Conscious Experience

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When You perceive Consciousness, It IS such a beautiful way in which to converse in Your steady stream.  When You are “aware,” You allow the stream to flow in the direction of ALL THAT IS, ALL You are.  You BEcome Conscious of You in the frame work of ALL THAT IS.  It’s such a deLIGHTful discussion because You never get to the end of the story.

You simply take You further than You were before just a moment ago, and Your story never ends. You’ve added chapters of YourSelf to Your never-ending story by virtue of Your diverse relationships with the “others.” You just keep getting bigger and bigger, expanding further and further similarly to the story of the guy who catches the fish….the fish seems to “grow” in length and pounds, leaps and bounds, because It adds to the “juiciness.”  :) Continue reading

Exciting News

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When You have exciting news THAT You want to share, You’re just giggling like a child with excitement.  You just feel like You could burst with the electromagnetic energy THAT IS inside just waiting to pop out….”Can’t wait to get THIS out of Me.”  You LOVE tuning in to THIS breaking news. :)

When You look at Your life right now, Your life in THIS very exciting moment, THIS bundle of JOYFUL energy IS the image You hold.  Your whole body IS under the influence of BEcoming….THAT which IS unfolding and BEcoming to You…through You for the sake of Your expanding You-niverse.   Continue reading


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When You consider REAL vs. Un-REAL, I believe It’s in the eye of the beholder.  You have to define what IS REAL and what IS Un-REAL for You, and then move about Your world in You-nison with Your definitions and beliefs.  And like the picture says, It’s about the feeling.

In the United States, Donald Trump was sworn in AS our new President in January.  T-here have been many conversations AS a result, and ONE of them refers to his perspective on what IS REAL news and what IS fake news.  It’s interesting to ponder what IS REAL, and how ONE considers the REAL-ness of things, of people, of situations AS each moment unfolds.  :)

Continue reading

Serve YourSelf First

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It’s such a beautiful time in Your OWN evolution to consider YourSelf first from Your heart space, and then proceed.  When You consider Consciousness in Your moment to moment Presence AS a physical persona, You allow the invisible forces to conduct ThemSelves, and You are “aware” of THIS…and the two BEcome ONE in harmonic resonance.

For many, many years….and probably more years than many…..I thought You were supposed to serve others first…, friends, community…and sometimes Me.  No matter who called and no matter what time of day or night, I would BE available BEcause some”ONE” needed Me to listen, and I was t-here to solve the never-ending problems.  I mean, t-here has to BE problems, right? :)

In THAT awareness, I was living on a wavelength of stress, anxiety, fear AS I was constantly thinking ahead of what I needed to do next….trying to stay ahead of the game….”Who’s next?  Now serving 1,000,762!”  Yikes! Continue reading

You First

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When You make You first, then every”thing” and every”ONE” lines up on Your LOVE wavelength….LOVE You first.  Thus, when You connect with the so-called “others,” You are centered in such a LOVE for YourSelf THAT Your connection automatically IS, and the “others” automatically are.  You are first, the “others” are secondary.  It’s similar to what the airlines broadcast….give YourSelf oxygen first.  :)

You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS on a wavelength…..either in Your heart w-here Your Soul lives: LOVE, FUN, PLAY, HAPPY, DO….or in Your brain:  DOUBT, WORRY, LACK, FEAR.  So You feel Your connection first, and then proceed.  If You want to carry worry with You when You connect with an”other,” then carry It.  If You want to carry LOVE with You when You connect with an”other,” then carry It.  Just check Your bags first to see what IS inside. :) Continue reading

Vibrating, Colorful Planet

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Last night, I viewed an amazing vibrating, colorful planet through our telescope.  I do not know which planet, and yet what I observed was My OWN internal vibration coming alive through a some”thing.” I’m going to do My best to describe what I saw:  the colors of the rainbow with bright, intense purples, reds, yellows pulsing and electrifying….bursting at Its seams. The LIGHT show appeared to dance in radiance with ALL Its colors….It was absolutely beautiful. :)

It’s fascinating THAT t-here appears to BE a celestial event occurring in the sky THIS month.  I believe what You are witnessing IS Your OWN radiance streaking across the sky, moving in You-nison with ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT You are….and You’re very much aware of Your OWN radiance.  THIS said, You OWN-ly want to shine what You want to see YourSelf.  Continue reading

In the Field

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My husband has attempted on three occasions to contact a guy, and the person who answers the phone says, “He’s in the field.”  It’s funny THAT when I heard the word, “field,” I began to giggle because the field rePRESENTs a beautiful way in which the You-niverse IS constructed.  Thus, It appears every”ONE” IS in the field awaiting the perfect time in which to BE visible, and come out and PLAY for the experience. :)

My husband humorously commented THAT the guy was probably in a wheat or corn field… somew-here,….and I replied, “Probably.” :)  In Michael Talbot’s, The Holographic Universe, Michael describes the You-niverse AS a giant hologram with Matter and Consciousness inter/inner PLAYING AS ONE You-nique field.  Similarly, in the movie, The Field of Dreams, the premise IS THAT Kevin Costner’s character believes in some”thing” beyond THAT which IS visible.  And ALL the PLAYers, ALL the cooperative components, come alive on THAT Consciousness wavelength and are experienced coming through the field AS Matter.”  ALL the PLAYers hear, feel, sense, taste, touch, see IS, “COME PLAY.” :)    Continue reading

Go To Place

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You ALL have a go to place, a place w-here ALL feels right with Your world.  My go to place IS My floatie and I go t-here a lot…feeling My entire body of awareness immersed in the experience THAT feels delicious.  I can take MySelf t-here at the drop of a morsel of chocolate. :)

THIS IS the place w-here ALL solutions are complete, w-here ALL Your desires are ONE with Your Soul.  THIS IS the heart-centered place w-here ALL cooperative components come together….are ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS here….organizing ALL the particles, molding ALL the particles, to Create Your unfolding desires.  Presto-changeo……It’s ALL done.  You simply need to BE in ready mode to Receive Them, and You Receive Them via Your vibration location.  :) Continue reading

The Great Reveal

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It’s hilarious to BE looking for a picture THAT would BE aligned with the topic, and have My OWN great reveal come alive.  :)  The picture struck me AS hilarious and I love laughing so I’m revealing My OWN laughter. :)

You may BE aware THAT when expectant parents are PRESENTing their potential bundle of JOY, which IS still in the womb, they have a “reveal” party…..revealing the sex of the baby.  It’s a beautiful celebration of JOY, and every”ONE” IS excited to participate in the unveiling of the findings.

It’s FUN to explore the great reveal in Your OWN life, and dis-cover what You’re revealing in Your OWN potentiality….Your OWN bundle of JOY.  What does Your OWN great reveal mean to You, and how are You celebrating You?  I LOVE the idea of bringing It back to You, and sharing Your OWN findings.   Continue reading

So Many Choices

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When You live on a wavelength of JOY, HAPPY, FUN, EXCITEMENT…the words which are reflective of the language w-here You live….You may REAL-EYES THAT ALL the choices available reflect the wavelength….and t-here are a plethora (I LOVE THIS word) of Them. Thus, ALL choices are of the ONE choice…the ONE BEing the wavelength.

On Your journey, have You ever thought, “I’m stuck…..I have no “other” choice than to stay here BEing stuck.”  Yet, when You consider the wavelength of stuck, It won’t allow You to perceive any “other” choices…..stuck doesn’t believe in any”thing” else because then THAT would mean You’re going to leave It for some”thing” else….replace It/replace YourSelf.  You’re going to unstick YourSelf because You’re teflon….funny how THAT works, ISn’t It? :) Continue reading