Crossing Over

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Perhaps in the context of moving from here to t-here, “crossing over” refers to a place w-here You’re now some place different than w-here You were…..”over t-here IS not the same as here.”  Perhaps THIS label called “crossing over” simply invites You to BE aware THAT You shift and cross over to Infinite dimensions a gazillion times per second.  THAT what may be labeled AS an NDE or MDE (multidimensional experience) IS simply a shift THAT occurs, and You get to report what You observed when You “crossed over.”  You get to come back and tell some”ONE” about Your experience….and You do THIS in each moment in a multidimensional communication format! :)  Yet, t-here may BE an”other” perception.

Your shifting awareness paints a picture of You observing and reporting what You see, what You touch, what You taste, what You hear…..ALL the multisensory awarenesses are engaged so THAT the “whole” experience IS flavorful! :)  You are a new You reporting what You sense NOW….every”thing” IS ALL-WAYS occurring NOW…and thus, You simply share Your experience of what IS occurring/has occurred NOW.  You don’t leave here to go somew-here else….You so-call leave here multidimensionally AS IS each moment of existence.   Continue reading

Infinite Earth Frequency Representations

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T-here are in THIS moment Infinite number of earths in which You inhabit.  You simultaneously shift a gazillion times per second based on Your frequency AND THAT which You are needing to experience.  Thus, the earth You are experiencing right now IS the vibratory frequency THAT You are AND also REAL-EYES THAT You are a multidimensional BEing whereby You experience ALL probable REAL-ities THAT fit Your multidimensional frequency DNA pattern(s).

T-here are myriad ways to experience THIS REAL-ity AND You also REAL-EYES THAT what You see BEfore Your very eyes IS exactly the replica of Your vibrational frequency. Your mirror image IS such THAT You are in-here-ntly w-here You find YourSelf to BE AND ALL representations of THAT earth frequency appear for Your experiential pleasure. Continue reading

Traveling By Bubble

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When You think about a bubble, You may ponder Its characteristics AS It floats Its way to wherever It finds ItSelf.  Similarly, You are a bubble floating Your existence in THIS spaciousness called You.  You inhabit ALL things necessary for Your multidimensional existence…..ALL THAT pertains to You IS inhabited by You in the bubble, AS the bubble.

How can a bubble hold every”thing” for Your pleasure, and yet It does.  The bubble can change according to the FORM THAT It wants to explore.  It can be one dimension, BE flat, BE 3D, BE small, BE large, expand ItSelf, contract ItSelf…..whatever IS pleasurable will BE here.  You may not experience “pleasurable” in some instances in the way You define It, and yet, “pleasurable” IS what It IS.   Continue reading

The Moment of Dis-covery

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T-here IS a moment of dis-covery right now….t-here IS THAT which IS so damn fantastic THAT It can’t imagine BEing anyw-here else, but here!  It views existence AS a system of cosmic explosions THAT present ThemSelves AS appearances of form.  Its natural curiosity says It ALL on Its child-like face. :)

It doesn’t invent any”thing” or any”ONE” as It’s ALL-READY here in Its completed form. You, AS Collective Consciousness, simply shift Your awareness to REAL-EYES the completed form.  THIS said, yesterday, I was in the chiropractor’s office….didn’t even know I was going to BE t-here until I made the phone call on my journey in the car.  Yet, giving mySelf to the moment suggested THAT I go t-here…can’t reason with THIS moment! :) Continue reading

You Are Here!

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When You look at a sign in relationship to w-here You are, and w-here You want to go, You may contemplate THAT You are here in relationship to every”thing” and every”ONE.”  W-herever You are, You are here! Just a few minutes ago….or just NOW….our home telephone rang, and on the caller ID was my husband’s name and our home phone number AS the ONE who was calling.  I just started to laugh, and then through curiosity, decided to answer mySelf, and the voice on the phone said I had won an ALL-Inclusive trip to the Caribbean.

I’m still giggling at the experience unfolding AS BEing here rePRESENTs THAT I am the ONE calling and the ONE answering….literally talking to mySelf.  I’m everyw-here simultaneously, and choosing any form THAT will illustrate the experience of me AS the Infinite. Continue reading

Infinite Communication

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Communication IS Infinitely expansive if You allow It to BE….t-here IS so much more than meets the eye.  When You look at THIS multi-sensory awareness, You may enVISION THAT communication IS more than simply 3D….It IS 3D and every”thing” else.

Recently, my husband and I were in Home Depot looking for plants.  AS we rounded the corner, we came into an experience with an employee, who was deaf.  Now, when You look AT THIS scenario on the 3D earth surface, You may say THAT THIS employee couldn’t offer us the intended experience…and t-here were aspects THAT joined THIS evaluation. Continue reading

Mirror Images

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When You BElieve THAT every”thing” out t-here IS a mirror image of the ONE, which You are, then You may consider THAT ALL the properties engaged in the interaction can change their molecular structure in each moment.  The ever changing moment will bring about appearances, every probable property, to witness the whole-agram of existence.

If You consider THAT the molecular structure THAT You witness “out t-here” IS not to Your liking, simply change the molecular structure THAT You are.  You are every FORM imaginable….every appearance…..and thus, You create whatever IS present to inner/interact with Your whole-agram.  You shift a gazillion times per second so You change whatever t-here IS a gazillion times per second.   Continue reading

Just In Case

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Yesterday, I had lunch out at a restaurant by mySelf.  I frequently do THIS AS the moment dictates.  THIS said, I was aware of a woman, who was reading and then wrote notes in a notebook.  Here was the mirror image looking at a time when “note taking” was very important, and I BElieved You had to take notes to exist….got to have them “just in case.” It was a fascinating experience to look in the mirror! :)

Recently, my daughter and I were talking about taking “minutes” AS she attends a few meetings for her company, and then takes notes for those meetings.  When we discussed the idea of “minutes,” I laughed at how in a parallel REAL-ity, taking minutes was very important AS well.  Simultaneously, in THIS REAL-ity, It ISn’t.  My daughter mentioned THAT no one has ever asked about the prior information THAT was gleaned from ALL those notes.  She finds them to BE very laborious and not fun AT ALL, and wonders why companies still BElieve in the “minutes” standard.  She also finds THAT no one wants to volunteer to take notes….every”ONE” finds them to BE a painola! :) Continue reading

Like You Are Playing Music

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In THIS moment, AS THIS moment, t-here IS a You PLAYing Your tune, PLAYing Your music, like no one else can.  Your signature music IS not some”thing” THAT has to BE practiced….unless You think It does.  T-here may BE a You, who BElieves THAT practice IS the cornerstone of what needs to BE made perfect, what needs to BE successful. THAT BElief IS true, and simultaneously, t-here are BEliefs in which different versions of You BElieve THAT practice IS not necessary….THAT practice IS not a definition THAT IS known AS You are a new person in each moment so who IS the ONE who IS practicing?

When You PLAY Your tune in THIS moment, You are THAT which encompasses every”thing” and every”ONE.”  Your natural musician expresses the moment of existence… Its own drum, strums Its on cords.  Each moment embraces ALL the musical notes THAT could ever exist, and embodies It AS ONE musical tone.   Continue reading

So Glad You’re in THIS Moment

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I watched an interview with Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, and instantly thought of my nephew.  Thus, I BEcame THIS moment in THAT I texted my nephew, and said, “Thinking of you….just saw Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, and wanted you to know THAT THIS moment contains ALL t-here IS, and wanted You to know THAT I’m so glad You’re THIS moment with me.”  My nephew had read The Alchemist years ago, and found the words to BE inspiring.  So Paulo Coelho BEcame my nephew, and I was both of them….t-here was no separation of names, words.

In the moment, I BEcame It ALL….t-here wasn’t any”thing” I needed….just simply the awareness of the expansive moment, and ALL THAT It offered.  T-here IS an offering to simply BE the present moment in ALL Its expansive ways.  When You offer THIS moment or THIS moment offers You, You simply follow Its guidance, Its prompting, to “do” THIS without any sort of expectation of any”thing” returned for t-here IS no”thing” to BE returned….You’re ALL of It.  In the so-called next moment, You are some”ONE” totally different….the whole and complete You who needs no”thing.” Continue reading