Color Your Perception

Crayola Original Crayons - 120 count

When You view any”thing” or any”ONE,” You simultaneously have/are a perception of what You see, what You observe.  You color THAT perception with an Infinite array of crayons, BEliefs, definitions, filling in the space….does It BElong or doesn’t It BElong?

AS You expand Your awareness of Your view in TOTALity, Your awareness colors It for You. THIS said, You may remember THAT crayons used to BE a box of 8….THAT’s ALL THAT existed for You to choose from.  AS Your awareness expands, You REAL-EYES THAT the crayon box NOW has 120 or more choices of colors……not good, not bad….equal selections in Your NOW moment. Continue reading

Accessing More Information

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When You expand YourSelf AS non-physical while “still” BEing physical, You actually glean so-called “more” information.  It ISn’t THAT t-here IS “more” information….It’s just THAT You are “aware” of the information THAT has ALL-WAYS been available, and It IS perceived AS BEing “more.”

AS You are aware of YourSelf in each moment, It’s like You get to skip over linear frames….they’re actually not skipped AS You simply don’t require THAT linear frame AS Your frequency dictates ItSelf into BEing.  Thus, the linear frames aren’t available (not visible) to You AS part of the frequency make-up of THAT moment’s parallel REAL-ity construct. Continue reading

Ooh, Child Things Are Gonna Get Easier

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When You allow the expansiveness of You to dictate THIS moment, You may REAL-EYES THAT things are actually EZ-SCHMEZIE! :)  What may occur IS the awareness THAT a pattern has occurred, and in THAT pattern IS an element of things BEing hard.  Yet, easy and hard are only concepts, definitions, BEliefs, and THAT each moment You are a new You BEing an awareness of whatever You choose.

Each scenario simultaneously occurs, and You are choosing ALL of the above from the Infinite You’s.  You may not REAL-EYES THAT ALL choices ARE here, and THAT easy and hard are on the buffet table menu.  When You REAL-EYES THAT ALL choices are what They are, then freedom rings the bell, and You see, You witness, Them ALL. Continue reading

Chop Wood, Carry Water

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T-here IS a statement THAT says, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”  Thus, You can see the simplicity in the moment THAT It will ALL-WAYS BE an “BE” THAT with what You are “doing!”

If You can break Your existence down to each moment….THAT THIS moment IS ALL You will ever have….then You allow YourSelf to address the moment for ALL It has in store/stored up for You.  Every emotion, every thought, every”thing” IS invited to BE made aware of, and It wants You, ALL of You, to join Its celebration THAT It exists.  :) Continue reading

When It IS Noticed

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Recently, we had three workers visit our home to get an estimate on a project.  We have a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains, and 2 of the workers instantly noticed the view, and immediately said, “WOW!”  One worker asked if I was a writer, and I said yes, and he replied THAT he knows w-here I get my inspiration. :)

The worker, who hadn’t noticed the view, was totally focused on the details of the project, and thus, view or no view, no”thing” was going to come between him and the details. Then ALL of a sudden, his awareness shifted to the view, and he responded with an astounding, “W-here did THAT come from……WOW!”  His co-workers and I laughed AT his sudden dis-covery….when he was ready, he shifted his awareness to THAT It could BE made visible.  The view was ALL-WAYS t-here! :) Continue reading

My Favorite Time of Day IS Staring

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When You embrace the idea of “staring,” a “whole” New World opens up for Your enjoyment.  Today, I looked out the window and saw clouds, and decided to simply stare at them….It’s like They beckoned me to join Them.  And AS I watched, I saw change happening…..each cloud FORMation AS Its own Essence….I didn’t know w-here ONE cloud BEgan and an”other” ended….wasn’t even necessary to BE aware of THIS.  The entire sky was magical in allowing me to witness the transFORMations….I was the artist, the pallet and the canvas….ALL rolled into ONE!  And I had no idea of time…perhaps I was t-here for a 1,000 years! :)

When You integrate “staring” into Your moment, You BEcome a captive audience, Your own captive audience, for the unfolding of ALL the elements called You.  You watch YourSelf BE aware, watch YourSelf change….simply watch the parallel REAL-ity world open up Your own Essence.  T-here IS no separation in “staring” AS Your eyes and the Infinite world lock eyes in You-nison.  THIS tandem expression of ItSelf gives way to ItSelf in the monumental PLAYing field of existence. :) Continue reading

The Now Experience

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When You ponder THAT It ALL happens now….every”thing” and every”ONE” IS occurring right now….ALL situations, circumstances, story lines….then You may view the world in THIS way AND THAT way.  It’s ALL perfectly designed for Your viewing pleasure, and each moment IS accepted in THIS perfect design.

Recently, a deLIGHTful conversation unfolded to witness an NDE in a totally different LIGHT.  An NDE IS orchestrated…with a trauma story line included….so THAT the experience unfolds AS It IS designed.  You may view THAT each NDE story has a physical 3D trauma incorporated….simply a choice THAT allowed the parallel REAL-ity world to unfold by virtue of the story line.  Without the trauma, the expansive experience wouldn’t BE REAL-EYESed. Continue reading

Shifting Body Awareness

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You may ponder THAT Your body IS a parallel REAL-ity….THAT each so-called cellular component IS a parallel REAL-ity.  You may perceive THAT the body IS “whole” and “complete,” AND It IS, and You may perceive THAT each cell, each molecule, IS also “whole” and “complete” AS a parallel REAL-ity….THAT the body doesn’t exist in one 3D REAL-ity…..It exists in ALL REAL-ities.

In the ever present shifting REAL-ties called You, the body changes ItSelf by virtue of Your perception.  Thus, the body, AS Its multidimensional BEingness, simply gets to operate in accordance AS the shifting IS made aware of.  You are probably aware of different body parts in each moment.  Suddenly You are aware THAT You have to go pee…and THAT IS BEcause You, AS the so-called bladder AND ALL Its Infinite so-called components…..have shifted Your awareness for the enjoyment of peeing.  Feels good to go pee, doesn’t It? Continue reading

Money Parallel REAL-ity

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When You contemplate any”thing,” including the idea of money, You may ponder THAT money IS, and thus, You don’t “do” any”thing” to make or create money.  It simply exists in the invisible and visible parallel REAL-ties, the multidimensional space, AS You.  It appears AS ONE volume of numbers, and then dis-appears to complete ItSelf, and show ItSelf AS an”other” volume of numbers of equal proportion! You simply get to accept It in Its multidimensional BEingness if You so choose! :)

You shift Your awareness to view the multidimensional idea of money w-here You are. Each moment IS a shift to observe what You see, and yet, what You see IS Infinitely disPLAYed for THAT which IS every”thing” and every”ONE.”  In the ONE moment, You may observe some numbers, and in the next moment, the numbers change to reflect the new You looking at the monetary numbers from the new perspective.  It’s a vibrational shift, and You control the “whole” monetary system. :) Continue reading

Community of Acceptance

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When You accept every”thing” and every”ONE” THAT IS witnessed…..ALL the news events, ALL the family members, ALL the conversations, ALL THAT IS viewed…..t-here IS some”thing” THAT transforms ItSelf AS the acceptance of spaciousness.  Acceptance reaches far across Your You-niversal existence, and illustrates a “peace” THAT IS indescribable!

Your community of acceptance simply admires THAT which It sees, THAT which It thinks, and gives ItSelf to THIS acceptance.  Recently, I was getting a massage, and before the massage I was led to the “meditation” room w-here I could simply relax in a peaceful environment.  THIS said, “peaceful” IS the operative word AS It doesn’t indicate THAT things witnessed on the outside are ALL-WAYS quiet…absence of noise. :)   Continue reading