Stay Here

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It’s fascinating to perceive the messages THAT appear, and BE curious here.  When You stay here, right here… matter THAT You think You might like to BE somew-here else…..You may glean the awareness THAT “here” PRESENTs.

Even in the wanting to BE somew-here else, You awaken the awareness THAT says, “You’re ALL-READY t-here/here.”  Simply allow THAT awareness to emBODY You so THAT the experience IS felt on myriad levels.  Allow It to BE here, and integrate THIS awareness.   Continue reading

Differences, No Comparison

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Recently, I was in St. Thomas and during THAT experience, I was given a gift.  While walking outside from our hotel room, I looked to my right and a bride and her bridesmaids, with huge smiles, were walking up the path dressed in their costume attire.  I looked to my left and I saw the maid, who attends to our room, dressed in her costume attire with a huge smile on her face.  The bride and bridesmaids all had their upper teeth, the maid only had one tooth showing.  The bride and bridesmaids were possibly in their 20′s, the maid was possibly in her 70′s.

I don’t know how long I stood there tuning into my landscape, but It allowed me to experience differences with no comparisons…..such a beautiful gift!  In THIS gift was a special unveiling of allowing the experience of differences to BE t-here in ALL the equal, multidimensional PLAYing field.  The left was not better than the right, just different. Needless to say, tears developed while watching THIS unfold.   Continue reading

Good Point

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I find THAT I use, “THAT’s a good point” a lot when conversing with others.  It appears THAT silence IS also a huge part of conversations….just simply listening with my heart, and not feeling like I need to express in words.

Opinions appear to BE a way of conversing in THIS multidimensional world, and yet, opinions can BE assembled AS such to provide a reason to argue, to debate, to further one’s self.  Opinions are not bad…or good….they simply are.  They simply assist the perspective with knowing It IS valued, It matters……and sharing opinions IS what You do.   Continue reading

Traveling By Bubble

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T-here IS an electromagnetic pulsating current which connects us to ALL THAT IS.  When You are in Your heart space, You connect with others in their heart space.  Each person or thing possesses a heart bubble, and merging with the bubbles takes a little bit of awareness.  THIS awareness allows the natural conduit, can-do-it, to take place in ALL realms of activity.

It appears THAT our physical bodies consist of a body, a heart and a brain.  The body has chakra points illustrated AS the spectrum of light and It utilizes these points to sense Its space.  The brain IS black and white, and provides the mechanism which You utilize to think and create thought, and process.  The heart IS knowingness and feeling, and IS a combination of these two. ALL of THIS IS resonance and frequency, and It IS different expressions of It…..different perspectives.   Continue reading

Watching Space Grow

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Every”thing” and every”ONE” exists in space, and when You can shift Your attention upon the space, THAT which You truly are, You may REAL-EYES THAT spaciousness IS required in Your evolutionary growth chart. :)

Last night, I had a dream, and in THAT dream a friend’s son, Richie, was telling me THAT he was glad to BE back, but his dad was driving him crazy with never-ending stories.  I then said to Richie, “Oh, I completely understand AS I have a family member who does the same thing.”  I then proceeded to vomit ALL over Richie with my never-ending story about my family member. Continue reading


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When You are absolutely still, You may hear THAT instantaneous tell-ALL-communication THAT IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS present.  When You slow YourSelves down enough to simply sit, just sit, You may hear things THAT You hadn’t heard BEfore.  THIS non-physical, non-local, experience arrives BEfore It begins….such a fascinating, fun time! :)

Each moment comes from the expansiveness of existence, the spaciousness w-here ALL things thrive.  In stillness, t-here can BE discomfort AS You listen to ALL the Infinite voices THAT express their commands.  Yet, when acknowledging ALL the existence t-here IS for You in these instant messages, You may perceive awareness after awareness, and the dialogue will unfold exactly AS It planned. Continue reading


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T-here comes a time when words won’t work for an experience.  Some”thing” deeper IS asking to BE perceived, and thus, using physical language may simply BE held in silence. In holding space for an experience to BE brought through allows ALL to simply cultivate and nurture the energy in the space of BEing.

In each moment, the experience IS inviting ALL to BE here, and ALL does include silence….the open space from which ALL flows.  To have open space sparks relaxation, the letting down effect of THAT which “thought” It needed to address by using physical language. Continue reading

Your Perspective IS Your Answer

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In each moment IS a moment unto ItSelf, and thus, Your perspective can change in an instant.  Your perspective IS Your guide AS It traverses ItSelf through the multidimensional PLAYing field of existence.  It needs no”thing” but awareness AS It cultivates a new way of BEing in the world with no connection to a former moment to create steps to Your new world.  No steps are needed! :)

Your perspective IS alive with communication….the greatest tell-ALL-communication THAT has ever existed or will ever exist.  Every moment THAT can possibly BE available ALL-READY IS.  You simply shift Your awareness to REAL-EYES the moment, and Your world PLAYs Its tune to the physicality THAT You see.   Continue reading

The Stranger

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If You ponder Your exploration to include THAT each moment IS fresh and new, and THAT each moment IS a stranger, then You may see THAT You arrive w-here You started and know the place for the first time.

When every”thing” and every”ONE” IS PRESENT and accounted for….simply PRESENT with no known facts of history or future, then You simply allow the space to open up to integrate the stranger components, the unknown.  When You are introduced to a stranger, You may extend Your hand to say hello, and dis-cover and explore THIS stranger by asking questions and sensing the etheric field of observation. Continue reading

Narrow Your Focus

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When You focus on here, in the Infinite ways THAT here IS expressing ItSelf, then You may ponder THAT here IS simple, here simply IS.  T-here’s a “whole” lot of some”thing” and no”thing” occurring here, AND THIS means AS You narrow Your focus THAT You are here, and simply here, then Your world can exist AS It IS….EZ-SCHMEZIE! :)

It appears to BE complicated only when You shift Your focus to some”thing” other than here.  Like the focus seemingly goes over t-here, and You run in circles over t-here.  And You wonder why You’re exhausted.     Continue reading