One Time, One Meeting

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Recently, I took my granddaughter and her boyfriend to Seattle to visit the Seattle Art Museum.  My granddaughter loves art and requested THAT we go.  Thus, I was taken on a journey, a portal of dis-covery, AS I was ALL the different perspectives of the ONE art museum.  It was fascinating to view ALL the different artworks, and BE astounded at how ONE could see his or her world in such You-nique ways.  It was wall to wall art perspectized (It’s a word). :)

When I came upon Japanese art, I noticed the sacredness of tea AS a symbol of THIS culture.  And in the tea picture was written, “One time. One meeting.”  THIS REAL-ly resonated with me AS I contemplated Its powerful message. Continue reading

Just Love Me

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T-here IS such power, such electromagnetic power, in providing presence.  AS You are learning, and ALL “others” are learning AS well, in each moment, You open up the portal of presence….Just Love Me….AS you engage with the space of awareness.  Just love the space of here, THIS…whatever IS appearing.  Whatever IS BEing learned, just love the space of learning.

Recently, I attended a celebration of life for a neighbor, and during THIS celebration, his wife, in such deep reverence for his suffering, asked him what she could do for him during his “final” hours.  He replied, “Just love me.”   Continue reading

Whack THIS

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It’s interesting to ponder when You are living in Your brain THAT You will experience deficiencies…..some”thing” THAT warns You THAT t-here IS some”thing” here with a WARNING label…..”deficiency PRESENT.”  Thus, You will attempt to correct the deficiency in the way the brain IS accustomed….the customs THAT are inherent to the brain.  What IS truly customary IS adversarial, polarized…..up/down, right/wrong, left/right, true/false.

When a doctor tells You THAT You are deficient, he or she may suggest THAT You need to take some”thing” in order to correct the deficiency, and THIS will bring You into balance. Yet, when You look deeply at THIS scenario, who IS the You THAT needs to BE brought into balance?  You are multidimensional in nature, and thus, You who? :)

Once You get THAT particular deficiency under control…if THAT IS possible….an”other” ONE will pop up because THAT IS the nature of the game created in the brain.  I believe THAT for every ONE You attempt to correct, t-here are a gazillion waiting in the wings, so to speak, for the pleasure of Your growth. :) Continue reading

Sensing the Multidimensional You

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AS You sense YourSelf in each moment, You may sense THAT You are expanded in ALL multidimensional facets of Your You-niverse.  You may sense THAT t-here are no spaces in which You are not, and thus, You can sense THIS expansion and perceive You…where previously You ventured THAT You were not. :)

ALL THAT IS is You, and perceiving THIS may not necessarily bring a physicality to THIS KNOWing.  Perceiving multidimensionality IS about internal/eternal awareness…..shifting a gazillion times in each moment in THIS “true” subtle awareness.  You travel to the depths of Your own multidimensionality…perceiving, shifting and coming out through YourSelf. :) Continue reading

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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T-here comes a time in Your evolution w-here You REAL-EYES You’re not the apprentice any longer…..You have merged with the idea THAT t-here IS a Sorcerer outside of You…some”ONE” who has ALL the tricks of the trade, so to speak…..You and the Sorcerer are ONE.

Your own wizardry IS natural….no ONE You are trying to emulate, practice becoming or follow….and thus, You materialize AS the very multidimensional space in which You find YourSelf in each moment.  You are the entire multidimensional space Infinitely conveying what IS here in THIS moment.  You float comfortably in THIS awareness AS You create Your REAL-ity AS a demonstration from Your own joy, of Your own joy….”Let t-here BE light,” and t-here IS automatic light in the same space…no separation of time.  :) Continue reading

Magnetic Service

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I love how Kryon mentions THAT he IS of magnetic service…..THIS term REAL-ly resonates with me.
It’s interesting AS You ponder electromagnetic energy AKA unconditional love, and THAT You ponder how THIS energy from the Heart and Soul IS the “true” doer, and It’s easy and effortless if we allow It to do Its job.  We simply hold every”ONE” and every”thing” in THIS space, and THIS field of invisible energy IS free…..pure freedom….to do what It was deSIGNed to do, and then we see Its powerful deSIGN in the visible… Its own time. THIS would be similar to “Let go and let God.”

Continue reading

You’re ALL-READY Magnetized

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Recently, I was in San Diego, and loved how the messages of magnetization appear….if I am aware.  Before I left, I contemplated on taking my floatie with me….some”thing” I do when we’re traveling to a beach/pool destination.  I love the idea of floating so carrying my own floatation device IS appealing. :)

THIS time, I thought about It, but didn’t end up taking It, and on our way to the airport, I mentioned to my husband THAT I forgot It…and then the thought floated away. :)  When we arrived at the resort and went to the pool, I noticed “my” floatie floating in the water….like It had a “reserved” sign on It awaiting my awareness….and I began to giggle.   Continue reading

Picture YourSelf Living Here

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When You are aware of BEing here, You may BE aware THAT You’ve ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS lived here in THIS place of electromagnetic centeredness, Your heart center.  When You transition back and forth a bit AS You live more in Your heart center, but also visit living in Your brain……New Earth/Old Earth….You may REAL-EYES THAT feeling joy IS where You have ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS lived….It feels so comfortable in Your home like You have lived here for a gazillion years.

Thus, It feels like when You visit the Old Earth… in Your brain…..You are simply a visitor, visiting some of the Old ways of BEing… if You have moved away from where You grew up and then You return home for a visit.  You visit some family members, some friends and some familiar places, but You visit them anew.  It’s only a place You want to stay for a short time and then return “home” where You live now.  :) Continue reading

Your Flowing Response

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If You are an eternal BEing, an eternal Soul, then would You consider THAT just by virtue of You BEing here, existing right here, You are virtually responding to ALL THAT IS….without saying a word? Your simplicity IS ALL-READY here AS You exist in Your Soul realm communicating and responding via Your colorful light frequency, Your vibration.

It IS Your frequency, Your vibration, Your light, which communicates with ALL THAT IS.  It IS Your own electromagnetic resonance/residence which sends out signals to every”ONE” and every”thing” magnetized to Your orbit…..sending out “posts” to ALL with a higher frequency in Your New Earth experience…at the speed of light.  :) Continue reading

Multidimensional Learning

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It appears THAT You came to learn, to grow, to evolve, and in each moment, “learning” occurs on a multidimensional level.  Having said THIS, yesterday, while shopping at Target, I was checking out and Tyler, the “new” clerk (“new” according to his name tag), had a challenge with scanning some of the items.  Thus, he called for his supervisor, and apologized to me and the person behind me, and asked for our patience.  He said he was new and he was learning.

When his supervisor came, the supervisor softly and gently spoke to Tyler and guided him through the steps of scanning, and apologized to me and the person behind me for the time It took for us to wait for Tyler’s learning to occur.  I mentioned THAT I thought Tyler was doing a great job, and THAT what I’ve come to appreciate IS THAT learning occurs in each moment.  The supervisor nodded, and said “learning IS life,” and I smiled. :) Continue reading