Going Clear

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AS You are experiential, You will observe YourSelf making decisions THAT open up portals of dis-covery.  In THIS way, You allow YourSelf…..ALL of You….to perceive THIS moment in Its entirety.  It’s like ALL aspects are in agreement with the flow……the fluidity IS noticed on myriad levels of multi-dimensional spaciousness.

Your Essence makes a You-nified decision….It’s congruent acceptance by ALL.  You know when an experience, which might BE uncomfortable, IS necessary for the “whole” group, and You know when You don’t require an experience any longer.  It’s like You can gauge quickly now AS You traverse Your You-niverse for the exploration You came to experience. Continue reading

Let It Unfold

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You are here, You are here, You are here…..w-here-ver You say You are, You are here, t-here and w-here-ver! :)  In Your thoughts, You are here.  In Your images, You are here. In Your activities, You are here.  In Your imagination, You are here.  In Your body, You are here.

Whenever You are, You are having an expansive conversation, an expansive dialogue….AS You speak and AS You don’t speak.  THIS Collective Consciousness allows Its Infinite communication model to facilitate what IS necessary to Its evolution.  Thus, It explores and dis-covers the unfolding of ItSelf through ALL means, ALL modalities, of expression.   Continue reading

Follow Your Curiosity

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Your curiosity IS the leader, and It will lead You whether You are aware of It or not! :)  AS You are Your own curiosity, then let It lead You in Your own special dance….no one else will BE able to relate to Your curiosity.  THIS IS only for You….Your party of ONE. :)

When You ponder some”ONE’s” physical transition labeled AS death, perhaps It’s You THAT took him or her out of Your equation.  Perhaps You shifted to a parallel REAL-ity w-here he or she BEcame invisible in the physical form.  Your vibratory tone dictates w-here You shift to, and It allows You to inner/interact with those who will BE ideal for Your experience.   Continue reading


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When t-here IS no”thing” hidden from Your view, Your transparent nature appears.  T-here IS now-here to go, but here, and when You allow YourSelf to perceive Your strength and courage in THIS awareness, every”thing” gets to expose ItSelf. :)

Your beautiful essence demonstrates ItSelf a gazillion times in each second, and It brings what IS consistently necessary for You to BE transparent.  It will bring the experiences THAT are meant for You to REAL-ly see YourSelf in all Your glory…and You may hear YourSelf saying, “Here You are again!” :) Continue reading

The Sense of Obligation

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T-here IS a sense of obligation THAT IS present….THAT which feels a sense of duty to Its physicalness.  It feels THAT It won’t continue to exist unless It fulfills Its myriad obligations. It feeds ItSelf on meeting Its goals, meeting Its obligatory allegiances to Its existence.

It’s interesting to observe YourSelf in relationship to Your obligations….THAT which You must do in order to survive, in order for Your life to BE “orderly and sequential”…..”Well, You have to dust often, don’t You?”  The sense of BEliefs and definitions serve AS Its blueprint so THAT the life You have chosen gets lived in an orderly fashion. Continue reading

Trips to Awareness

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I returned from a trip to Utah to attend a wedding for a family member, and what a fascinating time….soooooo much awareness in the “traveling.”  Sometimes You will BE aware of Your traveling, and You know THAT You are some place else BEcause You have ALL the evidence THAT You did travel somew-here different than w-here You were…the boarding passes for the flight, the airplanes, different scenery, family who live in an”other” state, pictures.  Your travel journal IS complete, and ALL the evidence points somew-here else, and yet, when You can look further, You never left here!

You, AS Collective Consciousness, will arrange every”thing” so THAT Your so-called traveling or shifting perspectives happen to a greater degree than traveling or moving about Your home.  You are intended to experience the idea of shifting Your perspective to the greatest degree in Your ability so THAT It appears THAT You traveled to a distance….a ways away from Your home. :) Continue reading

And Counting

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Yesterday, a wonderful friend opened up a portal of dis-covery for me so THAT the perception could BE seen in ALL Its glory….such an expanded view of awareness.  We had a deLGHTful dialogue via email, and in THAT email was Infinite awareness about providing time to “others” to crystallize concepts….absolutely amazing things in our midst!

A few weeks ago, I had a previous conversation with an”other” friend about “disciplining” our children when they were younger.  I mentioned THAT I used to count to 3 with my daughter, but I never made It past 3 because 2 resonated with my daughter.  THIS said, I didn’t know what 3 would bring so It would have been a surprise for both my daughter and me. :)   Continue reading

The Rest of the Story

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Yesterday, while facilitating my class, How to Live in the Moment, I was speaking about how we, AS the personalities, AS our physicalness, may see a small speck of the story, and consider THAT It’s the entire story.  One of the participants mentioned THAT It was along the same lines THAT Paul Harvey used to mention on his radio show.  The participant spoke about how recently a young woman of 17 died after BEing hit by a train…..and THAT t-here was more to the story then what we could hear on the news.

Paul Harvey would BEgin a story and then take a break, and then return after the break to tell the rest of the story. Yet, the “rest of the story” was a completely different rest of the story then when he BEgan the story….a completely different way to look at It.  Thus, when the participant mentioned THIS, I got goosebumps….which goosebumps appear to BE a large part of my frequency NOW! Continue reading

AS You Create Each Moment

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AS You are the artist of Your moment, You can create It however You want.  It awaits Your full attention upon It AS It perceives ItSelf, and It’s aware THAT It IS each moment in ALL parallel REAL-ities AS well….It perceives THIS and It perceives THAT.  And no perception has more value than the “other.”

THIS expansive indulgence allows ALL to BE aware of the slightest nuance of appearance, of thought, of BElief, of definition, of the breath.  For ALL the artist has to “do” IS BE aware, and yet, the awareness IS aware of the artist….It unfolds the moment in the expansive existence, and the two BEcome aware of the ONE. Continue reading

The Eyes of a Child

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When You look at the world through the eyes of a child, You may see THAT which IS curious….seeing some”thing” or some”ONE” for the first time with no preconceived notion of what or who It IS.  The eyes of a child looks at wonderment, and sees every facet of each moment AS Its PLAYground.

Yesterday, I attended a baby shower, which was at a local park.  Thus, t-here were children PLAYing everyw-here.  I had the privilege to take my friend’s daughter, who IS two, to the PLAYground for some curious exploration.  :) Continue reading