Time to Space

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You may BE more aware of the electrical currents flowing in You, AS You.  AS You explore Your own space of awareness, You may sense such fascinating electricity.  Your slowing down allows the spaciousness to BE recognized.  THIS said, slowing down IS focused on Your BEing in each moment…..slowing Your thoughts down so You can recognize and BE intimate with what IS right in front of you AS You.  You may BE aware THAT You’re communicating internally on a regular basis NOW…..aware of Your entire system (heart, mind, body) AS It navigates Its world…..harmony AS an integrated BEing.

You’re aware of Your own spaciousness so THAT “others” are viewed AS spaciousness AS well.  You sense THAT by BEing aware of Your own spaciousness You naturally give space to “others”….the space THAT they are.  Thus, the “others,” AS space, don’t have to perFORM or satisfy….just flow in their own space suits.  :) Continue reading

The Story of AND

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It’s so fascinating THAT an aspect previously wrote….”love doesn’t question, It honors.” Well, right after THAT eloquent speech, an”other” aspect had some fun and explored an”other” way to look at THAT statement.

AS I was riding in the car with my husband, I vomited a series of questions aimed at my husband regarding a choice he was intending to make….the questions didn’t seem to want to stop.  :) Then I BEcame aware of my questioning, and BEgan to laugh, and REAL-EYESed THAT the statement had changed…..”love questions AND It honors.” Continue reading

Defining Love

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Love appears to BE a word which IS challenging for me to define.  I don’t seem to have the words to describe It….. I can only describe how It feels, a feeling state.

When I feel the sensation of love, t-here IS a connectedness of allowing each item of content to BE present without needing It to perFORM, without requiring THAT It BE any different than It IS.  It feels like It sits in Its own awareness while witnessing the content free flow….no strings attached. :) Continue reading

Food for the Soul

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If You are every”thing” THAT You need, and t-here IS no”thing” outside of You THAT You require, then how does food enter the picture?  It’s been interesting to BE with Infinite conversations which speak to THIS topic and watch the transFORMation. :)

About two weeks ago, I shifted my perspective on the topic of food.  It seems THAT the idea of less food has been circling Its presence for quite some time, but now, It appears to have taken hold.  Thus, I’m relating to food on such a frequency w-here the dialogue IS so rich and delicious.  I’m slowing down my interaction with food and having intimate conversations with It….listening to It and understanding Its presence. Continue reading

Message in the Depth

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We live near salt water and we were having dinner at a local restaurant, which IS a place w-here divers frequent.  In a conversation with one diver, he said, “We come to THIS place BEcause it’s so rich with what’s underneath the surface….you see ALL sorts of things THAT You can’t see anyw-here else.  THAT’s why THIS IS a great diving place and why divers come from all over.”

When I pondered the depth of his message, I REAL-EYESed THAT THIS place was wherever and whomever I am…..THAT I need not go anyw-here else BEcause I ALL-READY am the place he was speaking about….wherever I go t-here I am, a rich multidimensional depth of awareness.  The richness of me AS Collective Consciousness exploring and dis-covering my own depth, my own rich arena w-here I can see ALL sorts of things mirroring and reflecting my own image.  I appear to ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE exploring and dis-covering my depth. :) Continue reading

You’re Not Done Yet

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It IS so funny when You supposedly “finish” a job, and You hear, “You’re not done yet BEcause You’re still here, aren’t You?”  THIS IS what I heard recently AS I finished cleaning, and I BEgan to laugh.  The “whole” notion of BEing done according to the ONE who IS perceiving….only to supposedly BEgin again in a new activity.  :)

It appears You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS anew….in a new activity, a new way of perceiving YourSelf in the entire capacity of who You are.  Whatever You’re so-called “doing” IS only the tool in which You “choose” to utilize to perceive YourSelf.in the moment.  You choose the activity in the moment THAT IS Divinely orchestrated so THAT You “may” perceive who You REAL-ly are.  And AS each moment PRESENTs ItSelf in the Collective Consciousness current, You may see THAT a so-called “ending” has occurred in Its “current” form.   Continue reading

Touch Your Emotion

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Yesterday I saw, Love the Coopers, and It provided such a rich display of awareness.  In THIS awareness, I was drawn into e-motions….the e-motions THAT are here when we engage with the word, “family.”  I initially thought It was going to BE a comedy…..t-here were some hilarious moments….and yet, I perceived THAT It was about touching Your e-motions….raw and real….when You think, talk to, or physically touch “family.”  :)

In THIS movie, each character was experiencing an Infinite demonstration of ALL THAT IS here, ALL THAT IS available…..sadness, frustration, anger, fear, hiding, vulnerability, unhappy, discontent.  THIS said, I was captivated by ALL the awareness in me and surrounding me….I was completely absorbed.  I BEcame aware of the times THAT I was unhappy and pretended to BE happy, and now I had a different awareness.  I didn’t want to change any appearance on the screen AS I was meeting mySelf in each character….It was sheer beauty! Continue reading

Take YourSelf to Another Place

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I have been aware THAT when I’m in a vibration THAT doesn’t appear to BE conducive/conductive for the ONE who IS PRESENT, I’m BEing guided to go to an”other” place, an”other” location, if I can’t perceive It w-here I am PRESENTly located.  THIS said, I was working on a project and could feel THAT I wasn’t “feeling” It, and I was directed to go clean out a drawer.  AS I was with the drawer, I could “feel” mySelf processing the energy THAT was PRESENT….I just let It encircle me.  :) Thus, when I so-called completed cleaning out the drawer, I returned to the project and could feel It and sense It differently.

It’s fascinating to BE aware of THIS Collective Consciousness guidance, and how tuning into It assists the energy THAT I am.  It’s an alone/ALL ONE energy w-here It helps to BE in a place THAT You can hear the message….a place of quiet attunement….a place w-here You’re aware of Your own vibratory tune so THAT You can BE with “others.”  Continue reading

Stormy Weather

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I live in the Seattle area and we have been experiencing some fascinating weather systems….rain and wind are definitely here to PLAY in their artistic expression.  It’s interesting AS I sat with the idea of storms, and what It rePRESENTs to me…and the unfolding simply displayed Its own BEing.

The wind had knocked down our tall heater on our deck and I was fascinated by the unfolding.  When You perceive each moment AS Its own, You won’t see the line….the cause and effect of the heater that was upright and then downright. :)

Each segment of THAT unfolding will BE Its own You-niverse…You are a new person perceiving the so-called movement, and yet, It’s You shifting Your perception to perceive the heater in a so-called different position.  It’s You….with ALL the power THAT You are….telling YourSelf a story THAT the wind IS causing the movement, and IS to blame for any effects THAT are not desired. The blame game IS ever apparent. :) Continue reading

Vibratory Value

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When You ponder THAT You are a multidimensional vibratory value, and THAT each person, thing and situation also contains vibratory value….ALL IS ONE…..You may sense THAT ALL has value….It’s just a matter of who IS sensing the word “value” at the time. :)  If ALL IS equal value, and THAT no”thing” or no one IS better or less than an”other,” then value simply IS whatever You choose It to BE.  You allow YourSelf to BE immersed, to BE absorbed, in the choice, and watch how ALL of You, AS Collective Consciousness, come together to BE THIS choice…and You may hear….”better, worse, shouldn’t have done it”…..from ALL the aspects THAT You are….ALL the voices chiming in evaluating the choice. :)

When pondering the word “McDonald’s,” I BElieve It has equal value to ALL others….I do value THIS restaurant AS a preference when the ONE who sees It THIS way appears.  I BElieve THAT “preference” IS simply the multidimensional BEing THAT You are appearing in Its PRESENT form, and allowing the choice to BE recognized.  And at an”other” time, the multidimensional BEing THAT You are may prefer some”thing” else.  And yet, ALL these preferences are equal.  And yes, You still have ALL the aspects joining the choice. :) Continue reading