Do What Interests You

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THIS morning my husband and I had a discussion about our spare room.  We have been in the midst of a transFORMation of our home, and the spare room has yet to be “finished.”  I brought up the subject again AS an aspect of me was very clear THAT It wanted It to BE completed, but I wasn’t seeing any movement on the part of my husband.

AS the conversation unfolded ItSelf, It BEcame very clear THAT my husband wasn’t interested in completing It right now…..or possibly ever. :)  Thus, I have felt like I have been “pulling” him along to get him to see my perspective and my time frame.  In THIS awareness, I was VERY observant, and instantly saw how the idea of pulling and tugging interested me….felt very comfortable even though I was simultaneously experiencing angst about It.  Angst interested me AS well otherwise It wouldn’t BE here. Continue reading

Your Present IS Not the Result of Your Past

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It’s interesting to perceive….and I mean REAL-ly perceive….THAT one moment IS not connected to the next.  If you are willing….and I mean REAL-ly willing….to inquire about THIS moment, It IS absolutely incredible how Your perceptions change in the blink of an eye.  Procrastination may take on an entirely different definition….or perhaps You may not even know what procrastination means any longer.  Every”thing” will change and no”thing” will change, and You’ll BE curious about It ALL. :)

You recreate YourSelves over and over and over…..did I say over?…..again.  Each multidimensional version of You steps into the simultaneous experience of You in completion.  Every probable move You could make, every probable direction You could go in, every probable thought You could have ALL-READY exists.  And t-here IS for each and every”ONE” of those directions and thoughts, a probable You ALL-READY thinking and moving in THAT direction.  T-here IS a representational image of YourSelf in some dimensional REAL-ity ALL-READY representative of THAT idea, THAT experience.   Continue reading

Dissecting Definitions

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When You dissect some”thing,” You are doing so to find out what’s inside.  In THIS activity, which You are doing in each moment whether You REAL-EYES It or not, You are uncovering ALL the intricacies of the moment.  What IS here?  Each moment IS not connected to the next…each moment simply gets to BE without any comparison to the next.  Next?

Similarly with regards to You, You want to BE held in high regard to just You without any reference to an”other.”  You don’t want to BE compared with some”ONE” else from BEfore or after.  You simply want to BE looked at You….to REAL-ly see You…just You….no”thing” else.  No next person? Continue reading

Go to the Expanded View

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T-here IS an expanded view from which to see the physical world.  It IS a perception of REAL-ity.  When ALL perceptions are taken into consideration, then It appears THAT You can perceive whatever It IS You want AS ALL perceptions are equally valid.

Each moment IS fresh and new…..Your You-niverse “IS” AS You go along.  You shift to a parallel REAL-ity and find YourSelf in a “completely” different perspective.  I type a letter, and each letter IS complete….Its own REAL-ity unto ItSelf.  It’s only my perception… perception of continuity….THAT an entire word has been created of the combined letters and now THIS moment IS valid. THIS IS true, and It’s also true THAT each letter IS valid without any of the “other” letters.  Telepathic communication happens AS an expanded way, doesn’t It? Continue reading

I Like Dreamin’

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Last night, I had a dream w-here I was late to some sort of conference or workshop. When I arrived, t-here were “other” women who were discussing the story.  The “others” ALL had pages of written text, and when they handed me mine, It was blank….a clean slate… and I was perplexed how to join them in their discussion when I, obviously, had no story.

Then a download appeared and said, “You have no story…no”thing” THAT came BEfore. You are writing Your story in each moment….get used to THIS way of BEing.”  It was a very interesting inSIGHT….a way to see the world inwardly.  :) Continue reading

When THIS IS Enough

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When You ponder THAT right now IS ALL t-here IS, then You may perceive THAT right now IS enough….and THAT’s a whole lot of no”thing” and every”thing” at the same time….ALL existence IS in the enoughness.  :)  If right now IS ALL t-here will ever BE from here to eternity, which IS the same place, then t-here IS ALL-WAYS enough of whatever IS necessary.

You can look at THIS from an”other” perspective in THAT t-here IS enough of not enough AS well.  It does not matter how You look at some”thing”….It can BE perceived however You want. Continue reading

The DeSIGN of the Appearances

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If ALL appearances are inside, and t-here’s no”thing” out t-here….only here….then how do You BEcome aware?  You simply allow ALL the deSIGN of the appearances to BE AS They are while simultaneously cultivating Your awareness….You are shifting a gazillon times per second.  You won’t know every”thing” ALL at once, nor are You intended to….It unfolds in Its naturalness, in Its perception of BEing.  Your awareness ALL-WAYS exists….It’s in Infinite states of visibility and invisibility.  You may be led over t-here so THAT You can glean yet an”other” way of perceiving Your existence, an”other way to perceive awareness.

You are intended to BE human while simultaneously BEing nonhuman.  You are intended to BE both, to BE ALL….so t-here IS no”thing” for You to surrender to or let go of….just a time of simplicity w-here ALL Your vocalization of perception IS here.  Whatever You find coming from Your mouth, coming from THIS vocalization, IS exactly w-here It’s at. Continue reading

When T-here IS No Choice

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When You have exhausted ALL choice, You are free to go anyw-here.  When t-here appears to BE no other moves, no other way, no recognition of any”thing” THAT will BE Your answer, You are here!

ALL choice IS equal choice, and when You perceive THAT a choice will lead You somew-here, You will BE given an”other” choice to perceive YourSelf here….and THAT t-here IS no somew-here to get You out of w-here You are.   Continue reading


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To completely acquiesce (love the sound of THIS word) IS to simply BE present in Your multidimensional experience.  You might ponder an awareness of a situation THAT IS present while simultaneously BEing aware THAT t-here are “other” situations PLAYing ThemSelves out.  THIS expanded view of existence “allows” an awareness BEyond the one dimensional physical space THAT IS seen.

To acquiesce IS to give YourSelf to the moment….allow It to create the field of vision THAT IS necessary for Your evolution.  You allow ALL…..ALL the perspectives….. to BE present. ALL the Infinite versions, ALL the Infinite aspects, of Self who share THIS experience in Your multidimensional existence are awaiting Your awareness of THIS moment.  And the two….or 15 gazillion….BEcome ONE! :) Continue reading

Existence IS a Buffet Table

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When You consider a buffet table, You might see a plethora of available choices for You. They’re ALL available, and yet, You may only choose a handful of items….what IS probable for You.  It’s probable BEcause You chose them.  Why don’t You choose ALL of them since they’re readily available?

It’s my BElief THAT every”thing” IS here….ALL IS possible.  THIS said, for Your journey, You will only select certain things, certain portals, THAT You would like to taste and experience.  And ALL the others are here BEcause we chose, AS a dimension, a property, of earth, to have a “diverse” experience.  We see THAT ALL the “others” exist, and we allow them to exist BEcause It wouldn’t provide a rich, diversity experience if we only had our selections ALL-WAYS reveal ThemSelves.  We chose diversity! :)

Continue reading