created version of the Infinite REAL-ities.  You shift a gazillion times per second, and allow ALL the versions of You, ALL the aspects of You, to add to Creation.  It’s such a beautiful deSIGNed wavelength of fascination.  :)

Collective Consciousness focused a part of ItSelf AS You so THAT It could feel Its OWN expansive nature through You, and flits out ALL the versions of ItSelf….such a flitter-er. :)  Continue reading

Considering Expansion

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When You consider THAT Your Collective Consciousness decided to embark on a physical journey, and chose You AS Its running mate in THIS Earth experience, You may consider THAT each moment IS an expansion of You, the Collective.  It decided THAT a physical journey would BE ONE in which It could accessorize Its deliciousness by adding to It THAT OWNly You, the physical, could wear so beautifully.

It’s like once You have an experience under Your belt so to speak, You have expanded with THAT experience within You.  And It appears the longer You live in physical years, You have THAT much more experience within You AS Your broader, more expansive view of Your world.  Your experiences are larger than life AS They provide the richness of Your OWN existence through vibratory sensory deliciousness.  W-here else could Your Collective Consciousness go but You, the chosen ONE? Continue reading


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When You REAL-EYES THAT each moment IS Your OWN beautiful fUn creation, and U/You are the center THAT demonstrates 360 degrees and beyond of fUn, then U allow YourSelf the privilege to vibrate Your fUn center so THAT ALL the Collective can feel It.  AS U, the center, radiates and vibrates from Your vibration-ALL capacity, You bring into focus…at the forefront….ALL THAT IS on THIS wavelength. ALL THAT IS on Your wavelength comes through so THAT the experience can BE felt. :)

You, the Collective, came into THIS world AS a vibration…..It’s Your natural state of BEing…and U were chosen AS a physical BEing to focus upon.  Your experience IS BEing added to the over-ALL understanding and wisdom in THIS exploration.  The Collective chose U so THAT It could take ItSelf further in each moment, and U agreed to THIS exploration and dis-covery.  You are Infinite, and adding to Creation in THIS way seemed like chocolate chip mint ice cream . :) Continue reading

Speed of Light

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If You consider THAT You, the larger part of You AS non-physical, travels so to speak at the speed of light, would You consider THAT BEing encased in light, You are able to please YourSelf to the nth degree when You stay in Your OWN vibratory prowess of light?  It’s an easier journey when light IS considered…light feels light. :)

Your thoughts, Your emotions, Your BEliefs, Your body, are here AS part of Your physical construct. In THIS way, You, the physical, IS taking YourSelf, the physical and Collective, beyond to add flavor to Your OWN journey….THAT t-here IS a vibratory world beyond THAT which You experience.

When You consider a thought FORM, a thought wave, It IS an energy field which allows some”thing” to BE considered, and yet, It moves at the speed of light because It IS encased in light.  So in a snap nanosecond or zero second, You are deciding a direction, a flow in which to move to add to Your journey.  You can, at any time, change Your OWN direction based on Who IS considering. :) Continue reading