Keep Calm

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When You wash YourSelf in calm, every”thing” and every”ONE” IS allowed to appear in whatever form IS necessary for Your evolutionary growth.  It’s ALL here for Your benefit….for Your perceptionary PLAYing field.  Thus, no”thing” and no”ONE” can BE an interruption unless t-here IS an aspect who wants to explore and dis-cover THIS interruption in detail. :)

The sense of calm serves AS the spaciousness, the backdrop, from which every”thing” and every”ONE” has permission to enter.  You may want to integrate every”thing” AS the image and likeness of You.  For who or what would not BE granted the image of Collective Consciousness?  If ALL THAT IS IS ALL THAT IS, then can t-here BE any”thing” or any”ONE” left out? Continue reading

Do You BElieve Them?

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When You hear “breaking news,” do You BElieve THAT which IS BEing said, THAT which IS occurring?  For BEliefs cast the manifestation into BEing so THAT You, AS Collective Consciousness, can glean the eternal growth from the experience.  When You dissect BEliefs, and have fun with them to see the prize inside, Your perceptions may change instantly.

Are BEliefs solid?  They sure can feel like It, but they’re energetic experiences which allow the experiencer and the experience to separate and merge together simultaneously.  The BElief in the words, the situations, the people, IS only Your mechanism of choice to look further, and explore and dis-cover the BElief which IS PRESENTing ItSelf. Continue reading

Giving YourSelf to the Experience

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T-here IS an art to giving YourSelf to the experience… ALL the multidimensional spaciousness which occurs here.  When You supposedly “give” to an”other,” You are essentially giving YourSelf the multidimensional experience of THAT activity…opening portals of exploration and dis-covery of You.  The exchange may not occur in the way THAT IS thought for each moment IS unto ItSelf, and therefore, doesn’t follow a chain of command to see w-here the “giving” leads…..unless You think It so. :)

It’s a fun way to contemplate and ponder the dialogue with the word, “giving.”  If You are willing to dissect and deLIGHT in the word, then You may perceive different perceptions simultaneously happening here.  PLAYing the game in THIS way provides a spectacular show and yet, the show never leaves here.  You are a new person in each moment perceiving here. You just get to watch the show change FORMS within the here experience….no long lines to FORM unless You like long lines. :) Continue reading

Watch Your Landscape Change

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In each moment AS the fresh and new You perceives Its present landscape, You’ll notice the changes THAT occur instantly.  Instantaneous IS the key, and each moment of perception allows the instantaneous shifting to occur AS THIS multidimensional space IS aware of ItSelf.  The completion of those changes IS ALL-READY REAL-EYESed in the whole and completion of the You who IS perceiving.  T-here IS a new You in ALL the various statuesque positions which are probable….Infinite representational images of You. No”thing” and no”ONE” IS created….only BEing aware of:)

Infinite awareness, Infinite wisdom, IS present AS all the colors of the spectrum of perception integrate ThemSelves into awareness.   Shifting awareness AS ALL the Infinite expressions THAT are probable for Your world, Your Earth experience, come to PLAY.

Watch It ALL change AS the new You shifts Your awareness to integrate and incorporate the experience of You in each moment.  Such simple pleasures in lazy river relaxation mode. :)


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Recently, I was following a car whose bumper sticker said, “Simplicity!”  I enjoy how Collective Consciousness makes Its appearance known by placing people, things, situations in full view.  For in THIS moment of Self expression IS ALL t-here IS, and It unfolds ItSelf in each moment….fresh and new.

When I’m aware THAT t-here IS only THIS moment, I experience the newness of It and don’t have to question why It’s here….”Was It Because of some”thing” THAT happened BEfore, was It some”thing” I said”….no history/no hi-story lesson needed.  I “simply” get to experience It in such a vast way THAT Its presence “simply” gets to BE here now….unknown! Continue reading

You are Here

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Wherever You find YourSelf on Your map of existence, You are here!  You are located here ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  The idea of here IS an Infinite mirage of w-here THIS IS for You are located physically and non-physically, locally and non-locally, everywhere ALL at once.  Thus, attachments to anyw-here can only BE considered illusionary for how can You BE attached to some”thing” THAT exists everyw-here ALL at once?

Enjoy the fun idea of BEing everyw-here and here at the same time.  Ponder Your existence of spaciousness of Your own blissful abyss, co-habitating AS Collective Consciousness appears in all Its various forms for Its own evolutionary pleasure. Continue reading

Dive Right In

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When You dive right into the moment, You are absorbed by the “entire” experience.  You don’t know ALL the nuances THAT exist in the moment for they are Infinite, but You do know THAT You can’t exist without the moment and the moment can’t exist without You so You are here diving right in.  Feel every”thing” and every”ONE” surrounding the experience called You.  :)

You exist and, therefore, the moment IS….hip-hopping ItSelf through the multidimensional PLAYing field of existence.  You shift a gazillion times per second, and thus, You shift and intersect with ALL the Infinite You’s, which exist simultaneously AS eternity presents ItSelf.   Continue reading

The Newness of Each Moment

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It’s so much FUN to ponder each moment! :)

Today while I was putting on my clothes, I REAL-EYESed THAT my clothing, AS It appears new in each moment, IS never worn twice.  Thus, the notion or idea of….”I’m always wearing the same thing or some”ONE” will see me wearing the same thing”….cannot happen in the newness of each moment.  If You are a new person in each moment, and THIS moment IS fresh and new, then who IS having the thought about wearing the clothing over and over and over again?  And who cares?  It would appear THAT You wear new clothing in each moment so no need to buy “new” clothes, IS t-here? :)  So fascinating!

It’s such a fascinating game BEcause It appears THAT You either think “new” in each moment and thus, nothing comes BEfore or You think THAT every”thing” IS “linear” and moves in a line…..BEfore and after….or a combination thereof.  I like PLAYing the newness of THIS moment….just fun to contemplate and ponder. :)

Continue reading

The Experience IS Necessary

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The experience IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS necessary otherwise It wouldn’t BE here.  You are necessary AS the experience unfolds ItSelf for Your evolution, and thus, each experience paints a pictorial of the message meant just for You….no one else can see Your message. :)  THIS said, Your perspective IS necessary so You are complete freedom in the deSIGN.

The meaning unfolds ItSelf in THIS moment, and You may not BE fully aware of Its Infinite message, and THAT’s the intention for the fullness of It simply beckons You to so-call “continue” to look.  AS the multi-dimensional experience, the “looking,” the awareness, will BE the multi-dimensional spaciousness….will be ebb and flow of THAT which IS.   Continue reading

Completely Free

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AS You ponder each moment in Its Infiniteness, You REAL-EYES THAT THIS expansiveness allows You to create Your world and ALL Its Infiniteness.  It truly IS Infinite, and You, and You, and You, will share Its creation in each moment.  For You are a new person in each moment, and thus, You get to say whatever THIS IS.

Many years ago, I read the book, Illusions, by Richard Bach, and he mentions THAT every”ONE” IS free to do what they want to You….completely free.  Now, what happens IS You could say THAT a person can come along and shoot You, but he or she must suffer the consequences of THAT action.  Yet, If You REAL-ly look at what he IS saying, any scenario can BE created, and THAT the consequence IS some”thing” THAT rationalizes the freedom…..”Of course, they’re free, but t-here can BE a consequence to freedom of choice.” Continue reading