Peace Beyond

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Attaining peace is a phenomenon beyond our mind’s understanding.  Well, first, You can’t attain peace for it’s a state of Being and that isn’t something that can be had by the mind as in a possession and hold on to it.  The physical mind or ego is never satisfied and wants things at all costs.  It does not want peace as it believes it will die if peace is attained so You, as the ego part of You, will invent ways to destroy peace. But You are actually destroying yourself, so to speak.

A state of Being is beyond the mind, yet, the mind can be a cooperative component.  When the heart is accessed to feel the peace from its inherent state, then the mind can cooperate with the heart.  The heart begins to lead so the mind doesn’t have to work so hard.  It can rest and relax in its “current” state and electromagnetic itself into pure following, not leading.:) Continue reading

Awareness of Forms

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When You look at cloud FORMations, are You actually looking at them from presence or from a historical perspective and placing meaning on them?  It’s interesting to conceive such a thought or idea from where are You looking.  Because from where You are looking will give You Your perspective or opinion of the object.

When You aware of presence or Your breath, You are aware of a deeper place inside which doesn’t recognize the historical perspective.  “Oh, the clouds mean that rain is coming, a storm is brewing.”  Worry may be here, but it does not stay. Continue reading

The Yesses and What They Mean

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We can BE so afraid of life, afraid of making decisions and responses.  Yet, what does this REAL-ly mean? First of ALL, You have to know Your parts in order to know who is making the decision and the response of life that goes along with It.

You know how You make a decision and It seems that the decision is very easy and clear.  And You also the know the decision where there is so much back and forth in an unbalanced sort of way….”I don’t know what should I do?”  It’s like there is a part who is not clear and this is the part to get to know above ALL others. Continue reading

Balancing Act

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In life, every”ONE” is seeking some sort of balance.  Yet, You may not kNOW how to find balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This takes awareness of ALL the parts of You Who are seeking and Who are out of balance….and I do mean ALL parts of You.

For You see, there are Infinite parts, aspects or separate selves who have dis-joined the whole so that exploration can be served.  These dis-joined selves go about searching BUT they’re not fully interested in joining the whole.  Their “whole” motive is to continue to be separate.  This is a conscious decision as every”thing” and every”ONE” is consciousness making a decision. Continue reading

All Emotion is ONE Energy

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Recently, a therapist Who I am seeing, told Me when she went through her Ph.D. program that one of her professors told her that ALL emotion is neither positive or negative….It’s ONE energy.  It can only BE the human who is the deciding factor for what is and what belongs. Thus, when You consider THAT You are ONE energy which holds ALL so-called (I say so-called because You call It or label for various purposes) emotions, then ALL is considered.

You have to BE considerate of YourSelf first and this means You simply consider YourSelf the holder of ALL.  You wouldn’t have the light and dark if ALL wasn’t necessary.  You’re not trying to get rid of any”thing” because ALL things are necessary. Continue reading

Self Confidence

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When You consider Self-confidence, You consider YourSelf moving or shifting through experiences which allow You to grow YourSelf.  THIS means challenges will BE here to show You what You truly believe though these experiences.  The challenges will keep coming….they’re intended for Your growth.  THIS isn’t easy to hear, but It’s the truth.

Self-confidence IS the truth THAT in order to shift into THIS awareness, challenges are the deSIGN to assist in THIS process.  For me, I was some what aware of challenges, but, for the most part, I was addicted to the elixir of the upward vibration and THIS was My focus.  I was on a heart-based path and THIS IS where I stayed.  I thought My awareness of My heart would conquer ALL.  It did not. Continue reading

Freely Admit

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AS You are the Infinite in ALL Its radiant glory, THIS means You are ALL.  THIS said, You are the LIGHT AND DARK AS You carry YourSelf forward.  You may say THAT You leave Your past behind, but THIS can’t BE the case.  You are the past, PRESENT and future unfolding.  You are the negative/positive, up/down, right/wrong.  Yet, within these two diverse ways of looking, You are THAT which IS neutral.  You are the third eye looking.

AS You bring YourSelf here, You are the culmination of ALL THAT exists in Your REAL-ity.  Thus, You are the Consciousness expressing ItSelf in ALL the myriad forms.  You can’t have a body without Consciousness and so You are the Conscious body emanating ALL Its Re-Sources. Continue reading


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Going through My health challenge has allowed many epiphanies.  Although extremely painful, It has allowed Me to uncover and dis-cover the authentic Me….the Me, Who IS light AND dark, positive AND negative, up AND down.  I AM both, I AM ALL.

You see, I was emBODYing only the positive.  I was aware of the so-called negative, but I would only scratch the surface of It…..It was very deep, which I wasn’t fully Conscious of.  I did write about BEing both, but I wasn’t practicing BEing both….saying and BEing are two different octaves.  I used the positive AS an elixir because It felt so good and It did feel good reaching heightened states of awareness….Oh, did It feel good.   Yet, THIS IS a pattern in My life and ONE THAT I fully recognize. Continue reading

Vocational Arousal

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I have tuned into Barbara Marx Hubbard for a number of years.  She IS right in line with what I believe IS “true” painting a picture of what IS possible.  Barbara coined the phrase “vocational arousal” in that she PRESENTed an idea of how You could fuel Your day to day moments with BEing aroused with Who You are and what You are doing.

Barbara, at age 89, recently passed away, and yet, THIS so-called passing yields the fruits of her teachings for moments yet to come.  When You ponder THIS, some”ONE” may gravitate from Your experience and yet, You hold their teachings as treasures in Your bosom to recall or carry forward. Continue reading

A Sign of Contentment

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You are in a state in each moment and AS You see YourSelf AS THIS state in whatever It IS, You are.  When You final-EYES each moment AS the moment of Your choice, You value whatever state You’re in.  Sometimes You might BE happy, sometimes You might BE sad.  Thus, You don’t invalidate any state because ALL states make UP the whole.

In fact, You imagine ALL states of Consciousness.  THAT’s what Consciousness or God IS….imagination.  And so You imagine whatever state You’re in to give You access to the Infinite aspects desiring THAT state.  It’s a co-Creation and in THIS co-Creating process, ALL comes to pass in the moment(s). Continue reading