The Softness of Love

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T-here IS such a softness to Your existence…..such a breathing, life-giving softness.  Yet, You may not BE aware of It when You are living elsewhere. :)  When You are aware of the fragrance of THIS moment, It provides You with every”thing” and every”ONE” necessary for Your journey.  Thus, AS You smell the deliciousness of each person, thing or situation, You REAL-EYES THAT here IS w-here You are…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  Take the sniff test. :)

You know….beyond a shadow of a doubt….THAT here IS w-here You want to stay.  ALL You want to experience IS love over and over….and over again…and who or what shows up IS exactly what IS ordered so THAT You may experience THIS love….recognized or not. You came to experience It ALL, and AS the ALL IS experienced, shifting occurs a gazillion times in each second…propelling You in Its impulse to simply experience and feel It. Continue reading

Rest a While

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T-here IS an area near by w-here I live THAT IS called Rest a While, and I love pondering Its message.  When my heart IS speaking, I can hear It say, Rest a While.  In the last few days, I have been prompted to stop what I’m doing and rest.  Today, I was prompted to sit down on the bathroom floor and close my eyes and rest.  I have no idea of the time frame in which I will BE resting, and It does not matter.  My heart and soul calls me and so I simply surrender to the rest.

It’s interesting to ponder rest stops on the highway and Its message for weary travelers. Perhaps Its deSIGN was intended to assist us in taking rest breaks throughout the day on our journey…..THAT we will never BE done, never get t-here, so why not rest.  You may have experienced some times feeling like You’ve been traveling for a gazillion light years….tired and worn out…..and yet, You haven’t left home. :) Continue reading

The Storyteller

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T-here IS such a perfume of Essence THAT unfolds AS You “listen” to a storyteller. When You have been privileged to “hear” a story in Your own private setting, Your own private world, You may have “felt” the intrigue of the story…..drama, sadness, scary, curiosity, humor. For what would You have created a storyteller for if You could not “feel” what he or she was telling, right?

When You have been privileged to hear a story in school when You were a child, It was a time when You would gather around the storyteller and BE quiet….It was sacred time. Similarly, It’s the same AS an adult, You gather around the storyteller and BE quiet….such privilege in THIS activity.  Continue reading

What Are You Radiating?

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When You live in the heart, You become aware of the way THAT You are inner/interacting with every”thing” and every”ONE.”  Thus, Your inner radiation awareness will BE a fun way to perceive Your moment experience.  When You radiate THAT which You are, t-here are sun rays/heat rays THAT flow outwardly traveling and connecting with ALL THAT IS deSIGNED for Your own experience.  THIS said, You touch ALL THAT IS in such a way THAT corresponds to what You are radiating, and You affect It with Your glowing light and unconditional love….pure effortlessness.

When You live in the brain, You become aware THAT what IS “out t-here” IS affecting You….good/bad, right/wrong, earn/spend, up/down.  You are doing some”thing” in order to get some”thing” from It, and thus, You respond/react accordingly to THIS effort.  In THIS land of opposites, You may BE searching to enter combat at any given moment.  :) Continue reading

Aware of Shifts

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When You are “aware” of shifts, It becomes a state of “Hmmmm” AS You notice how You used to do some”thing” and now You are a different person aware THAT You no longer do the some”thing.”  You shift into a REAL-ity w-here You are fresh and new in each moment, and thus, Your REAL-ity mirrors You.

AS I’ve been cleaning out my closet and drawers, It’s been fascinating to BE the experience.  I’m aware THAT the “chore” IS much more expansive than just getting rid of stuff.  It’s such a You-nique privilege to witness the experience for ALL the messages culminating for my entire BEing….such an explosion of energy…..touching, tasting, listening, giggling from my heart and soul….my inner awareness. Continue reading

Heart and Soul Meditation

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When I see You with my inner eyes, I’m aware of You at the highest level of existence. You PRESENT YourSelf with such radiance THAT overflows with pure unconditional love.  I see You AS a soul, who decided to come here to learn, to grow.  I have such compassion for Your decision, and It’s only through Your physicality THAT I’m able to see You. You, AS a persona, have embodied ALL so THAT Your soul can experience ALL of It.  If I see You from my brain, I only see Your persona.  If I see You from my heart, I see ALL of You.

I’m aware of me/You and w-here we both live… my heart…..such a beautiful place filled with the highest decor possible…..unconditional love! :) Continue reading

Wherever You Go, Be Love

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When unconditional love arises in You, t-here IS no”thing” like It.  It’s like You are THIS indescribable love who walks, eats, laughs, cries….lives Its life.  It’s AS if You pause while “doing” some”thing” or thinking some”thing” so THAT You can listen in to Your internal message board/chat room, and glean the loving messages.  THIS “true” love connection allows for the Infinite time stoppage so THAT You, AS a loving energy system, can reposition YourSelf to such a degree THAT love IS recognized.  And each moment IS THIS recognition. :)

You are aware of Your heart and soul and the love THAT exists inside You, and thus, You see the heart and souls of others and radiate THIS love to ALL.  Even when You’re aware THAT You’re “trying” to change some”thing,” right along side THIS IS the awareness THAT says, “Simply BE unconditional love.”   Continue reading

A Note From Your Crown

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AS I was searching for books for my granddaughter, I came upon a book, A Crown on Your Head, by Nancy Tillman.  When I looked further, the message was very beautiful…..”A Note From Your Crown.  I’m made out of magic most people can’t see (which is really quite clever if you should ask me). But if you’re ever worried and you really must know, you can tell that I’m there by the warmth of my glow.  Press your hand to the top of your head.  Feel me? Okay. Put your worries to bed.”

When I’m aware of people and their crowns AS I’m inner/interacting with them, It’s fun to see them AS a soul, and the key word IS “aware.”  I’m not ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS aware, and yet, It appears THAT awareness simply shows up….It’s effortless….requires no effort to BE aware.  I can’t force It to BE t-here….and nor would I want to.  My soul desires effortless, and thus, t-here IS no effort involved to BE aware.   Continue reading


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I recently tuned into a Nova program, and It depicted the evolution of some animals….how they change to blend into their surroundings and evade their predators….It was fascinating. When I contemplated the idea of evolution, It appears THAT every”thing” and every”ONE” IS in a constant state of evolution. When I was young, It was common for houses to have one bathroom, cars had a stick shift, bell bottoms were popular, and phones went from dial to push button….and every”thing” evolves.

When You think about Your own awareness and Its evolution, It appears THAT You are ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in a state of evolution…..Infinite awareness….aware how It’s changing…aware of Its own heart and soul.    Continue reading

Awareness IS Internal

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Awareness IS such a PLAYful entity.  It PRESENTs ItSelf when It’s ready, and Its timing simply IS.  When a message appeared, It allowed me the fullness of ItSelf to view It in Its entirety, and the message was internal….AS ALL messages are. :)

When You look at some”thing” or some”ONE” with Your physical eyes, You are not necessarily “aware” of It/him/her.  You are inner/interacting with the phenomena of the appearance, and Your physical eyes capture what You see from the perspective of Your brain.  It’s the same when You listen with Your physical ears, taste with Your physical tongue or touch with Your physical hands…..ALL brain-related, which provides how the brain interprets….good/bad, up/down, right/wrong.   Continue reading